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  • Sabemos Cmo



  • Sabemos Cmo

    Fondo Inmobiliario

  • Sabemos Cmo

    With a strategy based on fostering the countryseconomic development, Profesionales de Bolsapromotes a new way of doing business through thecreation of its Private Equity Funds, successfullymanaging more than $ 550 billion COP.

    Through the Real Estate Value Private Equity Fund,Profesionales de Bolsa began its project of logisticsterminals in Colombia with an estimated value of 400billion COP. This project promotes the logisticoperations in Colombia.

    In 2013, the first logistic terminal of Colombia-Cartagena was consolidated with a value of 160billion COP, being the first step of the programcreated with its analogous terminals: TLC-Bogot,TLC-Barranquilla and TLC-Cali.

    Private Equity Fund-TLC Bogot

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    Fondo InmobiliarioPrivate Equity Fund- TLC- Cartagena

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    Private Equity FundThe Real Estate Value Fund is constituted under aPrivate Equity Fund, representing a novel model inColombia: this figure allows for the participation ofseveral investors in the same project throughout itswhole value chain, expecting to generate higher yieldsthan the market average.


    Independent equity, separate from the assetsowned by the managing company

    Administered by a highly qualified professionalmanager

    Supervised by a market controller(Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia) undera legal framework, watching over adequatestructuring and management

    A collective savings vehicle, allowing foreconomies of scale

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    The Fund, a realityTerminales Logsticos de Colombia (LogisticsTerminal of Colombia) Bogot is the secondstructured fund, counting with 4 terminals. The fundoffers a terminal with modular and flexible units forrent, which allow storage and/or redistribution ofmerchandise in extensive areas free of innercolumns, which are ideal for the support of logisticand industrial operations.

    OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Cross Docking platform Physical distribution of cargo Warehouse management and control Preparation of orders (picking) Processes of re-exporting cargo Added value operations for cargo Operations for containers with refrigerated cargo Loading and unloading of loose merchandise and trailertrucks.Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo in containersPackaging, labeling (bar codes and others), palletizing andpacking





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    Private Equity Fund

    It features: Logistics specialized storehouses, retail and offices.

    Location: Siberia Tenjo Road


    Funds Estimated Duration:23 Years

    2 years of development22 year of lease

    Minimum Investment:500.000.000 COP.

    Total investment:COP $ (2014)

    Start of constructionJanuary 2015

    Development Areas: Total area of the lot: 187,469 m2

    Ships: 79.982 m2Office mezzanine: 11.540 m2

    Retail Area: 5.657 m2

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    Location of the Private Equity Fund Real Estate Value - TLC-Bogot

    1,6 Km of Va Cota Funza / 2 min2,2 Km of Bogot 80 Street / 3 min

    12,2 Km of Bogot 13 Street / 15 min16,8 Km of Cha / 22 min20,2 Km of El Dorado Airport / 30 min

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    Phases 0%

    50%100% 100%

    1 2 3 4 August 2014 July 2016 February 2017 July 2036

    Purchase of the Lot


    Assessment of the project

    Lease for 22 years

    Sale of the Project


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    Private Equity Fund TLC Bogot

    Monitoring Committee

    Investment Committee

    Tax Auditor

    Management Company



    Authority Control

    Authority Control

    Investors Assembly

    Directors Board

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    Expected Profitability

    Regulatory Setting

    Periodical payments to the investor since year 3.At the end of the term, the total assets of the Fund are sold.

    Expected Internal Yield with Sale: 15,94% P.A.C.A.*Estimated Internal Return Rate without Sale: 15,18% P.A.C.A.* Expected Inflation: 3% Appreciation: IPC +2% Rental fee adjustments: IPC +1% Construction: 50% year 1; 50% year 2

    Occupation: Year 2 - 60% Year 3 - 80% Year 4 - 95% Subsequent years: 100%

    *Warning: the obligations of the collective portfolio managing company with the management of the portfolioare of means and not of results.

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo


    According to a study carried out in the area,commercial values per m2 for warehouses arearound COP $1.750.000.

    The services performed by Profesionales deBolsa as administrators, structuring agents andmanagers of TLC Bogot allow the m2 forwarehouse construction to be estimated in COP$1.300.000.

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo


    Reasons to invest in TLC Bogot

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    Advantages of investing in TLC - Bogot

    Partaking in the whole value chain Long term lease contracts Purchase of the plot, and construction at cost price

    (vertical integration) Privileged geographical location with logistic node Distribution of income from year 3 Bogot has the main functional transport corridors in

    the country Between 2009 and 2013, the Bogotas imports have

    doubled Bogot generates 10% of the national cargo and

    demands 17% Roads of access to the main logistics hubs of the

    country Short distance to main cargo airport of the country

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    Investment in Logistics

    Fundamentals: WarehousesBogot shows a high level of profitability withregard to big global markets.

    Fundamentals: OfficesBogot is amongst the three most profitablemarkets of Latin America and the world.

    Source: Colliers.

    CAP RATE: is the coefficient obtained by divinding the net income produced between the value of the property.

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    Economic FoundationsBogot - GDP

    Bogot is regarded as the metropolis with thehighest contribution to Colombias GDP (26%),which makes it the fundamental core for thecountrys economy

    The Bogots GDP achieved an annuallycompound growth rate of 4.6 % in the years2000-2012.

    Source: DANE

    Regions' input into national GDP (2012)

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    Economic FoundationsBogot Trade Balance

    Source: DANE

    Regarding external trade in Colombias tradebalance, Bogot stands out as one of the maincomponents of external sales (exports) as well as fordemand of foreign products (imports).

    Export wise, keeping in mind the high incidence ofthe industrial sector in Bogotas external sales, itstands out together with regions with high volumes ofgoods exported from diverse economic sectors.

    On the other hand, regarding imports, Bogotdemands close to 50% of the products that enterthe country, showing the Colombian Capitalsimportance to trade.

    Regions' input into exports

    Regions' input into imports

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    Economic FoundationsBogot Logistics Hub

    Bogot is the main logistics hub in the center ofthe country, with the highest concentration ofconsumption and industrial activity.

    Its location allows intercommunication withlogistics hubs at the northern part of the country(Caribbean Coast and border with Venezuela(Maicao and Cucuta).

    As with the hub at Cauca Region and the PacificCoast (Buenaventura) and the border withEcuador at the south (Ipiales).

    Source: Poltica Nacional Logstica.Ruta del Sol

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    At Bogot, El Dorado Airport is the main cargo hubin Colombia, with the biggest participation in thetransport of cargo at a national and internationallevel.

    At a international level, it transports more than80% of the air freight that enters and exitsColombia.

    Bogot is strategically located at the center of thecontinent, with a high frequency of flights todifferent locations: Five hours to New York,Mexico City and Sao Paulo, with an excellent airconnectivity and numerous daily direct flights todifferent locations.

    Economic FoundationsBogot Air Freight

    Source: Aerocivil. Invest in Bogot

    National Cargo shipments

    International Cargo shipments

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    Among the main entrances and exit corridors forcargo vehicles in Bogot, we can highlight 13thstreet, Autopista Norte and 80 street, which addup to approximately 74% of vehicle traffic in thesurroundings of the city, reflecting the importanceof the western and northern areas of the city forcargo transport.

    The external boroughs of the city allow theentrance of more than 19 thousand vehicles inaverage, and the exit of more than 18 thousandcargo vehicles during a working day.

    Source: Colfecar - Steer Davies Gleave Study. CPB Calculations

    Economic FoundationsBogot Cargo transport by land

    Traffic Distribution in Bogot

  • Real Estate Value Fund

    Sabemos Cmo

    In line with a high concentration of thepopulation, Bogot has the greatestworkforce of Colombia, with more than 4million people employed

    This is how a higher population implies,together with a higher level of income, ahigher purchase power by the inhabitants ofthe city, which generates great interest fromcompanies belonging to different economicsectors

    Source: DANE

    Economic FoundationsBogot - Employment

    Labor Force

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    Among the main specialized segments of theindustry in Bogot are the following sectors:

    Automotive Auto parts Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Plastics Chemicals Electronics