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Geographical Importance of Pakistan and relation with neighbour countries

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Pakistan location on map size of PakistanRelation of Pakistan with china India Afghanistan4. Arabian sea (Bahr al-'Arab) intro and its benefits:outline:3

Presenter: Bashir Ahmad4Topic title location of Pakistan

It is situated in North West part of south Asian sub continent and lies between 24.5 to 37 north latitude and 61 to 77.5 east longitude.

Location on world Map5

Latitude and longitude


Location on world map7

Geographical importance of Pakistan8

Total area of Pakistan is 796096(km)square 1. land 778,720 (km)square percentage of total are is 96.9% 2. water 25220 (km) square percentage of total are is 3.1%

Area of Pakistan


Boundaries with neighbor countries10

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Pak china relation12

It was started in 1959 completed and opened for public in 1979.About 800 hundred Pakistani and 200 hindered Chinese worker have lost their lives while building the highway. Kkh is one of the height paved international road in the world.This road is connecting xinjiang region with Galgit-baltistan of Pakistan.This highway is also known as friendship highway in china. It is also know as eight wonder of the world.

Karakorum highway13


Pakistan have a embassy in china city Beijing and ambassador name is Masood Khalid.China also have a embassy in Pakistan city Islamabad and ambassador name is Sun Weidong.Pakistan and china relation15


Relation of China with Pakistan:

From the starting,China has a great relationship with Pakistan.Pakistan-China relations started in 1950.China has invested $20 billion in various projects.China provide pakistan economics and technical assistant.Economic trade between two countries.China is helping pakistan`s to infrastructureThough the building of power plant roads. maintainig close relation with china is central part of pakistan foreign policy.16

Pak china relation On 22 may 2014 on Thursday the government of Pakistan and china signed a agreement to start a metro train in Lahore. The 27.1 km long track named orange line train will be build at the cost of 1.27$ billion. in 2014 Chinese premier announced investment of 31.5 billion dollar mainly in energy system and gwadar port.17

xi jinping visit pakistan in 201518

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Pak India relation


Pak India relation India is located on the east side of Pakistan we have 1950km boundaries with India boundary name Redcliff line.Relation of Pakistan and India is very complex due to historical reason.Religion different create problem for both countries that also a reason of separate land of Pakistan.21

War between Pakistan and India

3 major war are held between both countries 1964 1971 1999 major reason of war Kashmir cross border terrorism water 22

War between Pak India

First war was started in 1965 this war was start to capture Jammu and KashmirSecond war of 1971 for the liberation of east Pakistan and this east Pakistan become Bangladesh.Third war the KARGIL war to get control on tiger hell on which the control of whole Kashmir is depend.Mini wars ! Firing and Gola Bari is routine on border23

Clashes between Pak India in 2015

On 23 October , one civilian was killed by Pakistani rangers firing in Samba Sector.On 26 October, two Pakistani civilians died by Indian BSF firing in Shakargarh sectorOn 18 September, a 25-year-old woman was killed by Indian firing.On 15 August, the day of Independence of India, 5 Indian civilians were killed in cross border firing along LoC.24

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Pak afghan relation


Pak afghan relation

Afghanistan is located on the west side of Pakistan. Pakistan have 2250 km long boundary with it this boundary line is called Durand line.Pakistan and Afghanistan have old religion culture and trade terms.Afghanistan trade has been passing though Pakistan and has been regulated under 1965 afghan transit trade agreement.27

Pak afghan relationPakistan have embassy in Kabul the city of Afghanistan.Afghanistan have a embassy in Islamabad the city of PakistanSouthern and eastern Afghanistan is predominately aPashto-speaking region, like the adjacentKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa.28

Afghan Pak transit trade agreementIn July 2010, aMemorandum of understanding(MoU) was reached between Pakistan and Afghanistan for the Afghan-Pak Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). The two states also signed an MoU for the construction ofrail tracks inAfghanistanto connect withPakistan Railways.The APTTA allows Afghan trucks to drive inside Pakistan to theWagahborder with India, including to the port cities ofKarachiandGwadar.


TurkmenistanAfghanistanPakistanIndia Pipeline(TAPIalso known asTrans-Afghanistan Pipeline, is anatural gaspipelinebeing developed by theAsian Development Bank. The pipeline will transportCaspian Seanatural gas fromTurkmenistanthroughAfghanistanintoPakistanand then toIndia.[2]Construction on the project started in Turkmenistan on 13 December 2015. The pipeline is expected to be operational by 2019.Originally, the cost of the pipeline project was reportedly estimated at US$7.6billion, but a more recent estimate was $10billion30

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Arabian sea


Arabian Sea (Bahr al-'Arab)Arabian sea is a Indian ocean.Most of the trade between east and west is done though ocean.Pakistan though Arabian sea is linked with Muslim countries of Persian gulf.All of this countries is rich with oil.In Karachi bin Qasim and gwader port are important for Pakistan.33

Arabian Sea (Bahr al-'Arab)It is situated on the south of Pakistan.Its coastline is 1046km.The maximum width of theSea is approximately 2,400km (1,490mi). its maximum depth is 4,652 meters (15,262ft.). The biggest river flowing into the Sea is theIndus River.


Arabian Sea (Bahr al-'Arab)ThePort of Karachi isPakistan's largest and busiest seaport, handling about 60% of the nation's cargo (25 million tons per annum). It is located between the Karachi towns ofKiamariandSaddar, close to the main business district and several industrial areas.35