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    An Overview of

    Presentation SkillsThey are able because they think they are able.

    The suggestion of an a solution to any given problem isknown as presentation.

    Role of presentation in business is to gather and exchangeinformation, to influence the organizational process, to create,change and modify work-group identities.

    Major elements that go into making an effective businesspresentation are planning, preparing the content, delivery skillsand techniques, and the speakers self-state.

  • 8/14/2019 Presentation Skills Venky


    Planning a Presentation

    He who climbs a ladder must begin at the first rung.

    Effective presentations are shaped by asking three majorquestions

    What is your audience expecting out of this?

    What is the goal and purpose of the presentation?

    What is the limiting factor within which you have todeliver the presentation?

    The Receiver Process is the thought process related withretention of information. This process aims at helping theaudience listen, understand, believe and take action.


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    Audience can be analyzed

    Demographic information includes




    Size of the audience

    Gender of the audience

    Age of the audience

    Sex of the audience

    Shared purpose or sense of affiliation

    Psychographical information includes

    The attitude of your audience

    The values and moral concerns of your audience

    The level of understanding of your audience

    The factors motivating your audience

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    Four questions guiding goal analysis are

    What is the purpose of this presentation?

    What is my stake in the presentation?

    What will my company want to happen as a result of thispresentation?

    What do I want to happen as a result of this presentation?

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    Building the ContentWe judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while

    others judge us by what we have already done.

    Material for a presentation can be obtained at libraries, throughconversation and discussion, by referring to the latest businessmagazines.


    Mind mapping is a tool used to determine specific information youwill use to convey your themes.

    All points in your presentation should be relevant, independent,prioritized and appropriate.

    Speech can be organized chronologically, topically, logically,according to difficulty, or according to need-plan.

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    Rules for answering questions.

    Repeat question

    Rephrase question

    Postpone irrelevant questions

    Do not bluff

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    The IntroductionIf a man will begin with certainties he shall end in doubt;

    but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end incertainties.

    The general functions of an introduction include securingattention, establishing goodwill, orientation of the subject to youraudience and making your purpose clear.


    Zingers are of different types including

    Key statistics


    Analogies Visual aids


    Third party

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    Positive expectancy includes

    Methods to practice well in advance Methods to practice at the last minute

    Methods to practice during the presentation

    Agenda is the list of items that you intend covering during yourpresentation.

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    Designing the Conclusion

    After all is said and done, theres a lot more said than done.

    The conclusion of your presentation consists of.


    To Successfully review your presentation

    Summarize your subject or viewpoint

    Repeat your main point

    Combine a summary with a repetition


    Memorable statement

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  • 8/14/2019 Presentation Skills Venky


    Do make the conclusion 10% or less of your total presentation

    Do make style consistent with the rest of your presentation

    Do thank your audience

    Call for action

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    Factors Affecting Skills

    The best carpenters make the fewest chips.

    Factors affecting your presentation skills include






    Rapport with your audience


    Psychological reciprocity

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    Rapport can be developed by


    Making an effort to get their names right

    Eliminating barriers (both psychological and physiological)

    Using proper body language

    Introducing yourself to your audience

    Maintaining good eye contact

    Being authentic

    Confidence can be developed by regular practice, preparingcontingency questions and answers, recording your presentationsand working on your flaws.

  • 8/14/2019 Presentation Skills Venky


    Your credibility with your audience depends upon

    Your intent

    Talking to your audience

    Using a helper

    Your propriety

    Your competency

    You can reduce your nervousness by

    Reducing potential risks

    Regular practice

    Picturing success

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    Verbal Skills

    Be slow of tongue and quick of eye.

    There are barriers that disturb an effective communicationbetween you and your audience-termed as noise.

    Noise can be filtered using the Feedback Process which includes

    verbal and non-verbal skills.Verbal skills include articulation, humour, inflection, grammar,language, rate of speech, volume of speech, phonetics, etc.

    Verbal pacing is an effective tool, which can be used during your

    presentation.Verbal pacing skill can be developed and includes restating-restating of content, restating of theme.

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    Non-verbal Skills

    A place for everything and everything in place.

    Non-verbal communication includes body language (kinesics) voiceand articulation (paralanguage), objects ( clothes and things), paceand time.

    Non-verbal communication has some peculiar characteristics:

    It is seldom isolated

    It affects our relationships

    It is believed

    It always communicates something

    It is bound to the situation


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    Body action includes postures, gestures (reinforcing anddescriptive), walking, footwork and facial expression.

    Hands in the pocket


    Chewing gum

    Jingling of change in the pockets

    Tapping the microphone

    Non-verbal skills also include avoidance of certain mannerisms like

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    Visual AidsA mans success in business today turns upon his power ofgetting people to believe he has something that they want.

    In a presentation, good visual aids help in

    Saving time

    Creating a better image

    Explaining your subject better

    Retention of the subject

    Creating better impact on your audience


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    Visual aids include slides, overheads and flip charts

    The type of presentation

    The resources available

    While using visual aids, care must be taken regarding its

    placement, consistency, colours used, etc.

    Selection of your visual aids depends upon

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    The Environment

    Every man has three characters-that which he exhibits, that

    which he has, and that which he thinks he has.

    Environment plays a major role in making a presentation successful

    Using the lectern



    The room which includes the room size, services, freedom

    from distraction

    Space to breathe


    The environment of your presentation is affected by various factors

    and includes

    The entrance

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    Different styles of room arrangement have their advantages anddisadvantages.

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    Team Presentation

    If I lead you may not follow, if I follow you may not lead, soplease just walk besides me.

    Objectives of team presentation

    Avoid duplication

    Order and introductions

    Introduction and summary




    Visual aids



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    Prepared content

    Elements of successful presentation

    Delivery skills and techniques

    Your self-state