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NDICEWhat is this tournament?Brief review of its historyFormatFun FactsImagery

What is this tournament?It is an international football tournament organized by the South American Football Confederation.It is the most important and prestigious cup at club level football in America.It is held annually from January to July.It could be called "the Champions League in South America"

2. Brief review of its history1960: is created with the name of Copa America Champions1965: adopted its current name in honor of the leaders of emancipation of South America.1966: began participating runners2000: more quotas for the following national league teams were added.

2. Brief review of its historyFrom 1969 to 1998: disputing the Interamerican Cup champion with the winner of the Champions Cup CONCACAF.And since 2005: the winner agrees to the Club World Cup, which brings together championship teams continental competitions of the six confederations affiliated to FIFA.

3. FormatClassification :From the 2005 season until the current quota is 38 teams.Champions and the best teams in the tournament last season in each country are classified, in addition to the reigning champions of that Cup and the Copa Sudamerican.

3. FormatFirst phase:Of the 38 teams ranked 12 will start with a first phase which sleeps 6 will be played. 6 clubs arising out of this first phase will complete the composition of the groups of the second phase.The first phase will play the 5th -ranked Argentina and Brazil, and 3rd place in each of the remaining nine Associations ,, plus an additional Association team which comes the ultimate champion

3. FormatSecond phase:The 32 clubs qualified for the second phase will be divided into eight groups of four teams each, playing all against all to returnA seed is the defending champion , and the remaining 7 clubs representing Argentina and Brazil.The teams finishing first and second in each group qualify for the knockout stages .

3. FormatKnockout: The 16 teams will play playoff knockout.Quarterfinals: The 8 teams in the second round will play the quarterfinals.Semifinal: 4 qualifiers are formed, to qualify for the finals.

3. FormatThe Finals:The two winners of the semifinal stage clubs play each other two games ( round trip) for the title of champion.At the end of the cup the team that started in the first phase and leaves champion will have played 16 games in total ( First Phase , Phase , Final Round , Quarterfinal , Semifinal and Final).And the team that started in the second phase and leaves champion will have played 14 games in total ( Second Phase , Final Round , Quarterfinal , Semifinal and Final).

4. Fun factsHighest Team Copa Libertadores:AC Independent with 7 titles followed by C.A. Boca Juniors with 6.Top Scorer:Alberto Spencer with 54 goals.Top scorer in an edition:Daniel Onega , with 17 goals in the 1966 edition. Record of matches: Ever Hugo Almeida with 113 games in Olympia.

5. ImageryRonaldinho celebrating the conquest of the 2013 Copa Libertadores

1987 Libertadores Cup Pearol won