Pola de siero

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The auditorium:in this place you can see lots of different performances: dancing, theater, singing.Cattle Market: some Saturdays the people go to this place to show their animals to other people. Also you can buy animals if you want.The Church: all the Sundays the people usually go to it to pray. The children also go to catechism.PLACES TO VISIT

El Bayu: the children play football here, the name of the team is El Romanon.The park: on a normal day the children play, the old people go for a walk. Its a very beautiful place.

Places to visit

El Carmn: it is a very famous festivity because all the people go to a field and drink cider and be with their friends and familyMost of the people wear a white t-shirt, jeans and a typical blue scarf with the symbol of Asturias. Its celebrated on the 19 July.festivities

The girls and also the boys wear a typical Asturian suit. Its celebrated on 22 April.You can paint the eggs as you want.Gevos pintos

the flag/the SHIELD