Sales presentation skills

Think billboard Presentation skills for sales Richard Riche @oneclearmessage

Transcript of Sales presentation skills

Think billboard

Presentation skills for sales

Richard Riche


• Are you tired of presenters turning and speaking to the screen?

• Reading every Boring word on their presentation

• Not preparing properly? • Just putting a list of bullets up • Insulting your intelligence, by reading (badly)

what you have already read • Reading in a monotone• Not facing you, as they have turned to read! • With font so small even they can’t read it

Death by PowerPoint?

Don’t read bullets

No bullets



Presenter’s View

3 products

Point  1  Think  billboard

Point  2  


Take  away  message:  Keep  it  simple  Less  is  more



What is your point?

Why should I care?

Start with the “take-away”

What do they Need to know?

Tell a story

Make your stories count

Evoke emotion

People will forget what you said, people will

forget what you did, but people will never forget

how you made them feel.–Maya Angelou

PP Proposal

Feel, Show then Say!

Silence is golden

Call to action!

What  is  the  next  step?


Tetanus  -­‐  get  a  shot  now!

Clinic 8-5

Close with next step!

Slide design tips

Picture Superiority Effect (PSE)

Think billboard

MacBook Air The world’s thinnest notebook

Create your headline

1000  songs  in  your  pocket.

Make it relatable

What is 5 GB?

The right picture …

Font Size Font  size  12  

Font  size  24  

Font  size  36Never


Font  size  48    

Font  size  72  

Font  size  96

High Res only



Or  add  

Black slide power

Data and stats

Relevant financials

Income  statement                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Turnover                                                                1,400,000    (up  5%)  Cost  of  sales                                                          450,000      (up  8%)  Gross  profit                                                          950,000  Expenses                                                                    301,000      (down  2%)  

net  profit  before  tax                              649,000    (up  3%)  

What is 20%?

Percentage and statistics

Be Positive

Practise with feedback

Keep it simple!


One Clear Message

Presentation elements


Think billboard

Presentation skills for sales

Richard Riche