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Responsible Tourism Fair in Oaxaca, Mexico January 17-30, 2010 A group of friends in Oaxaca, Mexico are creating the Responsible Tourism Fair (January 17-30), our 10th event since 2001 and a veritable model of frugality and slow travel. Visitors have a number of options, including weaver-guided walks in Teotitlán del Valle, photosafaris in public parks and authentic indigenous meals including Caldo de Piedra (Chinanteco), Maatsy (Mixe) and tamales (Zapotec-style). Self-guided treasure hunts asks foodies to try various cheeses, chocolates and mezcal. Photographers are invited to share photos in relevant Flickr Groups with prizes to be awarded at the end of the fair. If you cannot attend in person, there are many ways to participate. We are inviting our amigos, buddies, friends and mates to create your own event during this time and share the news via Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and all of the cool toys and and tools of Web 2.0 Details Free poster

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  • 1.2010 Responsible Tourism Fair FechaOpciones Fecha OpcionesOaxaca, MxicoDomingo Parque Llano, 830am-10am Domingo Estacin del Ferrocarril17 24LunesVideoNight, Comala, Lunes Noche Australiana 185pm-7pm 25 VideoNight, Comala, 5pm-7pm MartesCheese/Mezcal Tasting, 6pm Martes19 Bugambilias/La Olla26Miercoles Teotitln del Valle, 10am Miercoles 20 Community Museum 27Jueves JuevesZaachila21 28 Viernes PochimilcoViernesPochimilco 22Eco Sign Contest, 11am29 Eco Sign Contest, 11am SabadoIndigenous Tourism and Sabado Premios 23Biodiversity Website Award30 Awards

2. How to participate (locals) Como participar (gente local)Things you can do Print the calendar and promotional materials Share the news about the fair with friends and visitors Join us at specic events at a specic meeting point (punto de encuentro) Take your own photographs in a responsible manner Upload your photos to relevant Flickr groups Purchase folk art from local producers Purchase locally-grown food Reduce, reuse, recycle 3. How to participate (visitors) Como participar (visitantes)Things you can do Join us at specic events Take photographs in a responsible manner Upload your photos to relevant Flickr groups Purchase folk art from local producers Purchase locally produced food or meals made with locally produced food Reduce, reuse, recycle Walk as much as you can, use public transport 4. Sharing Space in a Sacred Place Compartiendo Espacios en un Lugar SagradoPlacesOaxaca de JurezTeotitln del ValleSanta Mara del TuleSan Francisco Lachigolo 5. The Law of Two FeetLa Ley de Dos PiesIfpeoplendthemselvesin situa3onswheretheyareneither learningnorcontribu3ng,theyare responsibleformovingtoanother place--usingtheirtwofeettond aplacewheretheirpar3cipa3onis moremeaningful. 6. La Ley de Dos Pies The Law of Two Feet Si las personas se encuentran ensituaciones donde no estn niaprendiendo ni contribuyendo connada, ellos son responsables demoverse hacia otro sitio - usandosus dos pies para encontrar unlugar donde su participacin seamas signicativa. 7. You are what you eat. Eres lo que comes.Der Mensch ist, was er it. 8. que rico mole! enmoladas @ comala 9. comala restaurant 10. eres lo quecomes 11. Simply Sumptuous Stone Soup!! 12. Join us for a freetasting of Oaxacan chocolate, part of the 2010 ResponsibleTourism Fair. The fun beginsThursday, Jan 21 at 6pm at the Instituto CulturalOaxacaAvenida Jurez #909 13. Feb 24, 4pmSabor de Chocolate y Comercio JustoFair Trade and Chocolate TastingInstituto Cultural Oaxaca, Avenida Jurez #909 14. AYUUK=MIXE 15. na ca anun (mixteco)