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    Monroe in Combined Detroit ExerciseMonroe in Combined Detroit Exercise

    Michigan Wing recently joined in a full scale disaster exercise involving the City ofDetroit and 8 neighboring counties. In all 90 emergency service agencies participated inthe exercise. A realistic addition to the event included explosions, smoke, and even acontrolled burn at emergency sites. Local media of all types were invited to the scene towitness and report on incident activity, to make the public aware of the event, and tostill any panic in the area.

    The two day event kicked off with the United States Coast Guard reporting a simu-lated major oil spill of 200,000 gallons of oil into the Rouge River. A faulty valve wasreported as the reason for the spill. An oil spill of this size would flow to the DetroitRiver and then broaden to the Canadian Border. For that reason a joint plan betweenthe two countries would be invoked called CANUSLAK. CAP participation in thisevent was photographic, views of the oil spill, its movement, the containment efforts,and effects on surrounding land area were tasked. CAP set up Mission Base at theEmergency Command Center while air crews were based at Selfridge ANGB.

    Day Two of the exercise began with simulated acts of terrorism at two locations in theCity of Detroit. These included set explosions at the Detroit Water and Sewage Plantand the Marathon Petroleum Refinery. A chlorines gas plume from the Water/Sewer

    plant would entail mass decontamination, evacuations, sheltering, and health issues.Article Continued on Page 4

    The Monroe Squadron just continues each quarter toachieve new first time events for the squadron. Our hard

    work and dedication resulted in our first aircraft and then acorporate van. Now over a year long search that startedwith letters to the Monroe Council of Churches, includedvisits by interested parsons, had members asking their per-sonal cleric has finally resulted in our squadrons first Chap-lain. C/CMSgt Ryan Graczyk efforts has secured ReverendBruce Crabtree Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church as ourChaplain. Welcome Chaplain Crabtree !

    An interesting point is our new Chaplain is a former CAPCadet. He also served in the USAF. What a perfect match!

    Edition # 4

    1 Oct. 2008





    In This IssueMI-063 WelcomesChaplain ! Pg1) Monroe in Exercise

    Pg1) Monroes Chaplain

    Pg2) Commanders Letter

    Pg2) Lt Jondro Receives Aw

    Pg 3) Cadet Page

    Pg 4) Squadron News

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  • 7/31/2019 Monroe Squadron - Oct 2008


    As of this writing our airplane is secure in its hanger with over 150 flight hours on it since it was delivered in late JunOur van is parked in the back room of the squadron headquarters with a few hundred more miles on it since delivery September 14th. I do not think we will have any trouble putting the required time and miles on each vehicle this year.

    And that brings me to my next point. Is your cadet getting bored with the same program each week? We have maideas and suggestions for Cadet activities and outings. Some are local and some require travel and we are lacking rsources. In an effort to provide your cadet with a better we need your help.

    Recently CAP regulations have changed to allow the forming of Booster Clubs or Support Groups . These changallow the parents to become more involved in the squadron activities and outings. We need parents, friends, etc. th

    would be called on occasionally to help support the cadets.

    As a Unit Commander, I cannot be part of this group and need a person or persons to get this group started. At tpoint I am not looking for someone to lead the group. I am looking for a Startup Committee. Anyone that could assin this committee please contact me at: [email protected] . I know you are busy but so are my Officers aStaff. Please help us make the squadrons Cadet Program better than it has ever been!

    Page 2EDIT ION # 4

    Our Squadron PAO, 1Lt Jay Jondro, has completed a sweep of Wing, Regional, and a National Award for his efforts Public Affairs. The Wing Public Affairs Officer of the Year started off locally as Squadron Commander Lt Col MaWoodruff nominated Lt Jondro for the award. Support for this effort came from Wing PAO Captain Mike SandstroNot knowing he was awarded Wing PAO Lt Jondro was nominated and honored with Region PAO of the Year. Tnomination automatically placed him in the running for National PAO of the year. At this time he was informed of Wing and Region honors and asked to submit 3 examples of his public affairs work to be judged for the National MHowell Balsem PAO Awards. Lt Jondro submitted 2 samples of our squadron newsletter, the River Raisin flood stowith aerial pictures, and the Aerospace Education Day promotion plan. The River Raisin flood pictures were given to

    area emergency service providers as well as every governmental agency on the river in Monroe County. The picture diwas posted on the local papers web site in its entirety.

    Lt Jondro was informed by National Commander Major General Amy Courter that he did not win the national PAaward but received her gratitude for his hard work. Shortly there after he was notified he had won a National BalseAward for Event Promotion and Crisis Management Lt Jondro was presented this award by Wing Commander Conel Michael Saile at Operation Wolverine

    Lt Jondro currently serves MI-063 and Group 705 as PAO, and this summer was named Wing Assistant PAO. Athis summer he was certified by the Wing PAO as a Mission Information Officer.

    Recently Lt. Jondro represented the Wing as PAO at the USCG and the City of Detroit emergency training events.

    1Lt Jay Jondro Receives National PAO Award1Lt Jay Jondro Receives National PAO Award

    From The Squadron CommanderFrom The Squadron CommanderFrom The Squadron Commander

    Lt Col Mark WoodruffLt Col Mark WoodruffLt Col Mark Woodruff

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    C/CMSgt Camille Walters

    Earns Blue Beret

    C/CMSgt Camille Walters was awarded her Na-tional Cadet Special Activity Blue Beret at Witt-man Airport in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

    The NBB is a two week intensive Emergency Ser-

    vices training program for CAP cadets. All partici-pants lived in an encampment environmentwhere part of the experience is learning to live andwork with cadets from all over the country. In all128 exemplary cadets from 38 Wings were ap-proved for the NBB program. C/CMSgt Walterswas one of two cadets from Michigan. There were18 female cadets in attendance.

    The day schedule is long starting at 05:45 hrs eachday. The work schedule rotates from KP duty to airtower opportunities. The training is intense but

    what an honor when the 2 week schedule is com-plete. C/CMSgt Walters is the first cadet from oursquadron to earn this honor in over a decade. Thelast person to achieve this was then cadet 1Lt Na-than Harmon.

    Page 3EDIT ION # 4

    The Great Lakes RegionNorth Encampmentdrew 219 Civil Air Patrol members from Michigan,Ohio, and Indiana. The site for the Encampmentwas the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center.

    Senior members do monitor this event but the Ca-dets have a complete command staff ranging from aBasic Cadet Airman up to a Cadet Colonel. Theweek long event is for all who wish dedicate them-selves to honing their CAP skills.

    Cadet CAP activities include glider and poweredorientation flights in CAP aircraft. Daily classroominstruction from CAP officers as well as active dutyand retired USAF personnel. This training centeredon Aerospace, Leadership, and various Military sub-jects. Daily uniform and barracks inspections in-

    sured CAP regulations were properly maintained.After the discipline items the fun stuff was added.

    Cadets would learn to climb a 40 rock wall, repeloff two 40 towers, not only see a weapons demon-stration by the base Security Forces but actually fire(with blanks) automatic machine guns, tour a C-130from the 152cnd Airlift Wing from the Nevada AirNational Guard. In addition some unexpected visi-tors came in the form of a C-17 and a pair of F-16sthat made multiple touch-and-goes and low-altitudefly-bys over the base.

    Monroe Cadets that attended this event includingtheir staff positions were: C/MSgt Joshua Bolla(Delta Flight Sergeant), C/CMSgt Ryan Graczyk(Air Operations), and C/Maj Spencer Stevenson(Support Flight Commander). All of these cadetshad attend encampment before this season, theyenjoyed this years event, and plan to return next sea-son.

    In annual training exercise each year attracts localTV and newspaper media coverage which promotesCAP to the public.

    The CadetsThe Cadets


    The Adrian Composite Squadron hostedOperation Wolverine this season. The weatherdid not cooperate for the entire week end. Theremnants of Hurricane Ike caused severe rain andwind and grounded all air ops. Even ground teamswere effected searching in the rain and mud. Theconditions was so intense the cadets tents wereuprooted or flooded. They were moved into air-port facilities from the remainder of the weekend.The exercise continued and was deemed a successwith an asterisk. The cadet turn out was very poorcompared to past events. Operation Wolverinewill be run in April next season. Hopefully thenew date will free up more cadets to attend.

    Cadets Attend

    Great Lakes Regional Encamp-

    Operation Wolverine

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    The American Red Cross set up shelter areas and over 60 hospitals werenvolved in the region. The explosion at the refinery was designed to test allesponding agencies to the maximum. Moments after the explosion yet an-ther oil slick was reported in the Detroit River. For this days mission CAP

    was asked to set up Mission Base at the Detroit Emergency ManagementCenter, and in the Joint Information Center.

    CAP Air Crews once again filled the air with photo sorties that would beasked in this type of crisis. Hours after take off the results of CAP aerialhotos began to appear on the large monitor screens located all over theommand center. The photos were the labeled via the new CAP photo-raphic program and included our corporation logo, and a pertinent infor-

    mation window. This cataloging left no doubt as to whom was responsibleor the pictures. The Pictures drew immediate and positive response from allnd many new contacts were made for future proceedings.

    The Monroe squadron photos actually helped plan and stage the two dayvent. A Monroe crew flew in the GA-8 to take pictures of the refinery asasked by the by the US National Guard. Monroe members who partici-ated in the exercise were Capt John Dauer and 1Lt Carl Sweeney (Air

    Crew), 1Lt Nathan Harmon (Information Technology), and 1Lt Jay JondroPAO stationed at JIC).

    Combined Detroit Exerciseontinued from Page 1 :

    Page 4EDIT ION # 4

    Monroe Squadron

    Receives Van

    MI-063 SAR Float Returns to

    Monroe County Fair Parade

    Yes, the Monroe Composite Squad-

    ron made a return appearance to theMonroe County Fair Parade but itwas far from the same old, same old.

    First, the float itself continues toevolve and improve. This is mainlydue to the artistic abilities of 2LtDoug Thoma. In the past two pa-rades we have used flags to cover thefront and rear panels of the float. Thewind has caught these flags andflipped them over leaving the panels

    seemingly bare. Also after the Memo-rial Day Parade & Service our squad-ron flag mysteriously disappeared. Itthen without explanation reappearedat the airport FBO after a newspaperadd requested its return. The frontpanel now boast a full size Wing witha CAP crest above it. (See back pagefor picture)

    The most dramatic change was thesenior participation in the parade. To

    give the Monroe area population apositive visual of CAP, membersdressed in Emergency ServicesBDUs or Flight Suits and interactedwith the crowd. The interaction cameas members passed out red, white,and blue Styrofoam miniature jet air-planes to the children in the crowd.These aircraft were purchased via thepersonal donations of squadronmembers and brought a surprisinglypositive reaction.

    In an after action meeting we cri-tiqued our efforts and plans for fu-ture parades were discussed. If wehand out airplanes again we needmany more, and 2Lt Thoma alreadyhas plans for the back panel.

    If you havent joined in yet you aremissing an enjoyable experience !

    See Pictures on Page 10

    Although there are many benefits to living in the lowest corner ofsoutheast Michigan traveling to CAP events is not one of them. Nomatter what the event it is usually involves Monroe members carpooling in one of our private vehicles to it. Seemingly countless tripshave been made to Willow Run Airport, Rapid Response meetings,Group Meetings, training mission, Cadet events and so on and so

    forth. Wing has seen fit to rewarded our squadrons work ethic withour own van!

    The van is a Dodge and is invery nice condition! In its first weekthe van it has been used in Operation Wolverine, The USCG eventbased at Selfridge ANGB, the City of Detroit Emergency Manage-ment event, and our Squadron After Mission Diner.

    If you wish to get a Wing drivers license please check with Admin.for proper form. Please also inquire about expected management ofthe van while its your responsibility.

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    We all have been permitted to wear this symbol, we all know a portion ofit is the chosen emblem of the USAF, BUT do you really know what itrepresents ? If you assumed...Humm, a Wing..the Air Force Flies...thatmust be it then check out this information from the USAF web site.

    The U.S. Air Force symbol honors the heritage of our past and represents the promise of ourfuture. It retains the past heritage --the Hap Arnold wings and star with circle--modernizesthem to reflect our air and space force of today.

    The symbol has two main parts. In the upper half, the stylized wings represent the stripes ofour strength--the enlisted of our force. They are drawn with great angularity to emphasize ourswiftness and power, and they are divided into six sections which represent our distinctive capa-bilities--air and space superiority, global attack, rapid global mobility, precision engagement, infor-mation superiority combat support.

    In the lower half are a sphere, a star, and three diamonds. The sphere within the star representsthe globe. It reminds us of our obligation to secure our nations freedom with Global Vigilance,Reach and Power. The globe also reminds us of our challenge as expeditionary force to respondrapidly to crises and to provide decisive Aerospace power world wide.

    The area surrounding the sphere takes the shape of a star. The star has many meanings. Its fivepoints represent the components of our Total Force and family--our Active Duty, civilians,Guard, Reserve, and retirees. The star symbolizes space as the high ground of our nations air andspace force. The rallying symbol in all our wars, also represents our officers corps, central to ourcombat leadership.

    The star is framed with three diamonds, which represent our core values--integrity first, servicebefore self, and excellence in all we do. The elements come together to form one symbol that pre-sents two powerful images--at once it is an Eagle, the emblem of our nation and a medal, repre-senting valor in service to our nation.

    Page 5EDIT ION # 4

    Squadron Member Assists at Traffic Accident.Squadron Member Assists at Traffic Accident.Squadron Member Assists at Traffic Accident.

    2Lt Mike Krauss publicly displayed his CAPablities when he assisted at the scene of a trafic accident in LaSalle Township. Lt Krauss immediately checked the physical condition othose involved in the accident, and made sure 911 was contacted. He then directed traffuntil the emergency response teams arrived. First on the scene was the LaSalle Fire Chiewhom Lt Krauss informed of his membership in Civil Air Patrol. The fire chief requesteLt Krauss to stay at the scene and continue directing traffic until additional help arrivedWhen additional help arrived Lt Krauss was released from his duties. Nice Job Mike !

    The U. S. Air Force

    Hap Arnold Wing


  • 7/31/2019 Monroe Squadron - Oct 2008


    Both cadets and senior membersof the squadron joined together atthe new Monroe Bank & TrustExpo Center at the Monroe CountyFair Grounds for the banks anni-versary and open house ceremony.

    The CAP area featured nationalbrochures, recent squadron pic-tures, and power point presenta-

    tions. Members wore different styles

    of CAP uniforms to gather the visi-tors attention. All members presentanswered questions about Civil AirPatrol and our all services .

    Senior members who participatedincluded Administration Officer 2LtMike Krauss, Communication Officer1Lt George Low, Testing Officer 2LtNick Roberty, _______ _______ 1LtCarl Sweeney, Squadron Historian2Lt Doug Thoma, and Aerospace

    Education Officer 1Lt Jeff Walters.Cadet members included

    C/CMSgt Ryan Graczyk, DavidLawrence, Gordon Magoon KevinPerfetti, C/Maj Spencer Steven-son, C.MSgt Camille Walters, Ray-mond McQueen.

    Squadron to Assist

    Monroe County Salvation Army

    Page 6EDIT ION # 4

    For months now the our squadron has been trying to come up with a plan to financially help the local divisionof the Salvation Army. The Army has realized nation wide economic woes from all the weather related emergen-cies this past few years. Lt Col Woodruff even offered a free new squadron hat for the best fund raising idea.After much brain storming the squadron agreed to a street solicitation sale.

    Contact was first made with Major Michael Thomas of the S.A. to fill him in on the plan and secure their per-mission. The Army was going supply an informational pamphlet that we would pass out when we received a do-nation. Permits were filled and presented to the City of Monroe and Frenchtown Charter Township. It seemedthat we were all set to go on Saturday Oct 11th. Then a major wrinkle was discovered by Jim Alban the ArmiesDirector of Development. He wrote:

    On behalf of the Salvation Army of Monroe County I would like to thank the Civil Air Patrol (Monroe Squad-ron) for your most generous offer of conducting a fund raising Street Sale event with our organization receiv-ing the funds that are generated. In regard to the date of this event we must recognize that as a United Wayagency we are not allowed to directly or indirectly be involved with any type of fund raising event such as thisfrom Sept. 15th through and including November15th.

    There was more but the squadron has tabled this event until a spring date can be agreed to by the member-ship at a meeting.

    Monroe Squadron Works Information

    Congratulations to:Congratulations to:Congratulations to:

    1Lt George Low on1Lt George Low on1Lt George Low on

    your promotion !your promotion !your promotion !Lt Col Mark WoodruffLt Col Mark WoodruffLt Col Mark Woodruff

    & 1Lt Jay Jondro on& 1Lt Jay Jondro on& 1Lt Jay Jondro on

    Passing the ArcherPassing the ArcherPassing the Archer

    Exam !Exam !Exam !

  • 7/31/2019 Monroe Squadron - Oct 2008


    Unit Personnel 2008Command

    Commander CC Lt Col Mark Woodruff

    Deputy Com. Seniors CDS 1 Lt Jay Jondro Sr.

    Deputy Com. Cadets CDC 1Lt Jeff Walters

    Historian HI 2d Lt Doug Thoma

    Safety SE 1 Lt Greg Lane

    Aerospace Education ET Capt John Dauer

    Cadet Programs

    Cadet Development CPP 1 Lt Nathan Harmon

    Cadet Leadership CPL 1 Lt Nathan Harmon

    Cadet Activities CPS

    Communications DOK 2d Lt George LowFinance FM 1 Lt Nathan Harmon


    Supply LGS 1 Lt Nicholas Roberty

    Logistics LG 1 Lt Philip Howard

    Management Information

    Management Information MIS 1 Lt Nathan Harmon

    Web Master WMM 1 Lt Nathan Harmon

    WMU Coordinator WMUC Lt Col Mark Woodruff

    Public Affairs PA 1 Lt Jay Jondro


    Operation DO 1 Lt Greg Lane

    Emergency Services DOS Capt. John Dauer

    Search and Rescue DOSS 1 Lt Carl Sweeney

    Alerting DOSA Lt Col. Mark Woodruff

    Flight Release DOOR Lt Col Mark Woodruff

    Aircraft Maintenance LGMA 1 Lt Carl Sweeney

    SAR/DR Mission Pilot DOVS 1 Lt Carl Sweeney

    Professional Development

    Programs ETS 1 Lt Greg Lane

    Test Control ETST 1 Lt Nick Roberty

    EDITI ON # 4 Page 7

    Habitat for Humanity DonatesHabitat for Humanity DonatesHabitat for Humanity Donates

    CD Player to SquadronCD Player to SquadronCD Player to Squadron

    In recent weeks the possibility of an officIn recent weeks the possibility of an officIn recent weeks the possibility of an officopening flag ceremony has been discussed opening flag ceremony has been discussed opening flag ceremony has been discussed

    the squadrons command staff. The Cadets have long the squadrons command staff. The Cadets have long the squadrons command staff. The Cadets have long quested that the seniors join in this ceremony. With tquested that the seniors join in this ceremony. With tquested that the seniors join in this ceremony. With treturn of 1Lt Walters from Florida he has shared his ereturn of 1Lt Walters from Florida he has shared his return of 1Lt Walters from Florida he has shared his

    periences of a combined opening ceremony. Lt Cperiences of a combined opening ceremony. Lt Cperiences of a combined opening ceremony. Lt CWoodruff is reviewing all ideas until a policy is started.Woodruff is reviewing all ideas until a policy is started.Woodruff is reviewing all ideas until a policy is started.

    The ceremony could now include the National AntheThe ceremony could now include the National AnthThe ceremony could now include the National Anthwith the donation of a CD player from Habitat for Hwith the donation of a CD player from Habitat for Hwith the donation of a CD player from Habitat for Hmanity. HH is a drop off point for used electronics and manity. HH is a drop off point for used electronics and manity. HH is a drop off point for used electronics and

    Jondro secured the donation.Jondro secured the donation.Jondro secured the donation.

    Monroe Squadron Shares inMonroe Squadron Shares inMonroe Squadron Shares in

    First After Mission SeasonFirst After Mission SeasonFirst After Mission Season


    Monroe Senior Members gathered together atthe Lone Star restaurant in Dundee for a firstannual After Mission Season dinner. The ideaof the evening was for members and their sig-nificant others to share in an evening of conver-sation and pleasantries after the hectic summermission season. The season takes it toll on all ofus, what a nice way to officially wind down. Ofcourse a few stories of the season did crop up.Thanks to 2Lt Krauss for making the arrange-ments for the evening.

    Our next scheduled dinner will be in early De-cember to celebrate the Holiday Season kickoff.We are currently solidifying reservations anddinner details. Complete information will followvia e-mail. Please make plans to attend, lastyears dinner was very pleasant.

    The New Squadron Hats Are IN

    .The hats are in

    and ready foryour purchase.Cost of hats are$15.00 for seniors,$12.00 for cadets.Please see LtHarman to pur-chase your newhats.

    To those who needadditional squad-

    ron patches, theorder HAS arrived.The patches areready for your pur-chase!

  • 7/31/2019 Monroe Squadron - Oct 2008


    2Lt Roberty is on a personal mission to improve the cadets corp. appearance with newparade equipment. He personally has made trips to surplus suppliers, and purchased thisequipment out of his own pocket. Items like white gloves, and belts are now available forcadet use.. Those cadets interested in joining in to make up a Cadet Color Guard shouldfirst get approval from your Cadet Commander and then see Lt Roberty for equipment.

    Thank YouLt Roberty for your efforts to make a Cadets Color Corp that should be themost impressive in town !

    2Lt Nick Roberty Purchases Cadet Parade Attire

    Page 8EDIT ION # 4

    Squadron Historian In Search of our Start

    2Lt Doug Thoma, our Squadron Historian, has been doing researchwith past members of our squadron about our activation and early

    squadron history. His study will be added to our new web page whencompleted. We are lucky to currently have in our squadron 2 membersfrom those beginnings, Lieutenants Thoma and Roberty were cadets inthe early 1950s . Then they both served active duty in the USAF.

    See Additional Pictures on Page 10

    CAPs Apron Lady Shares Her Invention

    Anyone who has ever worked aSAR/DR or have been to a Wing Con-ference has had to notice Lt Col LucillePrice. She might be slight in stature(approximately 5 tall ) but has accom-plished many things in CAP. In fact shemaintains an Incident Commander rat-ing.

    The Lt Col had an interesting problemand as always found a way to work herway through it. Her husband is over 6

    tall and when they would share kitchentime together the difference in heightmade an apron selection very difficult.

    Col Price invented an adjustable tie system that allows for one apron size to fit all. She ob-viously makes these in many different styles and colors as shown in the picture above. Thesampling above is just a small portion of her work. She also makes a child version of theapron. If you are interested the visit her web site at www.funnyfarmorganicproduce.comand then Apron Lady or see Lt Col Woodruff for more details.

    Lt Thoma as a cadet in 1952

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    Oct. 2008

    Sun 5 The Oakland

    Sat/Sun 18/19 ICS 400

    Mon 20 MI Group 705 Willow Run

    Nov. 2008

    Sat 1 Academic Bowl

    Sat /Sun 1/2 Personnel

    Sat/Sun 8/9 SLS Selfridge ANGB

    Mon 17 MI Group 705 Willow Run

    Fri/Sat/Sun 21/22/23 Cadet Conference Mt Pleasant

    Dec. 2008

    Sat. 13 Wreathes Across America Monroe

    Mon 22 MI Group 705 Willow Run

    Wing Schedule Oct.Wing Schedule Oct.-- Dec 2008Dec 2008

    Page 9EDITION # 4

    Hey Monroe, Dont Forget ..Hey Monroe, Dont Forget ..

    * Remember there is a Section Head meeting the first Thursday evening ofthe month. Make sure your report is complete and ready to share with yourfellow members.

    * Is your Self Inspection report complete and ready. Our squadron willbe visited this year so lets work to maintain our high ranking!

    * Now is the time to plan for the winter training season. Everyone who needs additional train-ing (and who doesnt) should prepare a list of those items you personally want to study. Letshelp each other to attain new heights.

    * Do you have a friend or acquaintance who might be interested in CAP ? Have you asked themto check us out ? They certainly wont visit if you dont ask them to come to a meeting.

    Have you checked out our NEW web site yet ? Lt Harman has a great startbut we need everyone's input and effort to make this site excellent. If youhave an idea to improve the site, Please Share It.

  • 7/31/2019 Monroe Squadron - Oct 2008


    Picture Page

    Monroe County Fair Parade

    Members Pass Out Jet Aircraft

    Pictures From 1952CAP at Selfridge ANGB