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Copper Silver Ionization

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Copper Silver Ionization

Leading Waterborne Bacteria:Water is the Reservoir of Bacteria ORGANISMSITE OF INFECTIONSOURCES OF INFECTIONPseudomonas AeruginosBlood, catheter site, lungs, urinary high mortalityPotable water, contaminated liquid solutions & disinfectantsStenotrophomonas maltophiliaBlood, pneumonia, UTI, wound infections, skin, stools, throatPotable water, distilled water, contaminated liquid solutions & disinfectantsAcinetobacter baumanniiSkin, woundRoom humidifiers, distilled water, moisture in mechanical ventilatorsChryseobacterium spp.BloodPotable water, ice machinesNon-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)Abscesses and wound infectionsHot water system, showerLegionella pneumophilaLung (pneumonia) wound infection; high mortalityHot water systemAspergillus speciesWound infectionHot water system


LiquiTech InVitro Efficacy


Water is the Reservoir of Bacteria:Pathogens Live & Proliferate in Biofilm


What is Copper Silver Ionization?Process that introduces (+) charged copper and silver ions into a water systemIons bond with ( - ) sites on bacterial cell walls and denature proteinsLong term, ionization disperses and destroys biofilms and slimes that harbor Legionella


Benefits of Copper Silver IonizationAbility to penetrate the biofilm on pipe wallsEradicates Legionella in both hot and cold waterCopper Silver Ions have a larger residual effect than most other disinfectants Efficacy does not depend on water temperature Low consumables cost compared to other disinfection modalities Non-corrosive


Components: Flow Cell

The flow cell chamber houses the copper silver alloy electrodes which release ions into the domestic water supply7

Potable water is the most common source of healthcare-associated legionellosisit was not until a copper silver Ionization system was installed that we saw a decline in Legionella numbers-John Marx, MPH, Lead Infection Preventionist & MicrobiologistUniversity of Wisconsin8

Copper (Cu) Silver (Ag) ElectrodesWater (H20) H20+ H20+ H20+ H20+ H20+ Cu+ Cu+ Cu+ Cu+ Cu+ Ag+ Ag+ Ag+ Ag+ Ag+ Copper Silver Ions in WaterPasses ThroughTo createCopper Silver Ionization: How It Works9

Copper Silver Ionization: How It Works

COPPER IONSILVER IONBACTERIAThe copper and silver ions disinfect synergistically. The positively charged copper ion will bond to the negative cell wall of the waterborne bacteria. The silver ion will the deconstruct the DNA of the bacteria causing cell death.10

Target Copper Silver Levels


Components: Microprocessor Controller

The POWER SOURCE to the flow cell Controls the release of the copper and silver ions Closed Loop Proportional Control allowing the system to adjust itself based on water usage to ensure no over or under ionization


Components: Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The ultrasonic flow meter communicates the flow rate to the microprocessor controllerAllows for the system to dose copper silver ions based on water demand at any given time achieving closed loop proportional control which is unique to the LiquiTech system


Remote Engineer Monitoring System (REMS)

Provides an outlet for continuous monitoring and trending of system performanceRemote communication & control to LiquiTechs Engineering teamInstant alarm notifications to facilitate immediate response via the internet


Single Flow Cell Hot Water Installation


Single Flow Cell Hot Water Return Installation


Single Flow Cell Hot Water Return Installation


Dual Flow Cell Hot Water Installation


Dual Flow Cell Hot Water Installation


Perhaps the most overlooked, important, and controllable source of nosocomial pathogens is hospital water-American Medical Association, 200220

Point of Entry Installation


Point of Entry Installations


Point of Entry Tank Recirculation Installation


Point of Entry Installation


System Maintenance Schedule


Of four disinfection systems investigated by hospital staff, St. Elizabeth choose LiquiTech Copper Silver Ionization.-Matthew Greis, Director of Plant EngineeringSt. Elizabeth Healthcare26

Legionella Prevention Guidelines

Action LevelsGuideline 12-2000 & Proposed StandardVHA Directive & DOD UFC 2-510-01Environment of Care 1.728

Your Water Supply: The Myths of Prevention


Best Practices of Secondary Disinfection

No harmful by-products Wont erode water pipesPromotes Energy savings by reducing hot water recirculation tempSystemic approach for ongoing protectionOn-going system maintenance and monitoring 27

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