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C&K Strategy



About Cox & Kings Limited


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Business Profile





Education Leisure Travel

• Outbound Holidays – both cultural and soft adventure

• Inbound Travel (Destination management)

• Domestic Travel

• Packaged short-breaks for UK market, Hotels & Bungalow reservations

for Dutch market

• Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) & Trade Fairs

• Self-Catering family

holidays on high quality

campsites across Europe

• Accomodation in modern

mobile homes, stylish

tents, chalets/bungalows

• Residential outdoor trips

for UK Primary schools

• Educational tours around

world for UK secondary


• City-centre hotels across

16 locations in Europe


• Retail clients in for Outbound and Domestic business.

• Corporate Travel, Forex & MICE business, Inbound (Ground Handling)


• Outbound Holidays from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, UAE

• Inbound into Europe, Dubai and Singapore

• Superbreak/Bookit caters to UK/Dutch customers for domestic holidays.

• Customers from UK,

Netherlands, Germany

• Campsites at scenic

locations, mainly in

France and Italy

• PGL & NST cater to UK

school students

• Meininger caters to school

groups, families, individual

travellers from Europe and


• Hotels located across 5




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Profitability Breakdown


*Assumes 100% EBITDA consolidation (89cr) of Meininger within the Education business. This figure is purely to provide readers with a management estimate of profitability assuming 100% consolidation of Meininger. The figure is only indicative in nature and will not be comparable with the actual audited reported results for FY13

FY13 adjusted EBITDA – INR 812cr* FY13 Revenues – INR 1809cr





Camping Education Leisure India Leisure International





Camping Education Leisure India Leisure International

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Leisure - India

Leisure travel

Other offerings

Offers products that are either pre-packaged through brochures or tailor-made as per requirements of a group/ individual traveler with a particular focus on cultural tourism Caters to Outbound, Domestic leisure travel and Destination management services Popular brands include Duniya Dekho, Bharat Deko, Flexihol, Gaurav Yatra, Anand Yatra and Luxury Escapades. Represent and retail many international third party products including Star Cruises, Rail Europe, Musee Grevin that are bundled into our holiday packages. High customer recall for customized brands in each travel segment Work with corporate organizations to cater to all aspects of conference organizing, business meetings, event management, seminars, exhibitions, product launches and incentives. Organize group tours for trade fairs in countries outside India Leisure travel contributes to c95% of the consolidated revenues. Outbound is the largest revenue segment.

Corporate travel: Customized business travel solutions to corporate clients in India through a team of dedicated corporate relationship managers Foreign exchange services to customers in India as a licensed Category II authorized dealer Visa processing services as an outsourced business solution to several diplomatic missions


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Leisure – International




Hotel breaks provides domestic short beak trips through market leading Superbreak (UK) and Bookit (the Netherlands).

Cox & Kings UK is a specialist long-haul tour operator catering to the premium end of UK market

C&K DMS handles destination management activities across Europe for both C&K and non-C&K tours.

Explore is an UK soft adventure leading tour operator. The recently re-launched website caters for international bookings. Edge is

a similar product for younger customers in UK.

Regal Dive is a leading UK scuba diving operator.

Tempo Holidays, acquired in Nov’08, is a mid-market outbound tour operator in Australia. Key Destinations include Middle East and

Europe. Customer segment is largely individual travelers, with the group tours division being launched this year. Tours catering to the

premium segment has also been launched recently under the “C&K” brand.

C&K US, acquired in Apr’09, is an ultra-premium outbound tour operator catering to celebrity clientele. Traditionally sold only

outbound FIT tours earlier. Recently launched group luxury tours. Key destinations include Africa, Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

C&K Japan is a wholesaler selling white label packages to other outbound tour operators. Sells mostly FIT products, catering to

business delegations, honeymooners and young single women. Outbound destinations include India, Dubai, New Caledonia, Maldives

C&K Dubai operates as mid-market outbound and inbound tour operator. C&K has a presence in the Far East through destination

management operations in Singapore.

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Education Business


PGL Meininger

Others NST

Leading provider of residential outdoor trips, providing

curriculum-based activity tours to about 300k students

aged 8-12 from across 5000 schools in UK.

.15 centres in UK (~7100 beds), 7 in France (~1600

beds), 1 in Spain.

Students visit the centres during Feb-Oct period

except school holidays (off-peak). Typical tour duration

is 3-5 days

Market Leader providing educational travel tours for

schools and colleges in UK and Ireland.

Target group is primarily students aged 11-16. NST

carries over 100k students each year

Tours organized to several domestic and overseas

destinations, typically for 5 days. Tours encompass a

broad range of curriculum topics; e.g.; drama, music,

history, foreign language immersion

Hostel for young urban travellers offering superior

amenities & service standards at affordable prices

Hotel used by Groups (school groups, universities,

clubs) including student tours by NST. Also used by

individual travellers (businessmen, families, backpacker)

7340 beds across 16 city centre tourist locations

(including 11 in Germany and 4 in Austria).

Configurations vary from 2-8 beds per room.

EST provides educational tours for further education


EST specializes in study visits and student

conferences for students aged over 16

Travelplus provides accommodations for UK/German

students seeking gap-year placements

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Camping Business


Eurocamp & Keycamp

Market leading brands providing self-catering holidays

in pre-sited Mobile Homes (~7000) and tents/chalets

(~1500). Typical trip duration of 9-10 days.

Camping sites predominantly in France and Italy. In

total ~180 locations in Europe.

Essentially a 4 star product, with good facilities

including restaurants and even golf courses at some


UK is the largest customer base. Netherlands,

Germany, Ireland are amongst other markets

Key customers are Families (peak season of Jul/Aug

school summer holidays) and affluent professionals.

Other Brands

Ecamp offers value focused holidays in campsite

owned mobile homes. sell independent third party

holidays in Europe.

Eurocamp Independent and Select Sites are specialist

campsite reservation service for UK customers.

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C&K Group - Key strengths


Bouquet of market leading brands across various geographies

Expansive distribution network across our operations worldwide

One of the largest travel and tour companies in India with a strong brand recall

Strong technology platform

Experienced management team

Track record of growing our business by successfully completing and integrating acquisitions

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1.Strong presence in Indian Leisure market

• Leading leisure tour operator in India with strong presence in Outbound and Domestic.

• Built compelling customer offerings and wide distribution network over the last decade.

• Strong brand position reaffirmed through several industry recognitions

• Robust financial performance; 5 Yr CAGR – Revenues (27%), EBITDA (30%)

“Best Outbound Tour Operator”, Hospitality India & Explore the World Annual International Awards, 2012

“Best Domestic Tour Operator” & “Best Travel Company”, TAAI Travel Awards, 2012

“Most Entrepreneurial Travel Company”, TTG Travel Awards, October 2011

“PATA Gold Award 2012 in the Marketing Media - Consumer Travel Brochure (BR) category for “Luxury Escapade”

“Best Inbound Tour Operator from UK”, Ministry of Tourism, 2012-13

Past Performance – 5 Yr CAGR

Select Awards & Accolades

INR:USD conversion at 55

Fig in INR Cr
















FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12

Net Revenues EBITDA

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Camping Business

2.Bouquet of market leading brands globally

C&K UK - “Best Luxury Operator”, Globe Travel Awards, 2012

C&K UK - “Best Specialist All Inclusive Tour Operator”, British Travel Awards, 2011

C&K UK - Compass magazine shortlisted for the Consumer Travel Publication of the Year, British Travel Press Awards, 2012

C&K US - “‘One of the best tour operators for Africa”, Travel+Leisure World’s Best Awards 2012

“Best Overall Escorted Experience Tour Operator for Promoting Responsible Tourism”, British Travel Awards, 2012 “Star Adventure/Activity Holidays Specialist”, Travel Bulletin Star Awards, 2012 “Best Operator UK Holidays”, Travel Weekly, 2013

“Best Short Break Operator” & “Best Hotel Booking Company”, Scottish Passenger Agents Association (SPAA) Annual Travel Awards, 2012

Education Business

Leisure Business

“Best Overall Camping & Mobile Tour Operator & Best Medium Family Tour Operator”, British Travel Awards, 2012 “Travel Agents Choice Awards”, BMI Publishing 2011

“Winner - For our outstanding contribution towards supporting young people through the power of PE and sport”, Youth Sport Trust Business Awards , 2012

“Best Youth Operator to France, 2012”, Atout France, the Tourism Development Agency of France

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3.Expansive distribution network across our operations

Direct sales channels

Direct sales through call centres across all geographies

Direct Sales into schools (for PGL/NST) and student tour

operators (for Meininger)

Strong online platforms like


Healthy mix of direct sales channels and third party channels across all our operations

Strong retail presence in India

– Weekendjeweg.nl – Djoser.nl – explore.co.uk

– superbreak.com, – eurocamp.co.uk, – meininger-hotels.com

Third party channels

Distribution through High Street agents in India, Europe and Australia

Affiliate partnership programme like Royal Academy of Arts

Specialist channels like Virtuoso (US), Radius Inc.

Over 150 Franchise Sales

Shops & 12 branches

across 100+ towns/cities









# Map indicates no. of


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4.Past Acquisitions – Successfully Integrated

Cox & Kings Destination Management Services (Formerly ETN Services) • Provides destination management services into Europe. Since the acquisition, the company has improved the Group’s purchasing power through consolidation of C&K India and Australia’s traffic into the region

East India Travel Company Inc, USA *Ultra-premium FIT outbound tour operator in US. Since acquisition, C&K rolled out the premium Group into the market, similar to our product in C&K UK.


FY2009 Tempo Holidays PTY, Australia; Tempo Holidays NZ Ltd., New Zealand • Specialized outbound tours for mid-market segment in Australia and New Zealand. Since acquisition, C&K has successfully introduced the premium “Cox & Kings” brand into the market

• Consistently enhanced shareholders value through large overseas acquisitions

– Successfully integrated past acquisitions including Tempo Holidays (Australia) and East India Travel (US)

– C&K Consolidated Strong 3 Yr CAGR Growth (FY08-FY11) in Revenues (39%), EBITDA (46%) and PAT (45%)

• Key acquisition rationale - Consolidated Buying and Cross Selling

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5.Technology prowess


Improves efficiency and reduces Turn Around Time: Dynamic designing of packages; increase in business handled per employee

Seamless integration of operations of acquired entities across geographies driving significant competitive advantage

Ability to introduce white label/ co-branded offerings for clients such as Jet Escapes

Technology enables a centralized dynamic packaging system

Integrated Technology platforms

Support for all services

Top end enterprise softwares

Strong data security

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6. Corporate Leadership

• Promoter & Non Executive Director

• Joined Cox & Kings Travel Ltd. in

1986 as a General Manager

• On the board of C&K since 1993

• Responsible for overall leadership,

strategy, global centralized buying

and international growth

• Founder member & director of World

Tourism Council for the Indian


Peter Kerkar

• Promoter & Executive Director

• Responsible for day-to-day

management at C&K India,

marketing & design initiatives at

the Group

• Prior to her current role, she was

running a graphic design and

production house

Urrshila Kerkar

Cox & Kings Group currently employs ~6000 employees across the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East

and North America


• Director, C&K UK

• In charge of UK Senior Managers

of Sales, Product, Commercial

and Business Resources

• Joined C&K as product manager

in 1990

Jenny Hand

• CEO, C&K Australia

• Deep travel trade experience of

~40 years

• Setup the C&K New Zealand


Greg Osborne

• Commercial Director, Education

• Responsible for sales, marketing,

product development and

contracting at PGL/NST

• Joined in 1990 as School Tours

Product Manager. Appointed to

the PGL board in April 1997

John Firth Karel Vos Ashley Toft

• Managing Director, Camping

• Joined the Board of Eurocamp Travel

in 1989 and appointed MD in 1993,

• He began his career in Eurocamp as a

summer employee back in 1984

Steve Whitfield

• Managing Director, Hotel Breaks

• Joined Bookit in 2000 as co-

initiator of Weekendjeweg.nl

• Earlier experience include

Renaissance hotel in Jerusalem,

Gran Dorado Parcs & Hotels,


• Managing Director, Explore

• 25 years experience, joined

Explore as a tour leader in 1988

• Headed all functions of the

business over the last two


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Corporate Vision

• Consolidate the leadership position as an integrated tour operator in India

• Operate as a profitable specialist tour operator across other overseas geographies


• Be a leading student tour operator across UK, India and Australia (PGL, NST)

• Emerge as the preferred student accommodation provider across Europe (Meininger)


FY16 - Target

Net Revenues USD 490 – 510 mn

(3yr CAGR: 15% - 16%)

ROE 19% – 21%

Net Debt/Equity < 1.0

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Growth Drivers

Rising Disposable incomes

Emergence of aspirational young workforce

Shift from unorganized to organized


Consolidate presence in Indian Leisure market

Past Performance – 5 Yr CAGR India Leisure Market

Source: Euromonitor, Company Estimates

FY12 – USD 5.2bn

FY16e – USD 8.1bn




C&K Other Organized TO Unorganized




C&K Other Organized TO Unorganized

4yr CAGR (FY12 –FY16e) Total Market – 12% ; Organized Market – 24% ;

Cox & Kings – 26% INR:USD conversion at 55

(Fig in USD Mn)






913 15












FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13

Net Revenues EBITDA

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Dominant Education Player - UK


Consolidate the leadership position in the UK Education market

FY12 – USD 720mn FY16e – USD 830mn

4yr CAGR (FY12 –FY16e) Total Market – 4% Cox & Kings – 5%

Source: Market Intelligence, Company Estimates

Growth Drivers

Rise in student population in UK*

Deeper penetration with UK & Europe

Consolidation of the LEA run centers

*Based on a report published by Department of Education – UK, Nursery and primary school students are projected to be 8% higher in 2014 than in 2010 and by 2017 numbers are projected to reach levels last seen in the late 1970s



C&K Others



C&K Others

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C&K - Group strategy


• Build market share in the largely fragmented travel market in India

• Expand franchise network within India and boost agent network/call centre support globally

• Leverage our global platform to cross sell our products in other geographies

• Continue to consolidate product sourcing operations globally. Higher volumes will lead to better bargaining power with suppliers

Consolidate our presence in the

leisure travel segment

• Expand Education brands in Europe and introduce PGL & NST like product in India and Australia

• Introduce Meininger properties to customers in existing C&K markets

Grow the Education business in

newer geographies

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Page 24: Fy13 Investor Presentation

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Consolidated Financials - Snapshot

Year ending March (Fig in INR Cr)

FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12* FY13

Rev 287 399 497 838 1809

% Growth 58% 39% 24% 69% 158%

EBITDA 121 186 230 167 722

% Margins 42.2% 46.6% 46.3% 20.0% 40.0%

PAT 63 134 129 42 248

Shareholders Funds# 227 810 1,208 1192 1868

Total Debt 354 504 844 4662 4676

Cash 63 375 961 1053 1269

Net Debt 291 129 -117 3609 3407

*Holidaybreak (HBR) was acquired in Sep’11 and consolidated for 6 months into FY12 financials. HBR is a highly seasonal business with all its profitability coming from Apr-Sep period while the Oct-Mar period is a loss-making six months. # Shareholders Funds includes Minority Interest of 542cr in FY13 attributed to Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI) . During the year, Prometheon Holdings (UK) Limited, holding 100% in Holidaybreak Limited, completed an equity deal with CVCI.

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FY13 Results - Summary

Fig in INR Cr FY12* FY13 % Change


Leisure India 296 372 26%

Leisure International 576 608 6%

Education 449 491 9%

Camping 345 321 -7%

Others# 15 18

Total 1681 1809 8%


Leisure India 144 186 29%

Leisure International 208 208 0%

Education 227^ 286^ 26%

Camping 131 148 13%

Others# -21 -17

Total 690 812 18%


* Proforma numbers derived from management accounts for representation purpose. The numbers are only indicative in nature and will not be comparable with the actual audited reported results for FY12. # Others constitute mainly of Outsourced Visa Processing Operations ^Education business including 100% Meininger EBITDA, derived from management accounts for representation purpose.

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FY13 Results - Commentary

• India –

– FY13 Growth : Revenue - 26%, EBITDA - 29%

– Robust growth in outbound and domestic; driven by both leisure retail and MICE segment. Flattish inbound season.

– Increased business from franchise outlets; encouraging sales volume through call centre

– Working Capital cycle with Corporates flexed to build market share

– Industry Trend: A growing holidays market; Customers taking multiple weekend breaks apart from one annual holiday; Market share gain from unorganized segment

• International – – FY13 Growth : Revenue - 6%, EBITDA – Flat

– Europe business (C&K UK, Hotelbreaks, CKDMS, Explore) fared well despite economic challenges

– Dubai business performs well in both inbound business (primarily Indian traffic into Dubai) and outbound (NRI) business.

– US business saw good growth, with increased distribution of the “Small Group Tours”

– Soft trading in Australia

– Japan continued to face headwinds, reporting a small loss.


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FY13 Results - Commentary

• Education –

– FY13 Growth : Revenue - 9%, EBITDA - 22% (26% including Meininger)

– PGL further consolidated its market share among UK primary schools; achieved cost efficiencies by closing 2 small centres (~300beds); and diverting business into larger centres

– Meininger registered high growth; saw higher occupancies in existing hotels; opening of 2 new hotels

– Closed two smaller hotels in Berlin (~450beds) for cost efficiencies; replacing with signup of a larger 830 bed hotel

• Camping - – FY13 Growth : Revenue - (7)%, EBITDA – 13%

– Revenue declined as Camping business was impacted by the London Olympics.

– Several UK customers, the largest and most profitable market for Camping, decided to stay back for the Olympics thus impacting sales.

– However, aggressive cost efficiency measures to offset that.


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Explore distributed through C&K Australia,

encouraging offtake

Consolidated airline volumes across the Group

in FY13

Benefits to accrue in FY14

Holidaybreak Synergies – Progress so Far

Cross Selling Consolidation

Meininger property sold to Indian customers in

for trade shows / events in Germany

Enhanced product portfolio at Hotelbreaks

(overseas shortbreak European destinations),

upgraded IT platform, increased package sales

Ground handling operations for Explore in key

destinations (India, Egypt) with existing C&K

operations expanded margins in FY13

Further benefit expected this year

Hotel consolidation across the Group

Will translate into cost savings in FY14

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FY14 Business Outlook

• We remain very bullish about the growth in India business.

• Franchise & call centre to drive retail customer growth in domestic and outbound holidays

• MICE business will continue to grow. Tightening credit expected for corporates & corporate credit card offtake will release working capital.

• Leisure Intl expected to bounce back to growth

• Superbreak, the largest business operations within Leisure Intl, is getting strong forward bookings this year. The business has benefited from synergy efforts achieved in FY13.

• Dubai and US business to continue its good performance.

• UK and Australia markets also seeing better traction this year.

• Education Division

• Business should continue to grow well. High visibility of PGL customer bookings already for FY14

• Meininger should continue to grow strongly, targeting to increase existing hotel occupancy. Opened a new 720 bed hotel in Brussels in May 2013. Increased traffic expected from India

• Camping Division

• Strong forward bookings for FY14. Validates our understanding that FY13 decline was one-off in nature

• Strong focus on controlling marketing, IT and operational costs by driving better synergies between existing brands


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Holidaybreak – A transformational Acquisition

Debt Profile Acquisition Rationale

Holidaybreak is a market leader in its niche travel segments,

with experienced management and strong cash flows.

The acquisition provides Holidaybreak with a platform to

expand internationally by offering the company's products to

C&K customers in India and rest of Asia

Holidaybreak adds new product areas and markets which

provide us with attractive opportunities to leverage Cox and

Kings' global network and accelerate the development of both


International business helps company build scale

• In Sep 2011 Cox & Kings completed the acquisition of Holidaybreak for a

total consideration of ~$530mm

• Additional debt taken on by C&K for the acquisition:

– Acquisition Debt of $200mm (post CVCI investment) at

Prometheon Holdings

• 7.5 year term loan with ballooning repayment

• Interest Rate of Libor + 500bps

• 1st repayment of $10mm in July 2013

• Final repayment of $22mm in Jul 2019

– Total Debt Facility of £230mm at Holidaybreak Limited

• Mix of Term Loan (TL), Revolving Credit and Bonding

Facilities due for renewal in September 2015

• Outstanding amount at Mar’13 is £200mm with TL

Repayments of £10mm each in June 2013, 2014 and


• Interest Rate of Libor + Margin, with margin range of

250-375bps, depending on a gearing test on a semi

annual basis


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Holidaybreak – A large European tour operator

• Annual booking volumes of c20,000pax at Explore

• Average booking value is Gbp1000-2000 Adventure

• About 0.5mn and 0.4mn annual bookings at Superbreak and Bookit respectively

• Average booking value is Gbp150-250 Hotel Breaks

• Nearly 1mn booking nights each at PGL and Meininger

• Average revenue per pax of Gbp150-300 for PGL and Eur20-30 at Meininger


• Annual Booking volumes of ~98k

• Average booking value of Gbp800-900 Camping


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Profile of Select PGL Centres (All owned) Name Region/City

Capacity (beds)

Area (in acres)


Boreatton Park Shropshire 1021 250

Mansion house; lodges and tented village for accommodation. Indoor pool and 2 indoor sports halls; 20 foot sandstone wall for abseiling; lakes. Numerous activities including high ropes; quad biking; canoeing; initiative exercises

Liddington Wiltshire 600 150 Former conference centre; netball courts & football pitches; lake; woodland. 22 activities including crate and vertical challenges

Dalguise Perthshire 475 50 Craigvinean Lodge; 18th century mansion house; close to Loch Tay; woodland environment; sports dome. 23 activities including orienteering; quad biking; kayaking

Winmarleigh Hall Lancashire 308 50 Mansion house and lodges; onsite lake; woodland environment. 19 activities including raft building; bouldering wall

Caythorpe Court Lincolnshire 790 65 Purpose built lake; mansion house / lodges; tent villages. 21 activities including high ropes; canoeing; trapeze

Barton Hall Devon 711 46 Accommodation in main house and lodges; outdoor heated swimming pool; lake; dry ski slope; classrooms and ICT suites. 19 activities including fencing and crate challenge

Osmington Bay Dorset 804 45 Accommodation in lodges; located by the sea with private beach; watersports at Weymouth Olympic Centre; sports hall. 24 activities including tunnel trail. Pond dipping lake used by Field Studies groups

Little Canada Isle of Wight 722 48 Accommodation in log cabins or Woodlands House; both sleep up to 8. Indoor heated swimming pool; 28 activities including a challenge course and dragon boating,

Windmill Hill East Sussex 462 21 Main house and accommodation lodges; sports hall (2k sqm); outdoor heated swimming pool. 19 activities including initiative exercises and archery. Optional day trip to France available

Chateau de Grande Romaine

Paris 310 70 Ensuite accommodation. Swimming pool; tennis courts; basketball courts; football pitch. The centre has 13 activities for young kids

Note: In total 8900 beds in 23 centres including 19 owned centres spread over 1000acres with book value of ₤140m

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S.No. Site Locations Country Opening

Month/Year No. of rooms No. of beds

1 Munich Germany Sep-04 94 447

2 Cologne Germany May-06 52 184

3 London UK Oct-06 47 256

4 Vienna City Austria Sep-07 68 299

5 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Germany Apr-08 90 328

6 Hamburg Germany Apr-09 116 589

7 Berlin Central Station Germany Oct-09 296 848

8 Frankfurt Germany Apr-10 163 387

9 Salzburg Austria May-11 101 426

10 Berlin Oranienburgerstr Germany Aug-11 118 430

11 Vienna Downtown Austria Oct-11 131 484

12 Vienna Schiffamt Austria Nov-11 103 297

13 Frankfurt Airport Germany Jan-12 168 436

14 Berlin Airport Germany Apr-12 156 468

15 Amsterdam Netherlands Jul-12 219 737

16 Brussels Belgium May-13 170 719

Total 2100 7340

Meininger – List of Hotels

Page 35: Fy13 Investor Presentation

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Camping Assets - Summary

No. of Sites Mobile Homes

Tents Chalets Treehouse

France 116 5041 800 116 15

Italy 46 1655 314 25

Switzerland 3 51 15

Austria 3 44 8

Germany 3 45 9

Holland 3 192 15

Luxembourg 1 20

Croatia 2 47 22

Portugal 2 33

Total 179 7128 1183 141 15

Eurocamp/Keycamp offers ~8500 camping accommodations across 179 sites in 9 countries

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