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Ministry Min ist ry of  of Agriculture Ag riculture of of the the Repu blic Repu blic of  of Kazak hstan Kazakhstan Astana, 2010 KazAgroInnovations KazAgroInnovations: : Creations of Creations of The International Center for A gricultural Research The International Center for A gricultural Research ( (ICAR ICAR) ) Mr.Ismail Tokbergenov Chief of Department of Strategy Planni ng of KAI MA RK Ph.D ( Physics )

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MinistryMinistry of of AgricultureAgriculture of of thethe RepublicRepublic of of KazakhstanKazakhstan

Astana, 2010

KazAgroInnovationsKazAgroInnovations:: Creations of Creations of 

The International Center for Agricultural ResearchThe International Center for Agricultural Research

((ICARICAR))Mr.Ismail TokbergenovChief of Department of Strategy

Planning of KAI MA RK

Ph.D ( Physics )

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The Republic of KazakhstanThe Republic of Kazakhstan

 Area ± 2 724,900 km² (9th in the world)

Population ± 16,1 mi people including:

rural ± 7,5 mi people (46,4%)

urban ± 8,6 mi people (53,6%)

Climate type ± sharp continental

 Arable lands ± 21,4 mi ha

 Agricultural gross output ± 8,1 billion euro

5 nature climatic zones, 89 soil types

 Average temperature: from -19«-2 C° to +19«+28 C°

min - 57 C°, max +49 C°





Central office of ³KazAgroInnovation´, JSC

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Structure of KAIStructure of KAI


«Center for transfer and commercialization of agrotechnologies», LLP

«Analytical canter of economic policy in

agriculture», LLP

«KazAgroInnovation», JSCOperator of sectoral innovative system, subsidiary

enterprises management

Information-analytical software, technological researchin agriculture

Organizations Business lines

Commercialization of R&D products results,technologies transfer 

 Adaptation of R&D products results, innovativeproduction

Scientific research organizations (23 units)

and their branches (26 units)

Extension Centers (5 units)

Generation of knowledge, transfer and adaptation of foreign technologies

Practicing R&D products results application, farmers¶«feedback»

«Asyl-Tulik», JSC

«Bastau Publishing house», LLP

«Center of Infrastructure Management», LLP

Experimental Farms (14 units)

Introduction of new technologies in livestock breeding,realization of breeding material

 Additional services

«SRC for Livestock andVeterinary», LLP

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Organizations of KAIOrganizations of KAI


1 -11


1. Institute of Farming and Plant Breeding2. Institute of Livestock Breeding and Forage Production

3. Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development of 

  Agricultural Areas

4. Institute of Fruit and Wine Growing

5. Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification

6.Institute of Plant Protection

7. U.U. Uspanov Institute of Soil Science and


8. Institute of Food and Processing Industry

9. Institute of Potato and Vegetable Growing

10. Fishing Industry Institute

11. Veterinary Institute

12. Water Industry Institute

13. Institute of Rice Growing

14. South-West Institute of Livestock and Plant Breeding

15. Institute of Cotton Growing

16. East-Kazakhstan Agricultural Institute

17. Pavlodar Agriculture Institute

18. A.I. Barayev Institute of Grain Farming

19. Forest Management Institute

20. Kazakh Institute of Agriculture Products Processing

21. North-Kazakhstan agricultural Institute

22. North-Kazakhstan Institute of Livestock and Plant


23. Kostanay Agriculture Institute












Research organizations:

Experimental farms and organisations:

1. Kaskelen 2. Markensky 3. Karabau 4. Krasnovodopadskaya 5. Toguskensky

6. Actyubinskaya 7. Uralskaya 8. Kazak Tulpary 9. Karabalykskaya 10. Arkalykskaya

11. Zarechnoye 12. North-Kazakhstan 13.Kondratovsky

Experimental Forest Nursery

14. Karaganda SRI of Plant

Breeding and Selection

15. Asyl-tulik Breed Livestock Farm










12 13



- Experimental farms and organizations- Research organizations

Other organizations:

1. Center for Transfer and Commercialization of Agrotechs

2. Analytical enter for Economical Policy

3. Center of Infrastructure Management

4. SRC for Live-stock Breeding and Veterinary

5. «Bastau» Publishing House

1 - 4


- Branches of research organizations

- Other organizations


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1) Creationand improvementof breeds, types and lines of live-stockanimals, birds and fish

2) Improving existing and developing new technologies of animal handling and feeding, autonomous

energy saving and water delivery to distant farms

3) Creation of diagnosticums, therapeutic agents and vaccines

4) Primary and advanced processingand storage of animal products


Scientific Research Areas for 200Scientific Research Areas for 20099 ± ± 20112011

1. Increasing the effectiveness of production and processing of plant breeding products:

1) Creation and improvement of high-yielding varieties of agricultural crops and hybrids resistant to

environmental stress factor 

2) Improvement of existing and developing new resource-conserving agrotechnologies (plant

breeding, mechanization, plant protection, soil science and agrochemistry)

3) Primary and advanced processing, and storage of plant breeding products

2. Increasing the effectiveness of production and processing of livestock breeding products:

1) Forestry, fishery and water industry2) Soil resources

3. Rational management of natural resources :

4. Increasing the economic efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture:

1) Developing commodity distribution network

2) Agrarianpolicy, development of rural areas and living standards of rural population

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Plant genefond samples have been recorded, number of samples 53 237

Created and sent for State variety testing of agricultural crops, names 223

Types, lines and breeds of live-stock animals have been created and sent for testing, names 49

Local varieties have been released, names 75

Therapeutic preparations and vaccines have been created, names 58

Experimental machines and equipment have been created, in units 68

Technical instruments for agriculture have been created, in units 12

Technologies of soil management, forest and water industry have been created, names 71

Technologies of handling and feeding live-stock animals, birds and fish have been created, names 27

Technologies of processing and storing agricultural products, production of food products and compound

animal feedstuff have been created, names47

Recipes of food products and compound animal feedstuff have been created, names 68

Recommendations, suggestions and analytical materials in the sphere of agriculture have been worked out,


Published scientific articles, in units 2 763

including foreign publishers, in units 266

Received patents and innovative patents, in units 451

Conducted licensed agreements, in units 4

Research Results for 2006Research Results for 2006± ± 20092009


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Introduction of Agricultural Crops Varieties of Local BreedingIntroduction of Agricultural Crops Varieties of Local Breeding




- 1,000.0 2,000.0 3,000.0 4,000.0 5,000.0 6,000.0 7,000.0 8,000.0




Grain Crops, thousands ha

40% grain crops

39% grain crops





- 50.0 100.0 150.0 200.0 250.0 300.0 350.0 400.0




Oil Seeds, thousands ha

30% oil-yielding crops

25% oil-yielding crops






- 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 120.0

Cotton Plant, thousands ha

65% cotton crops

75% cotton crops

- 100% varieties of foreign breeding

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Introduction of Water Introduction of Water-- and Resourceand Resource--conserving Technologiesconserving Technologies


Oblast (region)Introduction area, thousands ha

2006 2010

 Akmolinskaya 680,1 2 701,1

 Aktyubinksaya 332,8 400,0

 Almatinskaya 4,0 44,6

 Atyrauskaya - -

East-Kazakhstan 25,0 225,3

Zhambylskaya 0,2 15,2

West-Kazakhstan 231,0 360,0

Karagandinskaya 46,4 449,6

Kostanayskaya 1,600,4 3 800,0

Pavlodarskaya 93,0 211,1

North-Kazakhstan 500,3 3 000,0

TOTAL: 3 213,2 (17,5%) 11 246,9 (52,3%)

There were developed water resource-conserving farming systems for various

crops and natural climatic zones.

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Over 100 programs

No less than 2 500 farmers a year 


Remote consulting

Direct consulting

   S  c   i  e  n   t   i   f   i  c  a  n   d

  e  x  p  e  r   i  m  e  n   t  a   l

  o  r  g  a  n   i  z  a   t   i  o  n  s  o   f   K   A   I




Technical base



Changing approaches to the organization of production activity in agriculture through transferring the best

experience from scientific research organizations to industry sector 

Knowledge Distribution System in the AgricultureKnowledge Distribution System in the Agriculture (Extension)(Extension)


Common dial-up number: 599-190

Counseling through web-

Attending farms

Consulting / engineering






Information about

new technologiesVideo- and print products

Electronic library

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Knowledge Distribution Centers (Extension Centers)Knowledge Distribution Centers (Extension Centers)


EC Shortandy

EC Kostanay

EC Ushkonyr 

EC Tassay

EC Balkhash

EC Oskemen

EC Maktaral


EC Oral

EC Kyzylorda

EC Taraz

EC Kyzylzhar 

EC Pavlodar 

EC Aktobe

EC Atyrau

Acting: Under development: - 2010 . - 2011 . - 2012 . - 2013 .

 ICAR - Methodical Extension


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Projects of Projects of CTCACTCA

Project goal: creation of a pilot business-model of service structure for 

introductionand expansion of irrigation technologies in agriculture.

Project price: 486,0 thousands euro

There was created a project company «AgroTech Irrigation», LLP, founding

parties: CTCA, Company«NaanDanJain Irrigation» (Israel), «KazAgroMir», LLP

(private partner).

1. Organizing production of veterinary test-setsand products for diagnostics of dangerous diseases:

Project goal: organizing industrial-scale production of domestic, high-

performancediagnosticums of most dangerous diseases of live-stock animals.

Project price: 550,0 thousandseuro

There was created a project company «RDC DiaVak-ABN», LLP, founding

parties: CTCA, Kazakh Institute for VeterinaryResearch, individuals.

First dividends were received in July 2010

2. Promotion of advanced irrigation systems:

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ICARICAR -- The General Concept of the ProjectThe General Concept of the Project

Modern R&D tools Foreign and domestic



High living standards

on-site Academic programmes of world¶s

leading agricultural universitiesPartnership with leading foreign research



The idea of the project is to create a system of generation and commercialization of new knowledge in the sphere of 

agriculture, which would be comparable to leading foreign counterparts. The Centre for International AgriculturalResearch will profit from a concentration of financial, infrastructure and human resources, as well as modern R&D tools

and international experience of organizing agricultural R&D systems.




knowledgeTechnology transfer Staff training

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4. To provide domesticagricultural R&D with highly skilled staff 

1. To create modern and highly-efficient tools for agricultural R&D

Private sector finance for R&D

TToo createcreate anan internationalinternational livestocklivestock andand cropcrop researchresearch centrecentre ((alsoalso focusingfocusing onon processing,processing, mechanizationmechanization

andand economicseconomics)),, withwith onon--sitesite facilitiesfacilities for for staff staff trainingtraining

3. To provide for effective integration of domestic agrarian science into the world scientific system via close

partnership with leadingagricultural researchcentres

ICARICAR -- Aim and Main Tasks of the ProjectAim and Main Tasks of the Project

Qualitative results of domestic R&D to reach the level of its leading foreign counterparts


R&D commercialization via licence contracts

Scientific publications of project scientists in periodicals with high impact-factor 

2. To establish an effective model of scientificcoordination of agricultural research in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Compliance of patents with international requirements

5. To create a highly effective open-type innovative environment with developed coordination tools along the lines

of ³staff training ± scientific research ± commercialization ± implementation´

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The Role of ICAR for Agrarian Science in KazakhstanThe Role of ICAR for Agrarian Science in Kazakhstan


Positioning of the Centre for International Agricultural Research

1) It is meant to be the «Core» of the innovative agricultural system in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Leading platform for fundamental and applied agricultural research studies

Headquarter of the national scientific council in agricultural sciences

 Analytical centre for technological development in agricultural industry

2) Leading agrarian research centre in Central Asia

3) Participant of international research projects

4) Centre of knowledge extension in the Republic of Kazakhstan

5) Platform for conducting scientific internships and training for scientists and teachers from various

organizations in Kazakhstan

1) Scientific coordination of agrarian research programmes

2) Implementation of the fundamental and applied research studies

3) R&D commercialization

4) Transfer and localization of promising foreign technologies

5) Knowledge extension and technology implementation

6) Training for agrarian staff and scientists using advanced foreign methodologies

7) Services for the business, such as contract research, engineering, laboratory analyses, etc.

Activities of the Centre for International Agricultural Research1


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ICAR LocationICAR Location

Nauchny village



Experiment fields of the A.I. Barayev

Institute of Grain Farming

 Astana ± 70 km

A.I. Barayev Institute of GrainFarming


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Research Areas of ICARResearch Areas of ICAR


Plant breeding (grain, legumes, cereals, fodder, vegetable and oil-yielding crops):

1) Selective breeding2) Soil management

3) Protection of plants

4) Soil resource management

5) Mechanization

6) Post-harvest treatment, storage and processing of agricultural products7) Crop production economics

Livestock breeding (meat and milk cattle):1) Selective breeding

2) Accelerated breeding of livestock

3) Keeping, feeding and forage preparation technologies

4) Forage production

5) Processing and storage of products

6) Veterinary hygiene, non-contagious and gynecological diseases7) Mechanization and using alternative energy sources

8) Livestock breeding economics

Platforms / Departments / Services:

1) General purpose ± universal for all research areas

2) Specialized ± for specialized sectoral areas

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Platforms and ServicesPlatforms and Services [[ 1 /1 / 33 ]]:: General PurposeGeneral Purpose


Units Functions Staff  

1. Technological Platforms 142

1) Genome Research Platform Identification of plant and animal genes and their characteristics 34

2) Genetics Research Platform Gene manipulation, cloning and transformation 74

3) Genebank Storage of plant, animal, microorganisms genetics 8

4) Mechanization Lab Experimental Design Bureau, machine systems, experimental production site 15

5) Alternative Energy Resources Lab Development of technical equipment to use alternative energy resources 11

2. Services 94

1) Analytical Research Service Foresight, technical audit, scientific coordination, problem formulating 20

2) Economical Research Service Competitive advantage assessment, socio-economic analysis 10

3) Commercialization Office IP operations, licensing, establishment of joint ventures 18

4) Technical Service Setup, adjustment, and small-scale maintenance of equipment 6

5) IT Service for Research Databases, process modelling , system administration 3

6) Extension Service Consulting, teaching, agro-engineering, expo-centre 11

7) ISO, GLP, BSL Information systems for agricultural establishments 11

8) Academic Service Organize the process of education for students, masters, post-docs 15

In TOTAL: 13 structural departments with the total number of staff - 236

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Units Functions Staff  

1. Platforms 631) Meat Quality Lab Detection of biological and chemical composition of meat 3

2) Milk Quality Lab Assessment of compositional and hygienic quality of milk 3

3) Fodder  Quality Lab Detection of biological and chemical composition of fodder crops 3

4) Cryo-conservation Bull semen and embryos deep freezing 8

5) Veterinary Hygiene, Non-contagious

and Gynaecological Diseases

Research studies, testing of disinfection and desinfestation drugs, and of means

for extermination of insects 13

6) Embryos Transplantation Lab Transplantation of livestock animal embryos 57) Assessment of Male Species DNA analysis and early prognoses of potency 6

8) Research Unit Experimental research: feeding, fodder-preparation 22

3. Services 34

1) Spermbank Semen storage 3

2) Farm Technical Staff Farm maintenance (shop, feeding, cleaning, etc.) 13

3) Computing Centres Information system support for the selective breeding process 5

4) Bio-reactor Technical staff 3

5) Meat and Milk Processing Operating staff 10

Livestock Breeding in total: 13 structural departments with the total number of staff ± 97

Platforms and ServicesPlatforms and Services [[ 33 / / 33 ]]:: LivestockLivestock BreedingBreeding

TOTAL: 38 structural departments with the total number of staff - 550

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Academic Aspect of the ICARAcademic Aspect of the ICAR


Aim: To provide agricultural R&D in Kazakhstan with highly skilled staff 


 Agrarian programmesBiology students

Competition among students (1semester in the 3 year)

Undergraduate degree Master¶s degree PhD

Training for scientistsand university


Possible partnership:

University of Hohenheim (Germany)

University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

National consortium of agrarian research institutes and universities (France)

Medical students

Production internships

T raining 

 Approx. 50-70 students per year 

Academic consortium (ICAR + universities of Kazakhstan + international partners)

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Staff for ICARStaff for ICAR:: NecessaryNecessary ConditionsConditions

Full modernization of the infrastructure in the A.I. Barayev Institute of Grain FarmingConstruction of the laboratory complex and provision of equipment for the laboratories

Construction and provision of equipment for the experimental laboratory for agricultural products


Construction and provision of equipment for the experimental livestock farms

Refurbishment and provision of equipment for the mechanization department

Lengthy internships and training for young specialists in world¶s leading research institutes

Research studies in partnership with world¶s leading agricultural research centres


1) Highly effective R&D tools (equipment and methodology):

Diversification of sources of finance and investment: enhancing productivity, R&D commercialization,

attracting foreign grants, performing contract research studies

Enhancing financial efficiency by optimizing administrative model in accordance with the practice of 

successful foreign counterparts

Infrastructure for sport and leisure activities

Communication and engineer infrastructure

New comfortable accommodation

3) Higher living standards:

2) Competitive wages for scientists:

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Staff for ICARStaff for ICAR:: Sources and MechanismsSources and Mechanisms

Formulate academic and professional requirements for applicants with the help of foreign experts

Competitive selection of future staff 

Scientists to work in universities / Master students and young scientists works in research teams

 Attracting Bolashak scholars with Agrarian, Biology or Medical qualifications


Teaching postgraduate students in leading agrarian universities










 Academic trips to partner organizations for no less than one month

To give lectures and masterclasses

To supervise research groups and to be in charge of laboratories



Attracting scientists from other research institutes and universities in Kazakhstan

Attracting best undergraduateand postgraduate students and young scientists

Lengthy academic internships in foreign research institutes for specialistsof the Centre

Attracting foreign scientists

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Nauchny village

Draft plan of the ProjectDraft plan of the Project [[ 22 / / 22 ]]

New Campus

((constructionconstruction andand provisionprovision of of equipmentequipment))

A.I. Barayev Institute of Grain Farming

((fullfull refurbishmentrefurbishment ++ modernizationmodernization))

Experimental Base for Cattle Breading

((constructionconstruction andand provisionprovision of of equipmentequipment))::

Two farms, auxiliary buildings.



Animal Husbandry Center for 100 bulls

((constructionconstruction andand provisionprovision of of equipmentequipment))::

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ICAR ManagementICAR Management


JSC ³KazAgroInnovations´

 A.I. Barayev Institute of Grain Farming

Project management, coordination of the operators

Research operator in crop production

Institute of Livestock Breeding and Forage

ProductionResearch operator in livestock production

Institute of processing of agricultural

productsResearch operator for agricultural products processing

Institute of mechanization and

electrification of agricultureResearch operator for mechanization and electrification

University - partner  Operator of the training process

 Analytic al centre for Economical Policy in

 Agriculture Analysis / economical support

      R      &      D


  e  r  v   i  c  e  s

Centre for infrastructure management Infrastructure management by KAI subsidiaries of center for agricultural research

Centre for Commercialization and Transfer of 

 Agro technologiesTransfer operator and commercialization of technologies

Akimat (Mayor) of Akmola region Construction of infrastructure in Nauchny village

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International Cooperation of KAIInternational Cooperation of KAI


Russian Academy of Agricultural

Sciences (Russia ) Volcani Research Center (Israel)

Academy of Agricultural

Sciences of UkraineICARDA (Syria)

Academy of Sciences of Belarus INTA (Argentina)

INRA (France) University Hohenheim (Germany)

EMBRAPA (Brazil) University Hebrew (Israel)

Australian Center for Plant

Functional Genomics

University of Saskatchewan


AVRDC (Thailand) CIMMYT (Mexico)

« and more than 50 research organizations, agrarian universities and companies

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Carrying out joint research in the form of specialized international science teams, with

commercialization of research results on the basis of common rights for the items of 

intellectual property.

Experimental works on adaptation and introduction of foreign technologies in the Republic

of Kazakhstan, creation and commercialization of joint items of intellectual property.

Joint realization of innovative projects, with co-financing from each party, and attraction of 

strategic partners from private sector.Joint creation of research laboratories in the priority areas of agriculture development,

carrying out research works on the level of the world¶s best counterparts

   T  r  a   d   i   t   i  o  n  a   l

   P  o   t  e  n   t   i  a   l   (   P  r   i  o  r   i   t   i  e  s   )

Forms of International CooperationForms of International Cooperation


Genefond and information exchange.Joint crop variety testing, carrying out research works in collaboration with partner 


Training scientific personnel.

Organizing conferences, seminars and round tables.

! We are open for any other cooperation offers

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