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    What a special experience we have had this last week when we were visited by apecial emissary of the Lord Jesus ChristElder Tim J Dyches. As Hermana Dayton and I

    were privileged to work closely with him and Sister Jill Dyches for 4 consecutive days, wewere left with some very powerful, personal impressions. First, they are gracious, kind,common people who have that great gift of making you feel comfortable in theirpresence. Second, their dedication to their stewardship is unmistakable. I wonderedhow they keep the same level of energy week after week, month after month, Missionour after Mission Tour. And yet, there they were, preaching, teaching and guiding us

    with vigor, enthusiasm and wisdom as if we were their first conference. Third, they aredeeply spiritual teachers whose personal life is reflected in the radiant countenancehey manifested. The Lord makes it very clear in D & C 1:38 that, ..whether by mine

    own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.They taught so many things in such a short time I was astounded. Hermana Dayton

    and I presented our messages on just a couple of topicstime management, planning,and inviting and committing . The breadth and expanse of the topics they covered ina few hours almost takes your breath away. I am listing them below for your review ando remind you that we have been taught by a servant of our Heavenly Father and it

    ou accept the premise in the scripture above, we would be wise to listen because it isas if the Lord himself were talking to us. I testify that we will flourish and be successful asa mission to the degree we try to follow and emulate what they have taught us. Theopics they covered either briefly or in greater detail included:. Saying thank you with an origami shirt 21. Effective Use of the Chapel Tour. Keeping the Area Book up to date 22. Write Down What I will Study in. Teach with the Spirit Personal Study Time

    4. Create Your Own Weather 23. God Controls This Work. Treat Members with Great Love 24. Christ-like Attributes Bring us to. We Can Do Hard Things Christ.

    7. How to Be a Master Teacher 25. Have Revelatory Experiences. We dont commit peoplethey do! 26. Everything for the Lord. Dont make excusesown up to your choices 27. Our Choices Bring Consequences

    Message From Presidente Dayton

    Whether By Mine Own Voice or by the Voiceof My ServantsIt is the Same

    5 de Junio de 2016El larn de El Faro

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    0. Do Companionship Inventory effectively 28. Being an Agentnot An Object1. Be Prepared to Give a 3 Minute Testimony 29. Simplify, Clarify, Verify, Testify2. When Training Show Them How to Find 30. Being Minister to the One

    Answers 31. Prayer is Actually Talking to God3. Decide on Your Next Lesson Right after the 32. Sharing Your Testimony in

    Present One Sacrament Meeting4. Wise Decisions Bring Forth Blessings 33. Importance of Church5. Make Our Declaration of the 1st Vision More Attendance

    Powerful 34. The Value and Power of6. Dont be Afraid of Hard Work Scripture Memorization7. Our Personal Study Time is Unique and 35. Improve Companionship

    Special Study8. Go the Extra Mile Because We Can, Not 36. Center on the Investigators

    Because We Have To Needs9. How to Use the Ward Mission Leader 37. Think of the Savior During

    Effectively Sacrament0. Do Effective Practicas in Companion Study

    As you read this list, are you not astounded by the volume and sheer extent of whatwas covered. Only a master teacher could teach this much this quickly and be

    ffective. I know that every one of you may have been touched by different parts ofwhat he presented. If you had powerful spiritual impressions that you need to improveomething or work on something personally, that is the Holy Ghost telling you to focus onhe thing about which you have the impression. Act on it! Do something about it!mprove it!

    I was so proud of our El Faro missionaries as Elder Dyches entered the chapel andaw the dignity, beauty and spiritual power of this great, unrelenting missionary force.oth Hermana Dayton and I were moved to tears and could barely speak as we sawou and were overcome with the great love we feel for you. May the Lord bless all of uo take the parts of his teachings that the Holy Ghost told us to emphasize and makehem better, stronger, more spiritual, more pure. We have been taught by a chosenmissary of the Lordshall we not obey!

    nspirado por un buen maestro,

    residente Merril T Dayton

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    Hospitality vs. Unfriendliness

    Message From Hermana Dayton

    El larn de El Faro

    Hospitality is cheerfully sharing food, shelter or conversation. It is using what oureavenly Father has given us to demonstrate His love for others. Hospitality is a concern

    or the welfare of others.

    Hospitality should be a natural response for us because we love the Savior and desireo serve Him. King Benjamin reminds us that "when ye are in the service of your felloweings ye are only in the service of your God" Mosiah 2:17. "Verily, I say unto you,

    nasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it untome." Matthew 25: 35-40 The scriptures also remind us that we should cheerfully serve. In

    Peter 4:9 , "Use hospitality one to another without grudging."

    The Savior taught us about hospitality when he said, "When thou makest a dinner or aupper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbors;est they also bid thee again, and a recompense be made thee. But when thou makest

    feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And thou shalt be blessed; for

    hey cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of thest." Luke 14:12-14. On one experience, Peter's mother in law was ill. Because of Peter'sospitality, the Savior raised her up to good health. Matthew 8:14-15.

    I have a strong testimony that as we serve others, as we give to the poor and helphose who truly are in need, the Lord blesses us with peace and insights that far surpassnything we ever give to the less fortunate. For many years, our family joined with other

    amilies in our community and traveled to Mexico and Honduras to build homes andchools for the less fortunate. As we returned home, I saw changed attitudes and

    eelings of each of my children. They returned with an overwhelming sense of gratitudeor all they had been blessed with, a greater love for others, and a greater desire toerve others. They experienced true joy and feelings of peace and gratitude and were

    more willing to give of their time and talents to bless others. Today we have many

    5 de Junio de 2016

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    Christlike Attributes- Faith, Charity, Love, Virtue, Hope, and Humility, Knowledge & Wisdom,Patience, Diligence, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Forgiveness, Dependability, Availability,Orderliness, Gratitude, Endurance, Persuasiveness, Compassion, Alertness, Character, Decisiveness,

    Determination, Truthfulness, Benevolence, Honor, Sincerity, Punctuality, Joyfulness, Gentleness, SelfControl, Initiative, Cautiousness, Loyalty, Meekness, Sensitivity, Obedience, Discernment, Boldness,Discretion, Responsibility, Attentiveness, Hospitality

    hoice memories of those experiences as we learned Gospel truths and were able toelp those in need..

    Every day you as missionaries are being hospitable. You are in the streets sharing theove and Light of the Savior. As people are attracted to you they learn of the Gospelnd we are able to bring them closer to the Savior. True hospitality is being an examplef the Savior in our character--living it each day so others will desire to have the joy weave because of the truths of the Gospel we live.

    We can apply hospitality to missionary work by:Praying for the spirit of hospitalitySharing what we have with our companions, investigators, and others with no thoughtof getting something in returnInviting others to share a meal with usDuring conversations, focusing on the interests of the guest and praising them for theirgoodness instead of talking about ourselvesHaving a peaceful atmosphere in our apartments to welcome guests (appropriate

    music, a harmonious spirit, clean and organized, pictures of the savior, temples, etc.)Asking questions to develop good relationships and friendships--making others feelimportantMaking people feel comfortable in our presence, helping them feel like they haveentered a safe harbor

    President Dayton and I have been impressed with your Christlike love and genuineospitality you manifest as you share the Gospel with others. You exemplify the wordsom the song "Because I Have Been Given Much" Thank you for your goodness andesire to bless the lives of the good people here in Spain.

    Much love, gratitude and admiration,

    ermana Dayton

  • 7/26/2019 June 5 El Clarn



    El larn de El Faro

    Marjorie Vanessa Vlez Vinueza Terrassa A lderes Tyson y Muos

    Jairo Dario Barros Moran Terrassa A lderes Tyson y Muos

    Iken Axel Muos Chachapolla Granollers A lderes Alder e Islas

    Mara Paulina Alfaro Buleje Logroo A lderes Len y Martin

    Alicia Ruiz Reyes Palma 2A lderes Stepp y Sherman

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    inscriban sus nombres


























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    INCO:UATRO: lderes Carter y Lisonbee

    RES: lderes Tyson y Muoslderes Jones y Jensenlderes Hemeyer y Bromleylderes Murley y Simon

    lderes Reddish y Espinozalderes Bennett y PembertonHermanas Fernndez y JohnsonHermanas Ingram y HowellHermanas Cragun y RicheyHermanas Sebasti y Stahllderes Len y Martin

    Willy Barcelona 3AAlice EixampleCecibell Badalona 2AJess, Maria-Jess Lleida CNaiara Bilbao AJanet San Sebastin AFelix Santander B

    Carlos Hospitalet 2ADaissy Hospitalet 2BErnesto Cornell AMartin, Jonathon TortosaFran, Jose Andrs Valencia 3AMoses Castelln ADebany Castelln BWandel Pamplona B

    Compaerismos que lograronlas pautas de excelencia: Oremos por estos investigadores confechas bautismales para esta semana

    El larn de El Faro

    he one

    Barcelona is in the Zone!

    -With a total of 36 progressing investigators

    this week.

    And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith.Doctrine & Covenants 42:14

    5 de Junio de 2016

    Anuncios de la Oficina

    lder Knadler has sent out an email asking for the serial numbers onyour iPads. Please respond by the 8th of June (THIS Wednesday) or youriPad will be taken and destoyed without any regard to pleaing for selfiesof you and your convert.

    Calendar Reminders

    June 7th Noche de Hogar in the Mission Home

    (Remember to send Hermana Dayton the names of your investigators if you are coming)June 8th Enfoque de Zona

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    Nuria got baptized. I thank myFather in Heaven for that sacredprivilege and opportunity to

    take part in her baptism. Thebaptismal service went verysmoothly and the Spirit wasthere in great abundance..

    She arrived at the church anhour early, with the brightestsmile on her face. We changedinto our white clothes, and wepracticed the ordinance a little.I'm glad we practicedbeforehand because the first

    time doing it she plugged hernose as if she were in the water,and then cuddled into a ball aspushed her back. After that

    the program began, and wehad some good support fromthe members. A few gave theirtestimonies and explained thecovenants we make at baptismand the Holy Spirits role in ourlives. After the talks we (4 elders)

    got up and sang, "when I ambaptized." The song set thestage for the Spirit to be mademanifest during the ordinanceof baptism. The ordinance wentperfectly, and Nuria looked verycalm and peaceful. What ajoyful experience that was! Afterthe baptism was over, Nuria toldme how content she was.

    MANUEL WAS BAPTIZED THISWEEK. It was amazing. Theservice went well and he wasable to make this covenant withHeavenly Father and I'm soproud of him and the things heleft behind to know the Saviorand to have the gospel in hislife. Of course, as I was lookingback on the "fruits" or "success" Irealized how I did nothing in theconversion of Manuel. I said the

    words that the Lord gave me, Iwas in the places and doing thethings he wanted me to do. I've

    really come to realize how this really is the Lords work and we

    just have the wonderful

    opportunity to be aninstrument.

    The biggest miracle of allthough this week was thebaptism of Hermana Paquita!We were so blessed becausewe were not sure if she wasgoing to go down thisweekend. She was strugglingwith smoking and drinking

    coffee.Then on Thursdayher daughter ended upleaving angry because she losther job, and she said I havetoo many things going on Idon't want to be baptized butElder ____ and I were able toshow her that it was only thedevil trying to make her not bebaptized. We were so blessedto be able to help her and see

    the progression of her in thegospel, she gave her testimonyafter the baptism and it wasabsolutely beautiful.

    Tuvimos el bautismo deGissela, fue realmenteincreble, sali todo perfecto yel espritu estaba presente. Ellaestaba ms que preparada,yo y mi compaera sabamosque sera bautizada, mientrasensebamos cada charla,ella era sper receptiva, hacacada compromiso que se leinvitaba hacer. As fue, ellaestaba lista, y este sbadoconcert su primer conveniocon el Padre. Es realmentemaravilloso, poder ser testigosdel maravilloso milagro delbautismo. Poder ver cambiarlas vidas de personas, verlas

    ser personas nuevas con unadisposicin mas fuerte quenunca de seguir la voluntaddel Padre!! Me encanta!

    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    El larn de El Faro

    This week was amazing. Itwas such a blessing toexperience my first baptismwith Mar! It was such a specialfeeling going into the font withElder ____and her. She hasvery bad knees and so heperformed the ordinance and Ihelped her back up. I truly feltthe joy of helping her get

    baptized even with herproblem, it was my honor to bethe instrument in the Lords'hand that day helping her up. Iknow that I will not be able tohelp her up for forever but withthe knowledge that I am arepresentative of Jesus Christ. Iknow that even when weleave that he has got herback.

    This week we had thebaptisms of Alegra and herson, Darwin. Their preparationstarted 25 years ago, when shefirst met with the missionaries,and she said that gettingbaptized was a decision thatshe wishes she had made 25years ago, so she is so happythat the missionaries found herand I was so blessed to be a

    part of this event that she haswaited for so long to happen. Igot to personally baptizeDarwin, which was so fantastic.He has a mental disability,making it difficult tocommunicate with him attimes. But no mistake can bemade about the spirit that I feltand that I know he felt as wellas he came out of the water,

    and during their confirmationsthe next morning. I couldn't askfor a better first baptism.

    5 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 5 El Clarn


    The miracle this last weekwould be the baptism of

    Abel. He truly is convertedand will be a great help tothe branch of __. Wellpresident thanks for givingme the opportunity to servein ___ I learned a lot. I loveyou and hope you have agood week.

    Baptism!!!!!! Andrea gotbaptized. We had a beautiful

    service early Saturdaymorning. There was so muchsupport from all of themembers. She had her uncle,Miguel Gomez, baptize herand it truly was a specialevent to witness. Towards theend of the service she bore astrong testimony of baptismand the love of Christ thatshe has felt. I'm so grateful for

    the opportunity to help heron her path of growth in theKingdom of God. Just to thinkthat it all started because hercousin had enough courageto mention her beliefs to her.

    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    El larn de El Faro

    The miracle this week wasthat we had a triple baptism.It was the first family that Ihave baptized and it wassuper great to see everyonesmiling and happy. Each ofthem were happy and thatmakes me happy haha. AllI'm here for is to serve thepeople and help them behappy and change their livesfor the better! And well wegot to see that for three really

    great people!

    Then to top it off we wereable to see you againSaturday at the bautismo ofAna, Naomi and Paco. It wasso spiritual! We first found Anaand Naomi of a referencefrom the hermanas. Thesetwo contacted the hermanasand said they wanted to see

    us so that's what started thedesire in the hearts to bebaptized! And in the end youwere able to perform both oftheir ordinances. Next Pacowas a contact that we had

    that lived and was best

    friends with a menos activo.The lord prepared those threewith desires to know the truthand desires to seek it out!

    Quiero decirle primeramentedel bautismo de Elsa ha sidomuy muy especial, ellaestaba muy feliz y todo salicomo esperbamos, vinieronalgunas personas que noesperbamos porque ella loquera algo ms privado,pero no hubo problema jeje,bueno estamos muycontentos tambin con sullamamiento ahora essecretaria de mujeresjvenes, y est muy contentacon su llamamiento. Elder ___le bautiz y yo le confirme,

    fue mi primera confirmacina alguien ha sido algo muymuy poderoso, sentir almismo tiempo como decalas palabras al conferirle elEspritu Santo, no lo olvidar.

    hacemos todo lo que podemos a fin de que la obraavance; pero sta es la obra del Seor, l la dirige y l estal mando. Nos maravillamos al verlo abrir puertas quevosotros no podemos abrir y efectuar milagros queapenas podemos imaginar lder Neil A. Andersen

    5 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 5 El Clarn


    13 de abril de 2014

    El Faro Welcomes 9 New Servants of the Lord!

    El larn de El Faro

    Hermana Spiegel

    Albuquerque, NM

    lder Sherman

    South Jordan, UT

    Hermana Stahl

    Magden, Switzerland

    lder Muos

    Las Palmas, Espaa

    Hermana Cortez

    Santaquin, UT

    lder McDermott

    Morgan, UT

    lder Espinoza

    Alicante, Espaa

    Hermana RicheyLayton, UT

    lder OrmsbyGlenfield, New Zealand

    Mission News

    5 de Junio de 2016