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  • How to Secure Your Product Inside Shipping Container?

    1. Ship Your Product Safely With Container Desiccant

    2. What is Desiccants Desiccant is a substance which helps substance in achieving complete dryness. Pharma Desiccants help protect products from moisture degradation and odor in pharmaceutical packaging. Desiccants are an effective way to protect your product from moistureold Mildew Fungus Corrosion Loose Carton and peeling labels

    3. Shipping Industry Shipping products around the world come across different temperatures and humidity conditions. This variation causes damage to cargo due to moisture. Every year thousands of containerized cargos are damaged by moisture problems like metal parts arrive corroded, Cardboard boxes mould and wet. Food commodities are found to be unfit for consumption.

    4. Damage Caused by Mold Mildew Fungus Corrosion Loose Carton and peeling labels

    5. Facing the Problems of Loose Carton Black Mold Bad Smells

    6. Shipping Container Desiccants Cargo Dry Pak will take care of mold , mildew , fungus development , condensation and container rain in your export container. Keep Your Shipping Dry and Safe 100 % Absorption Capacity Non-Toxic Desiccant

  • How to Secure Your Product Inside Shipping Container?

    7. Moisture Balance in Shipping Container Moisture in the air in the container derives from the outside and from the cargo. Desiccants remove moisture from the air.

    8. When the temperature drops, the pressure in the container drops, When the temperature goes up, the opposite happens (breathing-out).

    9. General Recommendations The number of cargo dry pak to be used may Very depending on shipping conditions and The nature of the products being protected. General Recommendations : For 20 feet Container : 500 gms x 30 Nos. Or 1500 gms x10 Nos. For 40 feet container : 500 gms x 60 Nos. Or 1500 gms x 20 Nos.

    10. Plus Points Using Cargo Dry Pak Environmentally Safe Ship goods without the threat of Container Rain Absorb up to 158% of its weight in moisture Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew rust and corrocion Provides 50days or more of moisture protection Prevents weak cartons and loose lables caused by moisture Easy to install with convenient hook

    11. Check List Before Shipping Close the vent holes with tape when you have a dry cargo. The container will still breathe, but more slowly. Moist cargo may be shipped with vent holes open or closed. No corrosion or holes on any side , doors and seals are in good conditions. Check that the container floor, pallets and packaging are dry. Softwood packaging should have maximum 18-19 % moisture not more than that. Cargo in pallets must be able to dry. Check that any shrink wrap or other plastic packaging does not cover completely. Check that the Cargo Dry pack are not covered. There should be at least a few cm of free space in front of most of the grille area. Check that all Bags are securely hung and that any Bags will not be crushed by the cargo .