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  • 1. SANT BOI DE LLOBREGAT CENTRAL LIBRARY Librarian & Architect, working together from the past to the future

2. Library Service (Servei de Biblioteques) of the Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputaci de Barcelona) LIBRARY SERVICE LIBRARY MUNICIPALITY

  • In the province of Barcelona, the public library service is a municipal service
  • The Library Service does not manage libraries
  • The Library Service gives suport to the local councils on the planning and creation of new libraries
  • The Library Service offers centralised services to the libraries and facilitates their networking (for example: the union catalogue management)
  • The Library Service offers library service in small towns (400-3.000 inhabitants), through 9 mobile libraries

3. Province of Barcelona

  • 189 libraries
  • 9 mobile libraries
  • Population over 4.6 million
  • 311 municipalities


  • Advice to local councils on planning and programming:
      • Library model
      • Map of needs for the territory
      • Standards of facilities and basic services
      • Operational programme
  • Monitoring of projects with the architects responsible
  • Monitoring of construction work
  • Supervision of the final facility
  • Subsequent assessment of how the facility works

Library facilities: services offered by the Library Service 5. (Video, by Santi Romero) Chief of Library Architecture Unit The Library Architecture Unit Wegive adviseto the municipalities during the process ofproject,constructionandinterior furnishingof new library buildings, as well as in the refurbishment of the existing ones. About 100 projects, in 83 municipalities 6. Jordi Rubi i Balaguer library Sant Boi de Llobregat 2 7. CLIENT CONTRACTOR ARCHITECT At the beginning of our professional practice we discover, with surprise,that some buildings designed by the most admired architects are strongly criticised by the clients the process of building a facility certainly needs everybodys contribution. The information exchange at the right moment of the process is the key to reach the goal, and to involve everybody as a part of the success. Its essential to have a direct and fluid contact betwen client and architect in order to (Orteu / Piferrer) 8. Dialog architect / client (I) 9. Dialog architect / client (II) 10. The client ARCHITECT CLIENT CONTRACTOR Teresa Pags Library Director Jordi Rubi i Balaguer library Mariona Muxart Municipal Architect Sant Boi de Llobregat nia Pluma Project manager OTC (Oficina Tcnica de Cooperaci) Ignasi Bonet Adviser Library Service 11. The architects ARCHITECT CLIENT CONTRACTOR AV 62 Antonio Foraster, Victoria Garriga 12. Librarians vision

  • Someone who is living in the building, 24h a day, experiencing with the 5 senses:
  • Daylight / Artificial light
  • Warm weather / Cold weather
  • Library full of people / Empty library
  • With a lot of noise and activity / Silent moments
  • Complexity / simplicity of movements inside de building

13. Architects vision

  • The architect thinks on the bulding as an object, sometimes as if it was a sculpture, as an element of urben reference.
  • This means that the bulding can become an icon, a urban point of meeting, a point in the collective imaginary. And this is required from a public facility.
  • But this may be a problem when the building becomes only a matter of visual and aesthetics: geometry, simetry, aligned walls and furniture, colors, textures
  • Then the architect forgets about the other aspects: clima, acoustics, direct sunlight, usability, ergonomy, space needed forequipment

14. MEETINGS, MEETINGS AND MEETINGS! Talk, talk, and talk Dialog, dialog, dialog To haveone only image of our common goal , one only image of the building we wanted. Librarians visionandarchitects visionarecomplementary ,not opposite . Each one completes the others vision. Talk aboutreal needs , and try toavoid prejudices . Say things in advance,at the right moment! (Sometimes its too late!) 15. Architecture quality Low visual impact Good space layout Environmentally suitable Clear access Competition project 16. Ground floor 17. First floor 18. Shelving and collection layout 19. Interviews video 3

  • Why did AV62 proposal win the competition?
  • Emblematic and symbolic building is essential?
  • Emblematic proposals or functional ones?
  • How is a good client?
  • Is OTC a good client?
  • Is Library Service a good client?
  • Whats the director role during the process?
  • What would you do in a different way next time?
  • Some mistakes?
  • What about the dialog with architects?

20. Conclusions 4 21.

  • Comunicationamong agents
  • Good project:good layout(leisure/study, noise/silence)
  • Graphics
  • Quality andlightnessof the spaces
  • Sense of big space,transparency
  • Users evaluation
  • Central desk,divided in two
  • Not conduciveyards
  • Barlocation
  • Main entrance door
  • Excessivedirect sunlight
  • Telling tales cornerdesign, in childrens area

22. IGNASI BONET PEITX Architect of Library Architecture Unit [email_address] THANK-YOU! 14th LIBER Architecture Group Seminar BUDAPEST APRIL 2008 Building on experience: learning from the past to plan fo the future