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The mobile landscape The rate of mobile computing has rapidly out-paced both the 80’s PC and the 90’s internet booms.

It is regarded as the fastest growing technology market on the planet

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The future is mobile •  The growth of iPhone has happened 10

times faster than the www phenomenon (Source: Nielson)

•  70% of all mobile searches are local in nature and result in some form of action within 1 hour (Source: Mobile Marketer)

•  90% of all smartphone users have their devices within reach 24/7 (Source: Morgan Stanley)

•  App Push Notifications have a 700% higher click through rate than traditional email marketing (Source: Unisys)

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Smartphone growth

* Ovum technology research

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Simple to use

Select features for the app, customize the theme and add content

App is updated in real time if content and features are changed

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Judo powers apps across a range of verticals

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Case Study Wendy’s NZ

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Case Studies - Wendys NZ

Coupons updated on the CMS are instantly updated on the app which can be redeemed at the counter

One of the most used features of the app. It allows businesses to promote or push slow moving stock

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Push notifications spike up the traffic to 3 times the usual app traffic received on the app

Case Studies - Wendys NZ

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Powerful analytics content breakdown enables businesses to see the most viewed content and how much time users spend on each tab view

Case Studies - Wendys NZ

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“Our customers have told us that it's really easy to use, really easy to scan the menu and get directions to our locations. It's also a great way to manage our stock and push relevant messages to our customers” - Fay Stretch, Marketing Manager Wendy’s NZ

"We love our apps; they give us an avenue to reach out to our customers

instantly with the push messages and an edge over our competition. Using

the online CMS tool it is so quick and easy to change app content, this is

especially helpful for promotion of events like our weekly pub quizzes."

- Sarah Jane Chamberlin, Marketing and Digital Manager, Barworks


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Features Platform features

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Features - Mobile orders

Place orders directly from the app directly to a store

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Features - Menu / Catalogue

Create many tiered menus or a catalogue of items

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Features - News/Events

Update users with the latest Events, News or specials. Events can even be added directly to the calendar

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Features - Push notifications

Instantly send Push notifications through to both iPhone and Android devices

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Features - Coupons

Coupons that can be instantly created and redeemed including a share to redeem that shares coupons on

Facebook while redeeming

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Features - Loyalty stamps

Loyalty stamps ensure repeated visits and get stamped through a QR code or through a keycode

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Features - Navigation

Choose from a range of navigation styles

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Features - Places

Places of interest sorted by distance from user

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Features - Social wall

Add interactivity through a social wall

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Features - Galleries

Photo galleries

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Features - Webpages

Embed any website URL and feed in anything from email newsletter, surveys, competitions and more

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Features - RSS

Supports any standard RSS feed

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Features - Wordpress

Native integration with Wordpress including support for Search, Categories, reading and posting comments from within the app

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Features - Radio streaming

Add in any radio stream to get a complete radio station app

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Features - Locations

Locations, store information, directions and distance to the store

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Features - Real time updates

Features, app theme and content updated through the CMS shows up instantly in both

iPhone and Android apps

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Google analytics built right into the app tracks everything on the app with just the Google Publisher ID

Features - Analytics

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Advantages •  Communicate directly with your customers

•  Visibility with your customers 24/7.

•  Easy way for your customers to reach you

•  Create Smartphone-based loyalty programs

•  Reach out with relevant and timely communication

•  Stand out from the competition

•  Create engagement with customers

•  Improve your mobile search rankings.

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Ease of use

Control everything in the app through the CMS, no coding required!

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Multi platform

Apps for both iPhone and Android.

iPad and tablet versions launching soon

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Future proof

Apps always updated to keep up to date with the latest mobile OS

New features added App La Carte to keep up with the latest mobile technologies

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Pricing Responsive Design Website from $990 Our designer will create your Mobile-responsive Website. You supply the graphics, logos and text. This includes 2 hours of content upload time.

App Starter Pack $1290 Simple, powerful, functional apps built by our expert team A simple, easy to use App telling customers who you are, what you do and provide simple to use tools for engaging your customers. You supply graphics, logos and text and we do the rest.

The Works $3490 Bespoke App design and build package unique for your business Designed and built from the ground up, an App and we’ll design each graphic to give you a totally unique app with all our features arsenal available to help make your app a success.

Monthly Subscription (including management and support) $89

Fine print: Prices for App & Website are indicative $NZ plus GST, assume the content is supplied by you. The subscription rate is in addition to the development development/setup price. No contract term applies to subscriptions and you can cancel/suspend the subscription at any time. We’ll discuss with your needs and requirements and, if needed, we can give you a more accurate estimate prior to quoting. We have designers, copywriters and journalists to create any content for your website or blog postings if needed.