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Bev Hollis Photography The Art of Pet Photography Don Dechow VP Sales and Marketing

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Don Dechow Sales Presentation Unlieased Chicago Workshop

Transcript of BHP Sales presentation

  • Bev Hollis PhotographyThe Art of Pet Photography

    Don Dechow

    VP Sales and Marketing

  • The Experience

    Timeless Classic Stylistic Art

  • Who is this Don guy anyway?

    How did I get here? I hate Sales Im passionate about what Im selling I was a client before I started

    working for BHP

    I truly believe in the Artwork, the products and the value they bring.

    The Power of being Me!

  • Big Sales Take Time

    Build a relationship Creating custom designed Art Value Personalized Customer Service Plant the seed Upfront with pricing

  • This is how BHP does it!

    This is what we have found works for us

    Everyone has their own style and strengths

    Nothing is ever set in stone Learn from your mistakes and adjust Treat every client like they spent a

    million bucks The experience, the details and the

    unexpected courtesies

  • Workflow

    Shoot Q Leads Questionnaire Pre shoot Consult Session Sneak peek Blog Client Gallery Review and ordering session The Reveal

  • Shoot Q

    Lead generation Timeliness Responsive Follow through Client portal Invoicing Questionnaire Scheduling session

  • Leads

    How do you get your leads? How do you respond to them What form and format Three touch points Auto generated reply Phone call Email

  • Questionnaire

    Tell us more about your pet What is it that you are looking for? Specific shots from the gallery that

    they like

    Special needs Session options Lead in for pre shoot consult

  • Everyone likes to hear their name

    Reflective listening Copy body mannerisms Be the guide Be excited Be passionate

    Client is looking for expert advise Even if your not give it to them

    Dont pre judge Big Sales come in unexpected packages

  • Pre shoot consult

    Lets Imagine What to ask Planning to invest in pre shoot

    consult Get the client excited Get to know the personality Chance to review the process Show off the products Information gathering

  • Dream a little dream

    Let Client dream about the options Talk about the end result before we

    start Ask where they picture using the

    artwork What kinds of dcor do they have in

    their home What is the favorite thing about your

    pet Value of Customer Service

  • Our location

    Bev Hollis Photography Studio Located in Purcellville Va Historic landmark circa 1807 23 acre farm

    Pond Creek Barn Vine yard Original Barn and homestead

  • Farm sessions

    Mini Farm Session Weekdays vs. Weekends Limited set of locations 1 hour session 25 professionally edited proofs Limited product collections Session fee only for the artists time Minimum purchase requirement

  • Farm Session

    Signature Farm session Weekday vs. Weekend We use the entire 23 acre farm 2-3 hour session 45-50 professionally edited proofs Furniture and artwork Complete Product availability

    Books Wall collections Multi media collections Digi files Video

  • Barn Studio session

    Newly renovated Barn Studio Weekday vs. weekend Indoor session using both natural and

    self generated light

    Furniture Backdrops Better for small dogs and seniors 20-25 professionally edited proofs Limited collections and products

  • Sneak Peek Blog

    Opportunity to show off our session

    Help builds the customer expectations

    Get comments from other clients and photographers Make sure you comment

    Ultimately giving the customer a peak at how the session went

  • Client Gallery

    Four weeks after the session Professionally edited proofs are

    posted to the client gallery

    Gallery is up for a 2 week period Contact to the customer to to

    review gallery

    Set up Review and ordering session

  • Now there is Homework

    Establish date for Review and Ordering session Email contact

    Give them home work Must haves Maybes Not so much

    Wall Collections only available during ordering session

    Ala Carte

  • Review and ordering session

    Take a moment to brag and compliment on the session Make this a big part of the Experience Power of Projection Pro select

    Wall collections Calibration Slide shows with Music

    Assumption sales Artists selections

    Guide them Dont over whelm with selections Customize to fit budget

  • Review and ordering session

    Sales room with Collections exhibited Make them comfortable

    Wine and Cheese Welcoming environment

    Scented candles and appropriate lighting Pump the excitement

    Build on the relationship you already have They will spend what you tell them to Do not limit them Let them think that they are in control They trust you give them your opinion Power of suggestion

  • The Reveal BHP way

    This is it the big ending! Make it an experience they will

    never forget!

    Build the excitement Stage the products Show off a little. Leave them smiling