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Performance Enhancing Drugs Erynn, Jocelyn, Melissa

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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Erynn, Jocelyn, Melissa

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Key PointsPerformance Enhancing Drugs will never be 100% gone from sports - they will always be a factorLegalization can lead to more safe use of Performance Enhancing DrugsLegalization of Performance Enhancing Drugs level the playing field of athletes

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Professionals and Olympians

Ben Johnso

n Bill Romanows


Carl Lewis

Manny Ramirez

Mark McGrwire Martina Hingis

Lance Armstrong

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Other Performance Enhancing Factors

Swimmers wear high tech swimsuits to make them swim fasterRunners wear high tech suits to make them run fasterWhat is the difference?All of these make the athlete perform at the highest level possible

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Closing Key PointsPerformance Enhancing Drugs are here to stay

They have been here since ancient Olympic games

Legalization can lead to safer usePerformance Enhancing drugs will level the playing field