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MicrosoftProject Manager: Julian Gamboa

Project Lead: Susan Aziz

Team:Jessica BazanJohn JosiSoHee (Shelly) Kim Pranav KothiwalMalary Romero

Mission:Providing individuals and businesses with technologies and products to increase efficiency, capability, speed and innovation both in the workplace and in the home.

Case Premise Prompt:Assess if omni-channel content strategy is best for your assigned company. How can your company create more innovative ways to engage their audiences on the digital end?

Key MetricsFacebook

Followers: 10.92MM

Avg. likes/post: 1,909

Engagement Ratio: 0.4%


Followers: 7.82MM

Avg. likes/post: 330

Engagement Ratio: 0.01%Instagram

Followers: 763k

Avg. likes/post: 6,849

Engagement Ratio: 1.7%

OBJECTIVE: Explore diversity in Microsoft users and productsFOCUS: A product a month with a different spotlight person a week APPLICATION: User-generated instagram content through hashtagFEATURE: User EngagementSelection method: #MSallaroundCreate album using top submissions

Microsoft is all around us#MSallaround

Recommendation #1

Microsoft My Major#MicrosoftMyMajorOBJECTIVE: Explore the multi-disciplinary utility of Microsoft productsFOCUS: one subject every month(i.e. Computer Science, English, History)APPLICATION: Facebook/Instagram video submissionUsing #MicrosoftMyMajorFEATURE: Student EngagementSubmissions: Microsoft helps me with my History major byEnd of the month, most liked sharer receives Microsoft product package

Recommendation #2

Girls in Tech #FemSTEMOBJECTIVE:Explore the ways in which young girls and women have enriched themselves via usage of tech FOCUS: A short video displaying usability and significance of productsAPPLICATION: Post video on website and a snippet on instagram using #FemStem hashtag to create user-generated contentFEATURE: User EngagementSelection method: #FemStemOffer STEM after school programs for women in marginalized communities

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Recommendation #3

Key TakeawaysShow the diverse audience that uses Microsoft products, such as women and millennials Produce more omni-channel content to streamline marketing Create a lively Microsoft community through timely and value-driven content

Twitter recommendation of planning their tweets to be more than one day retweeting spreesInstagram content is very good but not shared in any other channel and does not have any other omni channel itShould have better brand recognition tied to all its products

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