Purana Ratnam- Vishnu Puranam

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Purana Ratna – Vishnu Puranam Veeravalli (sapthagiri magazine of TTD) Source: http://sriranganatha.tripod.com/id116.html avikaaraaya shuddhaaya nityaaya paramaatmane; sadaika roopa roopaaya vish Nave sarvajish Nave. Introduction: The most ancient vedic religion of this blessed land, Bharat rests primarily on the bedrock of vedas. This boundless vedic literature is equipped with auxiliary tools (functioning like the limbs of our body or to borrow a modem phrase, functioning like sophisticated softwares) to facilitate rudimentary grasp of the complex vedic (shruti) texts. It is also amply supported by a vast system of supplementary literature (vedopabrahmaNam) known as smrtis-viz. the itihasas and puranas- which will enable or enhance an indepth comprehension of shruti texts. The above mentioned auxiliaries are briefly put in a karika as under: - Chandah paadau shabda shaastram ca vaktram Kalpah paaNee jyautisham cakshushhee ca,. Shikshah ghraaNam shrotram uktam niruktam Vedasya angaani aahuretaani shhat (6) ca. ["The six organs of the vedas are: chandas (the pair of feet), grammar (the mouth), kalpa (the pair of hands), astrology (the pair of eyes), shiksha (the nose), niruktam (the pair of ears)"] The sacred Sanskrit lore abounds in such personifications. Take for instance, the Dhyana sloka of Vishnu Sahasranama. The infinite nature of Lord Vishnu is described in similar
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