Trabajo de Ingles Tecnico

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila Materia: Ingles técnico Proyecto empresa cigarrera Christian Elí Ortega Vázquez IMA Antonio Raziel Cruz Casas IME 26/NOV/2014


ingels tecnico

Transcript of Trabajo de Ingles Tecnico

Universidad Autnoma de CoahuilaMateria: Ingles tcnicoProyecto empresa cigarreraChristian El Ortega VzquezIMAAntonio aziel Cruz Casas IME!"#$OV#!%&'I$(E) quality circles Outsourcing Empo*erment+* an, &h Po-a yo-e .s+s/s o0 mc-insey 1an2an1aizen 3i4 sigma5oyota pro,uction system6ean manu0acturing 7alance scorecar,3*ot matri4I$5O(8C5IO$to start *e coul, say that smo-ing is one o0 the greatest 9ices o0 human population an, *hich is compose, o0 nicotine that a00ects most o0 the organs:in our company you *ill see as *e use ,i00erent systems to continue pro,ucing quality an, also as still in the mar-et 2ecause our company has many years an, there0ore *e consi,er all quality systems:CO$C685IO$they sa* all that apply quality systems is important 0or our company *ithout them *e ,i, not ha9e organization an, nothing *as *or-ing:in our e4planation *e ga9e all points an, processes that ma-e 0or satis0ie, all our customers:the cigarette is harm0ul to health an, *e ha9e it in min, that items that are trying to pro,uce our to2acco company:KANBANinourcompanycigarisimportantthisqualitysystem becausewehaveidentifiedtheboxesofcigarettessalem of our production.whenacertainboxOurProductaccommodatethemove oranywhereelsethissystemmakeseasierthe identificationofourcigarboxestoosocanhaveagood organization.alsohaveidentifiedcigarboxesforaeasytransportation to suppliers nuetras them satisfied and have good profits for our company.weneedtoimproveourproductcigarforagoog presentationandthatthecustomerissatisfiedwithour *or-:KAIZENour company is important 2ecause this quality system here can ma-e impro9ements to our presentation o0 cigars:here is e4tremely important in,i9i,ual *or- collecti9ely *hen a person has an impro9ement or an i,ea o0 2oth the presentation o0 our cigars or the pru,uccion *e as a company are open to all those i,eas to our pro,uct quality an, ma-e us as *ell our *or-ers:our company motto to,ay is 2etter than yester,ay; tomorro* 2etter than to,aySIX SIGMAmacanicas 0ailures or so0t*are 0ailures occur an, this ,irectly a00ects our suppliers cigar an, pro,uction o0 the same:,e0ine: realize the mechanical 0ailures an, to ma-e our process ma-es cigarettes or cigar 2o4es accor,ing to *hether the process:Measure: in this process marl2oro our technicians -no* the 0ault or pro2lem is our machine:analyze: *e met 2oth managers an, technicians marl2oro an, analyze results an, ho* long you ha9e running our machine:impro9e: see i0 our machine can continue contri2uting to the manu0acture o0 cigars an, i0 not so *hat *oul, 2e the cost 0or the repair o0 that:control: *e ma-e a ,ecision to see impro9ement an, i0 *e go 2ac- to this 2rea-,o*n ha9e to act quic-ly so that our manu0acturing process is not late:TOYOTA !O"UCTION SYSTEMhere all quality systems cigar reuen our company e9ery *or-er -no*s ho* this process cigar 2o4es i0 *e nee, to continue pro,ucing its requeste, an, that person -no*s the e4act amount o0 empty 2o4es or pac-ages that shoul, lea, to 0ollo* pro,uction :also here *e use is -an2an that lets us -no* or i,enti0y 0e* 2o4es o0 cigars ha9e a9aila2le an, so too 0or easy location system:6EA$ MA$8o to ,eli9er the ma4imum to all our customers cigar 2o4es here re,uce pro,uction time an, cost 0or our cigars 2ut this ,oes not mean that *e *ill ma-e ,o *ith the same quality:eliminate la2or i0 a person can 2e ,oing the pac-aging process o0 cigarettes an, that machine ha9e t*o operators remo9e the other one an, put it in another ,epartment:this ,o to sa9e time; money an, man hours an, also ma-e a 2etter pro,uction an, our clients are satis0ie,:7A6A$CE 3COECA(5his system is important 0or us as manu0acturers o0 cigars *e gi9e importance to the nee,s o0 our employees an, ,ri9ers pac-ers an, all the equipment that ma-es up our company:?ere *e create strategies to reach the point o0 strategy 0or the pro,uction o0 cigars:an, so there0ore *e ha9e organize, people an, i0 someone nee,s a resource more gi9e you the opportunity to gain position:3@O5 MA5I)as each company all ha9e strengths an, *ea-nesses; threats an, opportunities:@ea-nesses: As cigar is a company '%A o0 our *or-ers consume this pro,uct:strength: this pro,uct is controlle, in its pro,uction so smo-ers can not remo9e the pro,uct 0rom the company:5hreat: is to lo*er pro,uction to causes o0 e4cessi9e consumption o0 this pro,uct:Opportunities: 5his pro,uct carries a message printe, on the pac- o0 the nosi9o o0 consumption an, customerBs ,ecision to consume or not: 7S of mckinseystrategy: the strate#$ %ould &oin our o'&e(tives in this (ase the sto) smo*in#+structure: the (om)an$ no more smo*e is (alled 'e divided into di,erent a(tivitiesSystems: the -rst s$stems in the or#ani.ation -nan(ial a,airs (ommuni(ation and do(umentsShared Values: the culture o0 the company is 2eing healthy an, ha9ing people not a00ect 9alues 0or nonsmo-ersStyle 5his ne* lea,ership is young an, coming up *ith ne* i,eas e9ery cooperate *ith attitu,eStaff: representation o0 each o0 our team shoul, al*ays 2e *ith attitu,e to achie9e a su2stitutionSkills team mem2ers -no* ho* to promote these pro>ects all ha9e the a2ility to con9ince/ SSeiri: eliminate unnecessary material an, items in ,isrepairSeitonha9e organize, the lines o0 *or- an, quality areasSeisoha9e clean *or- area to *or- at &%%ASeiketsuall tools or utensils must return to *here they too-Shitsuke,o + s in this sense to continue impro9ingQuality circleIn the circle o0 quality *e al*ays meet e9ery *ee- to see mista-es ne* pro>ects to share our i,eas this is in or,er to impro9e an, moti9ate employees quality circles are impro9ing health sa0ety ,esign recycling etc ::0 SS!"#" $ O#%&'"(&)"O' eliminate unnecessary material an, items in ,isrepairS!")O' $ O#*!# ha9e organize, the lines o0 *or- an, quality areasS!"SO $ +,!&'"'% ha9e clean *or- area to *or- at &%%AS!"-!)S. / V"S.&, +O')#O, all tools or utensils must return to *here they too-S0")S.-! / *"S+"P,"'! &'* 0&1") ,o + s in this sense to continue impro9ingS0"-" $ +O'S)&'+"& *ill an, attitu,e to *or- 0unctions to achie9e compliance in our goalsS0")S.-O-. $ +O22")2!') purposes ha9e 9ery 0irm e4cite, ,ay 2y ,ay to ,o the >o2S!"S0OO $ +OO#*"'&)"O' It is a *ay to *or- at the same pace as the other to*ar,s the same goalS!"*O $ S)&'**"(&)"O' regulate an, normalize those changes that are 2ene0icial to the company through proce,uresPoka-yokein this system acci,ents o0 any -in, are pre9ente,; alerts the operator so go *rong 0or the technical a9er thatBs *hat happens in our company so *e 0ollo* this system to a9oi, error an, acci,ent so ,o not *aste time or money:OUTSOUR!N" 5his economic process is *here *e tal- a2out resources to 0ul0ill to an e4ternal company *hich hire, sta00 or sometimes only resources such as our company technicians in automation contract 0or assem2ling lines an, ro2otsThis method su))orts us identi1$ 1a(tors that (ause in the )ro(ess o1 our %or* %e identi1$ the )ro'lem a1ter -rst 2uestioned %here the -rst ans%er is the 'i# )ro'lem+#$PO%#R$#NTin this process *e see- a partner relationship *ith the organization as *e 0ocus on increasing con0i,ence; responsa9ili,a, in9ol9ement in our company ha9e teams responsi2le *or-ers *here *e plan an, ma-e ,ecisions *ith the metho, o0 *or-: