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  • MARKETING MAGICPresentation on Samsung GROUP MEMBERS NAME &ID Name :Md.Aminul islam ID:BBA120370484 Name: Nasima Abbasi Nas ID:BBA120304848

    Name: Md. Sazzadul Bari ID: BBA120370480

    Name: Umme Asma ID:BBA120370468

    Name: Md. Ratan Hossain ID:BBA120370451

    Name: Moon war ibna mahfuz ID: BBA120370512

  • Marketing managementIntroduction & History of Samsung NOW Presenting

    Aminul Islam ID: 120370484


  • INTRODUCTION OF SAMSUNGSamsung was founded by Lee Byung- Chull in 1938.

    Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company

    Samsungs primary focus is in the electronics, heavy industry, construction, and defense industries.

  • They produced lots of electrical product .

    Samsung is one of the largest businesses in Korea.

    Producing nearly one seventy of the countrys total exports.

    Recently Samsung very remarkable there valuable Smart mobile phone .



    On March 1, 1938, founding chairman

    Byung-Chull Lee.

    Largest Information Technology company measured by 2011 revenues

    Assembly plants and sales networks in 61 countries.

  • Samsung logo First logo was developed in the year 1958

    2nd logo from the year 1979-1993

    It was the present logo of Samsung from the year 1993 Tagline: Inspire the World, Create the Future

  • HISTORY IN 1938-1970In 1938 the Samsungs founder Buying- Chull Lee set up a trade export company in Korea.

    Within a decade Samsung had flour mills and confectionary machines and became a co-operation in 1951.

    From 1958 Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemicals and ship building throughout the 1970s.

  • Samsung is most famous for, Televisions, Radios, in 1970-1990.

    In the1990s Samsung began to expand there business globally.

    After Lee, the founder's death in 1987 , Samsung Group was separated into four business groups.

    HISTORY IN 1970-1990

  • HISTORY IN 1990-2014In 2000, Opened a computer programming laboratory in Poland.

    Produce huge electrical Product.

    In June 2009 they launched smart phone in market

  • Marketing managementSamsung Companies World Wide Operation and Distribution NOW Presenting

    Nasima Abbasi Nas ID: 120304848


    Sazzadul Bari ID: 120370480

  • Marketing managementSamsung Advertising And Promotion NOW Presenting

    Umme Asma ID: 120370468

  • Samsung GroupShinsegae GroupCJ GroupHansol Group

  • PromotionPersonal Selling Direct CommunicationFace to face contactUsually Used to sell industrial Goods and servicesAlso used to sell some ConsumerItem, e.g. BP machine, Computer system

  • Mass Selling Communicating with Large number of potential Customer

    Non personal SellingUsed when the target market is large and dispersed

  • Promotion ObjectivesAdvertising that seeks to develop demand through presenting factual information on the attributes of a product or service.

    Tends to be used in promotion new product.4 Promotion Jobs: AttentionInterestDesireAction

  • Advertising The main from of mass selling any paid of no personal Communication. Techniques includeBillboard


  • Print media


  • Marketing managementCompetitors of SAMSUNG GROUP NOW Presenting

    Ratan Hossain ID: 120370468

  • Marketing managementSummery and conclusion about Samsung. NOW Presenting

    MOON WAR IBNA MAHFUZ ID: 120370512

  • Samsung Operations:Samsung comprises around 80 companies.It is highly diversified, with activities in areas including construction, consumer electronics, financial services, shipbuilding, and medical services.

  • Samsung Distribution: : Samsung has 8 overseas organization for healthcare division in USA, Korea, China, Japan, India, France, Italy, Germany. In addition we have more than 100 distributors all over the world.

  • Publicity of Samsung productfamous person photographed using there product.product mentioned in National News in a positive way.product featured in a movie .TV commentary about aspects of that product trade magazines carrying a storyeg. Road and Track doing a feature on the new Landover.


  • This all are the competitors of Samsung