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Navigation Games

What is Navigation Games?A nonprofit organization to promote orienteering in the greater Boston area.

Goal: teach urban youth how to navigate with maps to get them to go outside and explore the vast outdoors.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a popular European sport similar to Cross Country and Track.

Unlike Cross Country and Track, however, unlike track and field, orienteering takes place in the woods. Competitors must run through the forest and find their way to different checkpoints with the aid of only a map and a compass.

What we did for Navigation GamesImproved our own orienteering skills

Constructed lesson plans

What we did for Navigation Games

Taught children in summer camps

What we did for Navigation Games

Special projects:

MoviesMade orienteering mapsLaid the groundwork to start an inter-school orienteering league in Cambridge and nearby cities

What we did for Navigation Games

AcknowledgmentsTeaching consultants: Julia Bishop, Kristin HallMap-making teacher: Ed DespardCoaches: Ethan Childs, Cristina Luis, Melissa Trout, Isabel BryantInterscholastic league consultants: Liz McNerney, Alex Jospe, Ed Despard, Melissa Bleakley-Dalton, Bob ForgraveSupport: Marina Carlson, Barb Bryant, Dave Yee, Liz McNerney, Roslyn Shoy, Ric Bayly, Mary Waters, Cambridge Sports Union, New England Orienteering Club, Cambridge Community Schools