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Jolie R. GonzalezPublisher / editor in Chief

VictoR PadillaVP/ oPerations manager

Misha WonGCreatiVe direCtor

nikko GonzalezPublishing assistant

ask the PRofessionals

attoRney Gil sanchez staff Writer – ask the abogado haRtstaff Writer – ask el transPortation Professional

PastoR daVid MuRPhystaff Writer – ask el Pastor

MaRketinG & adVeRtisinG consultants

Julio aViles | orange & osceola Countiesbusiness development specialist/special reporter

JoRGe Gonzalez – taMPa Bay business development manager caRMen santiaGo | orange & osceola Countiesbusiness development specialist/special reporter

other florida counties: (813) 407-6866 Office [email protected]

Photography / VideoJuan Ruiz of ziur Photographyspecial events reporter/Photographer

luigi Martinelli – special events Photographer / Videographer

al frederick, business Photographyzanibel Melo of higher dreams Productions. 1st Quarter 2013 Cover:designed by Misha Wong

Proud MeMbers of the following organizations:

• hispanic Chamber of Commerce of tampa bay• United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

main offiCe: (813) 407-6866 or (813) 407-7191 | fax: (813) 489-2422WeBsite: | other Websites: or

Visit our calendar of events page at to view statewide events posted on our front cover plus many more exciting ones!

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For a one (1) year subscription (4 issues), please send a check or money order in the amount of $15.00 to: P.O. Box 262574, Tampa, FL 33685-2574 Special ThanX to God. Thank you to GOD for the many blessings you have placed in my life! Thank you to my church family, Great Final Harvest. Thank you to

Carmen Santiago for being a great mom, Orlando & Josefina Rodriguez for being great parents. To my big brother –I love you. Nikko Gonzalez for being the best son in the world, step forward your future awaits you. Thank you to my husband Victor, you are my hero, I love you! Thank you to Zion & Victoria you are the sweetest and

ost beautiful little girls in the world, and to all my wonderful friends.

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Hola Mi Gente Bonitade la Florida!Welcome to the new and exciting edition of Latin Times Magazine!

Amigos y amigas I missed YOU!!!

Welcome to our 12th ANNIVERSARY LETTER….!!!!!!!Time sure flies when you are having fun huh!? And I can honestly say that publishing Latin Times Magazine has been such an incredible joy for me, a wonderful gift and blessing God placed into my hands over a decade ago. I’ve learned a lot throughout these past years, and they weren’t always lessons I appreciated. The most valuable lesson of all was the one where I learned to rely on my heaven father for everything. It was that trust which made me a better person and a stronger business woman, and it is to him that I give the glory for making Latin Times Media and Magazine into what it is today….. As you know Latin Times Magazine is now a print, web AND mobile friendly publication! That’s right… Latin Times is Green Friendly!

Exciting NEWS!!!! Last year, the Cuban Sandwich Festival was BORN, and it was a tremendous success and blessed by God himself! This event received world-wide media coverage, picked up by NPR….the Cuban Sandwich Festival made it into the main newspaper in Spain! Check out our festival website at:

Don’t Miss the 2nd Annual Cuban Sanwich Festival is Saturday, March 30th, 2013! The biggest names in Florida’s communities re-unite and join efforts in celebration of Florida’s Rich Cultural Food and History! Check out page 9 for all the great details! Now you can find your favorite type of restaurants anytime on our great new website Just in time for our current issue of Latin Times Magazine, which is about FOOD, Latin-Restaurants features food/restaurant reviews, delicious recipes, food events, restaurant directory and so much more!

Have you become a member of the Latin-Times.Com community? What makes so special? was custom built to be a true online community, offering LIVE daily news feeds in video and editorial formats, a huge online shopping mall featuring the lowest

prices on the web, great articles, video, music, games, chat, online education and access to all our previous e-Magazine editions of Latin Times Magazine for the last 12 years! Latin-Times is a combination of a social media AND editorial website, offering FREE memberships to Florida’s Latino (and non-Latino) community! Visit our website TODAY, and become a member for free!

Last, but certainly NOT least! I shared the news a couple of years ago with you that I had decided that I would be writing a book on FAITH. I started it back then….but then I placed it on a shelf and forgot about it, after this issue hits the street, I plan to pick up the pen and start to write again…. I have lived a life of miracles, achieved by simply having FAITH in GOD that no matter what I was going through, I would get past it…. I want to share those stories and other great testimonies from people just like you. God put this in my heart, and I will do it! This book will give each one of you COURAGE and CONFIDENCE in the face of adversity, and it will help to rebuild YOUR faith in times of trouble. Greater is HE that is in YOU –than he that is in the world.

If you wish to share your testimony for consideration, to be included in the book please email them to me directly!

Until the next time…May God Bless You ALL!-Jolie Gonzalez

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Hola Mi Gente Bonitade la Florida!Welcome to the new and exciting edition of Latin Times Magazine!

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In this issue of Latin Times Magazine, we celebrate La Mujer Latina…

Latin Times is pleased to introduce you to some of Florida’s most talented Latinas! I am proud to be a Latina, and share a love for language, food, music and culture with these strong, intelligent and beautiful sister Latinas….

by: Jolie gonzalez-Padilla

Name: Lissette CamposWhat is your Profession: Broadcast JournalismCompany: WFTS TV ABC Action News Your Pais: Born in New York – parents are from Cuba/great grandparents were from SpainHometown: grew up in Miami

Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about what you do? Lissette Campos: I started my career in journalism about 25 years ago and can honestly say, without hesitation, that the ABC Action News “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence” Campaign is the most rewarding experience of my career. It was one of my first assignments when I returned to ABC Action News in 2008. It’s a blessing to meet these amazing people – law enforcement officers, domestic violence advocates & survivors – and tell their stories in a way that empowers others to change their lives for the better. Being able to write a script that tells someone’s story with dignity and helps another human being - that is what I enjoy about my career most.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them. Lissette Campos: When I started in television news I was all of 20 years old – was given the amazing opportunity to land a job working behind the scenes at the Univision station in my hometown – Miami, FL. Miami is a big size television market, so it was a huge deal for me. I was raised bilingual BUT was constantly speaking in Spanglish! I would mix English and Spanish words in my sentences constantly. That may be common place in South Florida but it’s certainly not the norm elsewhere AND I could not broadcast my stories in Spanglish. As a result, I think my story telling suffered. Once I made a conscious effort to work on my Spanish in earnest – reading, writing, bought a dictionary from La Real Academia Espanola! The thing was huge! I had the same approach with the English language and went a step further, working with a British voice coach at the university who helped me with my delivery in English. When I overcame my addiction to Spanglish, I overcame a significant obstacle in my career path. I now had the opportunity to work anywhere in the country. Also, I have to say that being a working mom is a huge challenge – and I’m sure it’s not just in television news. It’s a constant juggle.

Jolie Gonzalez / Latin Times: Please tell us about your family. Lissette Campos: My husband Angel and our girls, Sophie and Audrey, are the most important people in my life. Angel is my knight in shining armor, my “person” and my inspiration. Angel’s counsel and encouragement over the years have been invaluable to me. We met during my reporting days in Miami and were engaged within a month! Four months later, we were married! Twenty- years later, I still love him with all my heart. We are blessed with happy, healthy children – which is what any parent wants. Our girls are being raised in a bi-cultural home – like we were. They are “Americanitas” AND “Cubanitas” all rolled into one. Our youngest isn’t as bilingual as our teenager, but the important thing is that they are both proud of their Hispanic roots.

Jolie Gonzalez / Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Lissette Campos: Without question, my parents – Sergio and Miriam Campos are my heroes! Mom and Dad were 19 years old when they arrived in the United States as political refugees. Both my grandfathers had worked against the Castro regime. My mom and dad were forced to leave Cuba with nothing but the clothes on their backs & the sunglasses my mom happened to be wearing that day in 1961. Rather than complain or succumb to self pity, they worked hard to make a new life here. No job was “beneath” them. They worked 2 and 3 jobs…set goals for themselves and strived to reach them, which they did. The most important life lesson – I learned from mom and dad. As human beings we are more than our particular station in life. Whether you are rich or poor, highly educated or not, executive or un-employed – every person has a story & every one deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Mom and dad have the most amazing stories of strangers in New York and Long Island who treated them with kindness and respect – when they were assembly line workers at a factory or dish washers at a restaurant. These folks saw through whatever “job” they happened to be in at that moment… giving my parents a sense of dignity and hope they desperately needed. In Cuba, dad had just graduated from El Instituto Garces with a degree in commercial art and mom would’ve been starting medical school. Being asked about their dreams and lives back in Cuba…helped my parents tremendously. That’s where I get my love of story telling…everyone has a story… it can be life changing when you take the time to stop, ask questions, and listen – really listen.

Meet the 2013 latin times Magazine, latina Movers n Shakers!

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Meet the 2013 latin times Magazine, latina Movers n Shakers!

Page 12: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

Name: Jessica Reyes What is your Profession? Tv CoHost/Weather/Radio Company: The Daily Buzz Your Pais: USA--Parents from Puerto Rico Hometown: Orlando, FL…born in Jersey but Florida is my home Latin Times: How did you get started in your career? Jessica Reyes: I started as a child when my mother decided to get me head-shots at the age of 5 and take me on different audition in New York and New Jersey. I was very shy but mom pushed because she felt I had potential. As a teen I got into the whole singing scene and that’s where I met someone in radio and got my start as a Traffic Reporter at the age of 19 while still in college! Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do? Jessica Reyes: The people I get to meet. The lives I get to change or touch. Everyone has a story, something to tell whether it’s a coworker or a viewer. I love to listen to people. Another thing I love is my mother’s face full of pride when I’m on stage or on the tube. Nothing beats that…nothing! Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them. Jessica Reyes: I’m Latina and a woman…it’s not easy YET possible! In an industry that’s run

by men. I’ve had to grow some thick skin and roll with the big boys to get some respect. Latin Times: What separates YOU from the others?Jessica Reyes: I do it all. No matter what’s thrown my way I’ll do or learn how to. I never say no. Also my dedication. I’m committed to this life 24/7. I try to give my all and always evolve. The ball is always rolling. I’m in search of ways to always take it to another level. I would say that separates me from the rest. I’m never a follower. Latin Times: Please tell us about your family. Jessica Reyes: I come from a huge familia! Hey soy Latina….I’m the youngest of 7.5 girls and 2 boys. My mother is my everything. She’s been that voice always pushing me to keep going. I can’t imagine where I would be without her. Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Jessica Reyes: There are so many people worthy of admiration but beyond my mother I would have to say Oprah… this is a woman who came from nothing. No connections, no rich family…she’s a result of hard earned success and that’s why I admire her.

Name: Martha VazquezWhat is your Profession? Residential property management and brokerageCompany: V & V Real Estate Associates & Financial Specialists Inc. Your Pais: ColombiaHometown: Cali/NYC

Latin Times: How did you get started in your career? Martha Vazquez: I started interning in a small residential brokerage firm. Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do? Martha Vazquez: I enjoy helping grow a company from scratch and seeing it grow.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them. Martha Vazquez: One of my biggest obstacles was overcoming a recession. My husband/partner and I changed our model of our business and it helped us overcome it.

Latin Times: What separates YOUR business from the others? Martha Vazquez: We offer great service to lower income properties and we can help and manage the whole 360 of the investment.

Latin Times: What type of people can you help with your services? Martha Vazquez: We can help people looking to make their money grow and move that have from 50-60 k

Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Martha Vazquez: I would say it’s my mom. I have learned from many of her experiences and one of the best skills I inherited from her is to be stubborn and persevere to the end. Not to let go and give up on something you truly believe in. No matter what people think or say about you.

Martha vazquez

Page 13: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

Name: Cynthia FuenteWhat is your Profession: Vice PresidentCompany: Fuente CompaniesHometown: Tampa, FL

Latin Times Magazine: How did you get started in your Career? Cynthia Fuente: I have been a part of the cigar industry since the day I was born. My grandfather started the Fuente Cigar Factory on his back porch, my father worked with my grandfather, and both my Grandmother and my mother worked alongside of them. I spent a lot of time in the factory learning and being a part of the business….. you see it was always a family business run by family. It was never a matter of me getting into the business as much as growing up in the Business. Even though my parents encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and to be the best at whatever I decided to do. For me it was always being in the family business. I did achieve a degree in psychology because I had a great deal of love for older people and still do and I am a people person. I started working in the family business in sales and have truly enjoyed it ever since. For me this is how I was raised. My father always said “Life is what you make it.” Family is very important to all of us, this is who I am.

Latin Times Magazine: What do you enjoy most about being in the cigar industry? Cynthia Fuente: I am very passionate about the Cigar Industry and well I love to be around people, I genuilly love people, as you may know we just celebrated our 100 years and I get to travel a lot and enjoy smoking cigars with our fans, traveling around the world I get to meet very fascinating people and to see them enjoying our cigars especially gives me satisfaction in what I do.

Latin Times Magazine: Being a Latina business owner has there been any obstacles that you had to overcome? Cynthia Fuente: I know that the majority of the cigar industry is run by men, I respect that, because I am constantly asked what it is like to be a woman in a “man’s world” But Growing up in this business I saw women working like my grandmother Christina working side by side with my grandfather, I saw my Mother working side by side with my father the women in my family were a great part of the business. My grandmother was a partner in running the business as my mother was for my father, So to me I have never had to deal with obstacles because I was raised seeing women being a huge part of the cigar industry and they are not only loved by men but also by women.

Latin Times Magazine: Who is your hero or role model living or passed and what they meant to you? Cynthia Fuente: I have truly several people in my family that were a great part of my life my Grandparents, my parents, I was especially close with my godfather, Fausto Suarez who had a great influence in my life, to me they were all my heroes. I am very lucky to be apart of this great family history.

Name: Lisa FigueredoWhat is your Profession: PublisherCompany: Cigar City MagazineHometown: Tampa, FL

Latin Times Magazine: How did you get started in your Career?Lisa Figueredo : I had an Ad Agency and I was sitting up late one night missing my great grandparents who use to take me all over Ybor, West Tampa, to the cigar factories, and places around Tampa, thinking about the history in general on both sides of my family and that’s a lot of history in Tampa. I wondered if people would be interested in reading not only my family history stories but other people’s stories that had a big part of building Tampa. Came up with this idea if I do 2-3 issues, advertise my ad agency, and try it and now here we are going on 9 years, the Magazine is still going strong. Latin Times Magazine: What do you enjoy most about doing what you do with your Magazine? Lisa Figueredo: The thing I love most is after I publish the Magazine, people call me and say “Hey that story you wrote was about my great-grandfather on the cover.” Or for instance I had a lady come to me, crying, we had written a story about her grandmother, she didn’t know her grandmother that well and said “ You know the story that you wrote about the man and woman that had all these family problems because she was Italian and he was Cuban” which was taboo back in the day and how her family disowned her and she said “I could never understood why my grandmother was such a mean and bitter woman, the hardship and heartache she had been through until I read the story.” The most gratification I get is when people come

and they say they didn’t know that about their family member and have never seen certain pictures before, that is what gives me the gratification and what I love about it.

Latin Times Magazine: Being a Latina business owner have there been any obstacles that you have had to overcome: Lisa Figueredo: No not at all, because I was raised by very strong women who taught me that I could be whoever and whatever I wanted to be. It was weird too, because I grew up in the Cigar industry, on one side of my family were Cigar people and the other side were Politicians, musicians, actors and actresses. My dad’s mother had five sisters so my family was very women dominated. My grandmother worked and my grandfather never held her back and being raised in the cigar industry seeing women in the front of a male dominant industry in which it truly isn’t.

Latin Times Magazine: Who is your hero or role model living or passed and what they meant to you? Lisa Figueredo: I would say that is hard to pick one person being a Latina coming from a Latino family because it wasn’t just one person in particular, my great grandparents on both sides of the family were the best, but if I had too I would have to say my aunt Marilyn Figueredo who worked with me as the editor of my magazine. She really knew how to tell the stories of our family history and she was also my confidant, like a sister and best friend, she played all those roles for me, she would be in the front while I would stay back, but would always give me the credit when in fact that Marilynn Figueredo is as big a part of the magazine as I am.

Cynthia fuente

Latina Movers N Shakers! continued

lisa figueredo

Page 14: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

Sylvia alvarez Name: Sylvia Alvarez What is your Profession? Organization Founder Company: Housing & Education Foundation Your Pais: Cuba Hometown: Tampa, FL

Latin Times: Tell us how you got started in your career? Sylvia Alvarez: It’s Funny how that happened I was in real estate and Mortgage lending for years and there was an agency in town offering home buyer education and I asked if they had it in Spanish they said “NO” and I said I’ll volunteer to teach the classes and I will do it once a month, I got so much back from teaching the people. Then the agency decided to close the doors, I thought this is not good people need to have this education to buy homes. So I approached a gentleman from the previous agency, I said, “Do you think we could start a Non-profit to do the same thing we did before. In 2002 we opened and it took us while to get where we are and today we are going strong. went through a really tough time when the economy began to tank, I remember during this time I had to get our employees to let them know I couldn’t pay them anymore and we would have to shut the doors. It didn’t matter they came anyway and said “Since we won’t be able to get a job in this economy we

might as well be helping people.” We got to feel the pain all clients felt because all of us either lost my home or been through foreclosure. I admire all of them for sticking it out there is a bond between us and it’s a blessing that they have stood by mer. So for about two years most of us were volunteers and when money came in we would give it to those who needed it the most. We survived through the bad economy and now we are thriving

Latin Times: Tell us about yourself and your family? Sylvia Alvarez: I was born in Havana, moved to New York at the age of 5 and then we came to Tampa and have been here since. I would go with my Abuela to Havana in the summers until they stopped allowing people to come, those are fond memories, the last time I went was 5 years ago with my husband and my daughter went a year earlier and fell in love with it. My dad is 92, my mom is 87, they are older and have a little trouble walking until you put on Salsa music then they get up and dance no matter what. My wonderful husband Phillip stuck it out through all we went through, my precious daughter, and my beautiful Granddaughter who looks just like me very stubborn and you have to do what she says. Family is very important to me.

Latin Times: What was the greatest obstacle you have encountered? Sylvia Alvarez: In 2008 – 2010 went through a really tough time when the economy began to tank, I remember during this time I had a meeting with our team to let them know I couldn’t pay them anymore and we would have to shut the doors. It didn’t matter they came back the next day and said “Since we can’t get a job in this economy we might as well be helping people.” We

got to feel the pain all our clients felt because all of us either lost our homes or went through foreclosure. Getting up every morning with a smile on my face not knowing what to expect. For about two years we were volunteers and when money came in we would give it to those who needed it the most. There is a bond between us they are my colleagues and it’s a blessing that they have stood by me through all these challenging times. Two years ago we were a finalist for WEDU non profit of the year, I never expected to win, it was our turning point, and I am thankful to WEDU, So We survived through the bad economy and now we are strong and thriving

Latin Times: Who is your hero or role model living or passed? Sylvia Alvarez: I have a lot of heroes but one that is not real is Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, because of all she went through and what she overcame. I always remember that part where she picked up the dirt from the ground and swore that God Help here she would never be hungry again!

Latin Times: What do you see in the future for your agency? Sylvia Alvarez: I envision something that lit up inside of me from a model in Portland Oregon that is successful; it’s an apartment complex for people who have been through devastation of loss of jobs, homes, evicted to come and get training in classes, credit, focusing on family and youth in this economy. Our veterans and their families and we have lined up to help them get training. We are calling it Esperanza Project.

Here is my website: phone number: (813) 932-4663 All of our services are provided in English and Spanish.

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Carmen alfaro

Clara granada

Name: Dr. Carmen AlfaroWhat is your Profession: PediatricianCompany: My Tampa Bay PediatricsYour Pais: VenezuelaHometown: Caracas

Latin Times: How did you get started in your career? Dr. Carmen Alfaro: I went to medical school at “Luis Razetti” Medical school in Venezuela, I finished my first pediatric residency in Venezuela at “Miguel Perez Carreño General Hospital” and then I moved with my family to USA. In 2005, I finished my second Pediatric Residency at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Texas. I was very fortunate to be named and hold the position of chief residents at this Hospital for 15 months. Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do? Dr. Carmen Alfaro: I love my patients and I take care of them as they are my own children. I see patients of all ages between 0 to 18 years and I get to see them growing. Also, I have great interactions with all my families and I know them really well.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them. Dr. Carmen Alfaro: I have to study very hard to get certify as a foreign doctor and to be eligible to enter into an USA residency and later to be able to work as a pediatrician. I’ve proved

to myself that if you have discipline, perseverance and study hard you could reach all your goals regardless where you came from.

Latin Times: What separates YOUR medical office, from the others? Dr. Carmen Alfaro: We offer a personalized care with high quality. With two pediatric residents, bilingual and 5 years as an USF medical school faculty member, I think I can say we offer some experience too. We also provide accessible, comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate care to all children and youth, including children and youth with special health care needs.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your family. Dr. Carmen Alfaro: I have a wonderful husband, Gustavo who has been beside me in my entire career and is helping us to build and coordinate our new practice. I have 2 children: Gustavo Jr. who is 14 years and enjoys baseball and plays the viola and my daughter Veronica who is 10 years and likes gymnastics.

Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Dr. Carmen Alfaro: “God” who has giving me the courage, perseverance and motivation to be a better person and pediatrician every day and my family who gives me strength and happiness.

Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about what you do? Clara Granada: Meeting different people every day is definitely a plus, every day we get to help the contractors, builders, designers and retail customers with their flooring needs. Most of them are friends now, we see them more often than our own family! The Carpet Store is very involved with the Latin community and we participate in all kind of events which is wonderful, I have learned a lot about the different customs, foods and regionalisms from all the Spanish speaking countries.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles and how you have overcome them. Clara Granada: I would say the economy! After the housing market plummeted our sales have declined, some of our competitors are even out of business! Our sales are very stable but, as the rest of the country, could be better.

Latin Times: What exciting plans do you have for your services? Clara Granada: Last year the company implemented the RRP system which is basically an automatized referral card where the contractors/ builders/ designers/ retail customers can refer us other customers and make 2% out of the sale. Word of mouth is our main referral source.

Latin Times: Please tell us about your family. Clara Granada: My immediate family is composed by my husband and two daughters. We enjoy going to the movies, walking our dogs, going to the park or the beach, taking the girls to different sports or activities such as dance and soccer classes, gymnastics, shows and of course Disney World!

Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Clara Granada: Among the Latino community there are many heroes that help people in need every day and I think all of us that left our native countries are heroes in our own way. I have known parents that have left their children in their country looking for the “American dream”, years passing without being able to give their kids a hug. I see ourselves as plants that have been transferred from one pot to another, It take years for the roots to start to attach to the new ground, little by little every day we get adapted to the different food, weather, customs and of course language. I am grateful to live in this wonderful country and I am sure all the millions of people from the Hispanic community feel the same way.

But if I I have to mention the name of a role model I would have to tell you a story. I visited Memphis, TN, with my family. During that trip I had a chance to visit the National Civil Rights Museum. The museum gave me a powerful and realistic view of how life was before the inspirational movement that took place in the late 50’s guided by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His speech “I have a dream” it’s an inspiration for me because he showed us that we all could live in a color blind society. His legacy lives for all the minorities in the country.

NAME: Clara I. GranadaPROFESSION: Flooring SpecialistCOMPANY: Carpet StoreYOUR COUNTRY: ColombiaHOMETOWN: Cali

Latina Movers N Shakers! end

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My Abuelo’s homecoming after many months at sea as a Merchant Seaman. He would come home with velvet sacks filled with coins for my sister and me. From the time I was four years old I remember my Abuelo’s arrival back home to Tampa as a festive time at my Abuela’s house.

He would take me to the Silver Ring Restaurant on 7th Avenue in Ybor City, “this is the place where the sandwich is a toasted perfection” he would say and he was right. He’d place his order for several of the perfections and we would rush back home with sacks full of deliciousness. My Abuela Mercedes, my Sister, Mom,

Dad, Uncles and Aunt were all waiting for me and Abuelo’s return carrying those perfectly toasted Tampa Cuban Sandwiches, YUM!

First and foremost the bread must be Tampa’s original loaf, you can put anything on that bread and it is heaven. The sandwich should be oven toasted where the flavors of the different meats are warm and the Swiss cheese is almost melted.

Michelle Faedo’s Food Truck, Columbia Restaurant, The 4th of July Café.Yvonne

Yolie Capin

Michelle Faedo

richard Gonzmart

Michelle Faedo: The earliest memory I have of a Cuban sandwich is watching my grandmother make them and sell them to the Centro Asturiano crowd. I was about six years old.

Michelle Faedo: I think what makes it special is that it’s tradition and that it’s my history and anyone born and raised in Tampa knows that eating a Cuban every other day is norm for us growing up and there’s nothing like the flavors of a Cuban sandwich – nothing else compares.

Michelle Faedo: It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

Michelle Faedo: a. Faedo’s On The Go! b. La Segundac. Gean Anthony’s d. The Floridian

Richard Gonzmart: When I was three years old, sitting in the Columbia Café with my grandparents, Casimiro and Carmen Hernandez, Jr., watching the sandwich maker thinly slicing the caramelized whole ham, then arranging the meats, cheese, pickles, cheese, etc on a fresh piece of La Segunda Cuban bread. I have always felt that it was the best Cuban Sandwich I have ever tasted in the world.

Richard Gonzmart: The blend of the culture and flavors of different immigrants in Tampa (Ybor City) make the Tampa Original Cuban Sandwich stand out from the others (pretenders). Each bite makes me think of the families who left their native home in search of the American Dream.

Richard Gonzmart: The Columbia Cuban Sandwich is traditional in how it was first prepared back in 1905 by my great grandfather Casimiro Hernandez, Jr. Non-Traditional is up to those trying to create their own legacy. I am only the caretaker, trying to preserve and maintain the standards established now for over 108 years.

Richard Gonzmart: Sigifredo Rojas “Tranquilo” Calderon (31 Years), Ada Gonzalez (6 Years), Kim Bursey, (4 Years)

Dr. Shawn Robinson: My first Cuban Sandwich was a recent experience when I joined HCC about 5 years ago.

Dr. Shawn Robinson: The texture and mix of flavors are quite exciting. I enjoy the history and culture that Is brought together every time one is made.

Dr. Shawn Robinson: Traditional, most of the time. That is the kind of guy I am.

Dr. Shawn Robinson: a. Carmine’s b. The Columbiac. La Segunda d. Brocato’s

dr. Shawn robinson

Page 17: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

tony MorejonVictor PadillaTony Morejon: I attended Catholic school

as a child and my dad would pick my sister and I up once a week and bring us a Cuban sandwich for lunch. We would eat it in his car with a glass of milk. Sabroso!!!!!!!

Tony Morejon: It’s what I grew up on, the visual as well as the taste with a cup of Café con Leche go a long way.

Tony Morejon: I like them both ways depends on my mood.

Tony Morejon: (I do at home)a. Castillo’sb. Michele Faedo’s on the goc. Columbia Rest.d. El Tropicana

Victor Padilla: When I was a very young child, growing up in Tampa, my abuela had several restaurants, and I remember specifically always going to her house and she would always make Cuban Sandwiches for my dad and I, because we always loved them.

Victor Padilla: For one, because the Cuban Sandwich is a part of my culture and it always reminds me of my abuelita who as far as I am concerned always made the best Cuban Sandwiches. The reason I love Cuban Sandwiches is because it represents my hometown of Ybor City, Tampa, and all of us who were raised eating this sandwich.

Victor Padilla: Traditional

Victor Padilla: There are so many places to choose from, that four (4) is not enough to choose from!

Vince PardoVince Pardo: I was born in Ybor City, so I can’t remember a time when the Cuban Sandwich wasn’t part of my life experience. After having a heavy Italian lunch every Sunday, a Cuban Sandwich was a great Sunday evening snack. When I would go to work with my father at Pardo’s Market, stopping at Cuervo’s for cafe con leche and a toasted Cuban sandwich was a perfect breakfast. When Pardo’s Market relocated from Ybor City to South Tampa, it was the only place in South Tampa to buy a Cuban Sandwich. We sold a lot of them.

Vince Pardo: Tampa’s Cuban Sandwich should have been called an Ybor City Sandwich. It’s a mirror of Ybor City and Tampa’s Latin culture. The ingredients represent the mix of our original immigrant populations: Cuban, Spanish, Italian, German and Jewish. The special blend of ingredients is one factor, but they are “sandwiched” in a “Cuban bread” that is also unique to Ybor City and Tampa...not Cuba. This Sandwich is out can you not love that!!

Vince Pardo: The Traditional Tampa Cuban Sandwich is our base, but I also enjoy some of the Non-Traditional

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taMPa bay bilingual health & Career exPo on tuesday, aPril 23rd, 2013 Job/Opportunity Seekers: Are you looking for a new or better career? Are you thinking of starting YOUR own business?

Featuring: Career, Education & Business Opportunities & Solutions @ HCC – Ybor Campus2001 N. 14th Street in Tampa, FL 3360510:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Participating companies will be presenting low investment business opportunities, and/or available jobs for bilingual and Spanish speaking professionals. Free to attend.

• The jobs available will be: Professional, Industrial, Community, etc.• Business Opportunities available will be presented via free seminars and booths, 2nd Incomes, start up business opportunities and multi-level companies! • Continuing Education opportunities will also be presented!

Info: If you have a job or opportunity you would like to present at event, contact: (813) 407-6866 or email: [email protected]

have you beCoMe a MeMber of the latin-tiMes.CoM CoMMunity? was custom built to be a true online community, offering LIVE daily news feeds in video and editorial formats, a huge online shopping mall featuring the lowest prices on the web, great articles, music, games, chat, online education and access to all our previous e-Magazine editions of Latin Times Magazine for the last 12 years! also offers additional great interactive features coupled with complete social media integration, and even our NEW Spreaker Radio Show, which will entertain you with great show formats! Our goal is to unite the Hispanic/Latino communities, starting with Florida, but eventually throughout the U.S. and beyond to the world! Visit our website TODAY, and become a member for free!

Ancient mysteries revealing startling significance to modern-day America will be presented by Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times Bestselling Book, “The Harbinger,” at the Bless Israel 2013 Event, Thurs, April 18, at 7:00 p.m. at Bell Shoals Baptist Church.

The dynamic event will host speakers, live music with recording artist Joshua Aaron and vendors. People of all faiths are invited to the large church located at 2102 Bell Shoals Rd., Brandon, FL 33511.

“The Harbinger” is hailed by leaders worldwide, with Pat Robertson praising it as “extraordinary” and Sid Roth calling it “mind-blowing.” The author acclaims supernatural, prophetic meanings to 9/11, Ground Zero, the current recession and revelation to the future of America as a superpower.

The DVD that compliments “The Harbinger” is the #1 selling faith video in America. Jonathan’s teachings and messages are broadcast daily over hundreds of radio and television stations throughout the U.S. and the world. Special guest, Pastor Geoffrey Cohen, Jewish Ministries Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, is also a scheduled speaker.

Info: or call 813-391-4332.

tampa Bay hispanic chambers unite in one stronger chamberThe Tampa Bay Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Latin Chamber have merged their prospective organizations and has become simply one united chamber of commerce: the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay (“HCCTB”).

“As a result of the uniting of our chambers, we will be able to more effectively help our members and their businesses and our membership will increase immediately. “We are looking forward to becoming a lot more aggressive this year, and will be working diligently to develop more opportunities for our valued members and community.” announced new president, Jolie Gonzalez, who has published Florida’s popular bilingual publication Latin Times Magazine for the last 12 years. Ms. Gonzalez also serves as the president of Latin Times Media, Inc., a decade old marketing company that focuses on assisting businesses reach Florida’s thriving Hispanic/Latino communities.

Our intention is to work closely with all our partner organizations, such as the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund, Tampa Bay International Business Council and others to assist and support our chamber members, as well in providing members with educational and contract opportunities.

“We invite Tampa Bay’s business community to attend one of our upcoming meetings or events, and consider becoming a member of our growing chamber.” HCCTB hosts their monthly luncheons on the last Thursday or each month at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. Info:

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Hillsborough Community College favorece la igualdad de acceso y oportunidad de empleo.

He visto el proceso democrático en acción.” Patrick Brathwaite, estudiante del Instituto de Honores de HCC e interino del Centro Washington

A través de la asociación académica de Hillsborough Community College con el Centro Washington, Patrick hizo un internado con CNN en ambas convenciones nacionales de los republicanos y demócratas. HCC ha sido el único colegio comunitario seleccionado para esta prestigiosa asociación—esta es una de las tantas oportunidades que ofrecemos a nuestros estudiantes con una atractiva experiencia de aprendizaje. Con clases pequeñas, matrícula factible y transferibilidad garantizada a las universidades estatales, es fácil ver por qué más de 47,000 estudiantes eligen HCC.

Hablo Español

We provide service for all of your tax needs..

776 W. Lumsden Rd, Suite 105, Brandon, FL 33511Contact: (813) 444-4466 or (813) 200-8426. [email protected]

Evelyn Morell

VALUE TAX PREPExperience you can Trust..

Integrated Healing Clinic

10549 N. Florda Avenue., Suite I, Tampa, FL 33612(813) 402-2832

Dr. Samer Fadda, Ap DOM

Physician Owned and Accredited by the Joint Commission

Ehab Fadda, RPT

Specializing in

Acupuncture and Physical TherapyAuto Accidents, Stress & Anxiety, Weight Control, Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic Pain,

Stroke, Arthritis, Headaches, Dizziness. Smoking. All Neurological, Orthopedic and Post Operative Cases.

Accepting Medicare and Auto InsuranceOffice Hours: Mondays 4 PM - 7 PM. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 9 AM - 7 PM. Fridays 3 PM - 7 PM. Closed Saturday & Sunday

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the Power of Supernatural Faith!

Faith is the substance of things not seen, the evidence of things hoped for! (Hebrew 11:1) What kind of mentality are you walking in today? I challenge you to change your MINDSET and how you see you’re circumstance, how to deal with the enemy coming against your life.

Why do People Fail? Because they lack Supernatural Faith, they need to motivate the hand of God. The most powerful story of Supernatural Faith is David and Goliath in 1st Samuel chapter 17 how the Power of Supernatural Faith overcomes circumstance. The army of Israel was at a standstill against the Philistines because they were struck with fear when they saw Goliath who stood over 9ft Tall a Giant of the Philistine Army. Israel was bound by FEAR! “Are you bound by FEAR?” Do you see a giant standing before your circumstances? Twice a day for 40 days, Goliath, challenged the Israelites to send out a champion of their own to fight him, but King Saul and his army were BOUND BY FEAR!

The spirit of God left King Saul so he had no POWER! Fear of Goliath bound him with fear, because of the circumstance, FEAR! Manipulated the Army! The enemy challenges, brings Fear, brings doubt, makes you feel helpless! You feel hopeless in the circumstance, it’s too big, and what do I do? David, who was the ancestor of Jesus, was a young, ruddy teenage boy, very thin, didn’t look strong, but David when he was watching his father’s sheep had already killed a Bear and a Lion, he had no fear! But David had something that even the King of Israel did not have, The Power of Supernatural Faith that came from God! David saw the circumstance for what it really was; he called Goliath uncircumcised, why because he knew that Goliath didn’t have a Covenant, Relationship with God! Then he says … “Who defiles the army of God!” David knew that Goliath had no right to even speak against the army of God. David wanted so bad to kill Goliath, but every time someone would say “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Sometimes people question God; they bring nothing but confusion, doubt, and fear into your life that you only see the circumstance, causing fear to grip you. Fear is what the enemy uses to keep you from seeing the Supernatural hand of God. Saul, who was gripped with fear, finally gives into David, but David reassures Saul that he will fight this Giant. What does Saul say to David, “You can’t....” he tries to even put the very fear he had into David, but David said, “I know I can overcome this Giant!” David was a man after God’s own heart and knew the Supernatural hand of God.

What lacks in people today is God’s Power, the knowledge that through every circumstance, God will prevail! After Saul let David go, he tries his Armor on David, but David can’t wear Saul’s armor, why? Because Saul’s armor was not meant to be worn by David, in fact God had given David what he needed. People will always try to give you the answer for your circumstances, but God is the only one who gives you exactly what you need to overcome. David took his staff, representing the supernatural power of God, the sling representing the hand of God, and went to the brook, choosing 5 smooth stones and placed them in his Sheppard’s bag. David was prepared with the instruments of God to meet Goliath. Goliath saw David and laughed. David then spoke supernatural words of Faith,”I come to you in the name of the Lord!” Declaring supernatural authority! David made haste to meet Goliath because he knew that God was with him!

People in circumstances always say “God, why did you let this happen to me? I don’t know what I am going to do?” God said to me, “Son, I give them all they need to overcome they don’t listen and stand naked before their circumstance.” David said to Goliath, “The Battle belongs to God!” Speaking with supernatural authority. David reached in his bag and grabbed the stone that would slay Goliath, and then loosed it from the sling activating the hand of God, striking Goliath in his forehead. The circumstance was taken down immediately. God reacted to action.

God is saying to you, Stand! Fight! Use the Power of Supernatural Faith inside of you! For God has not given you the spirit of fear but, of Power, Love and of a sound mind!


By Victor Padilla

Page 21: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

the Church’s response must be one of hope. Our hope comes from knowing that God is ever-faithful, merciful, and compassionate. As the writer of the

old biblical text called Lamentations reminds us, in a time when God’s chosen people were in exile and torment, they remembered their God and said, “This I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:21-23 NIV

The hope that we find in God is not simply an emotion or an optimistic thought, but it is the strength that comes from knowing that God is on our side. Of course it must be understood that if you have not turned your life over to God, you cannot expect for him to be responsible for the outcome of your life, in much the same way that you cannot expect an airline to be responsible for your missing luggage if you never checked it in before you boarded the flight.

So what does it practically mean to have hope in economic crisis? If you have lost your job, remember to pray for God’s assistance and direction, but don’t forget to submit applications and go on interviews. He will open the doors of opportunity, but you have to be willing to step through them. If you are struggling to make rent or pay a mortgage, again pray, but also objectively look at your spending and see if there are things that you can do without for a time until things improve. You must ask yourself, “Am I spending unnecessarily on frivolous things when I could be using that money to pay bills?” You cannot demand that God intervene on your behalf if you are not also willing to be responsible for the decisions that you make.

The answer then is this: give God full responsibility of your life by submitting yourself to him. He will guide you with love, patience and grace through all of life’s struggles and give you the hope and the strength that you need. No matter how difficult it gets, as the familiar passage of Psalms reminds us, “Though I walk through

the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4 NIV

eStiMado PaStor, ¿Qué Se Puede CoMPartir Con otroS Que eStán luCHando en eStoS tieMPoS eConóMiCoS Y Se Sienten Sin eSPeranza?

no tiene que mirar muy lejos estos días para encontrar a alguien que ha sido afectado por la situación económica de nuestra nación. Las

personas a nuestro alrededor están luchando para pagar sus facturas y conservar sus viviendas. A medida que nos abrimos paso a través de estos tiempos turbulentos es fácil preguntar “¿cuál es la respuesta?” La respuesta de la iglesia debe ser una de esperanza. Nuestra esperanza es saber que Dios es siempre fiel, misericordioso y compasivo. Como el escritor de un texto antiguo bíblico llamado Lamentaciones nos recuerda, durante el tiempo en que el pueblo elegido de Dios estaba en el exilio y el tormento, se acordaron de su Dios y dijeron “Pero esto consideraré en mi corazón,y por esto esperaré: Que por la misericordia de Jehová no hemos sido consumidos, porque nunca decayeron sus misericordias; nuevas son cada mañana. ¡Grande es tu fidelidad!” Lamentaciones 3:21-23 (RVR 1995)

La esperanza que encontramos en Dios no es simplemente una emoción o un pensamiento optimista, es la fuerza que viene de saber que Dios está de nuestro lado. Por supuesto que hay que entender que si no le ha dado su vida a Dios, no puede esperar que él sea

responsable por el resultado de su vida, de la misma manera que no se puede esperar que una compañía aérea sea responsable por su equipaje perdido si usted nunca lo haya facturado antes de abordar el vuelo. Entonces, ¿qué significa prácticamente tener esperanza durante una crisis económica? Si usted ha perdido su trabajo, recuerde que debe orar por la ayuda de Dios y la dirección, pero no se olvide de presentar las solicitudes e ir a entrevistas. Él abrirá puertas de oportunidades, pero usted tiene que estar dispuesto a entrar por ellas. Si está luchando para pagar el alquiler o pagar una hipoteca, vuelva a orar, pero también examine sus gastos objetivamente y vea si hay cosas que puede eliminar por una temporada hasta que las cosas mejoren. Usted debe preguntarse, “¿Estoy gastando innecesariamente en cosas frívolas cuando podría estar usando ese dinero para pagar las cuentas?” No se puede exigir que Dios intervenga por su parte si no está dispuesto a ser responsables por las decisiones que tome.

La respuesta es esta: dele a Dios toda responsabilidad por su vida mediante la entrega de si mismo a él, y él lo guidará con amor, paciencia y gracia a través de todas las luchas de la vida y le dará la esperanza y la fortaleza que necesita. No importa la dificultad, come el conocido pasaje de los Salmos nos recuerda: “Aunque ande en valle de sombra de muerte, no temeré mal alguno, porque tú estarás conmigo; tu vara y tu cayadome infundirán aliento.” Salmo 23:4 (RVR 1995)

the Crossing en españolsundays @ 5:00 PM(813) 626-078310120 tuscany ridge drive, tampa,

DEAR PASToR, WhAT cAN You ShARE WITh oThERS Who ARE STRuggLINg ThRough ThESE EcoNomIc TImES AND FEEL hoPELESS? You don’t have to look very far these days to find someone who has been affected by the economic climate of our nation. People all around us are struggling to pay their bills and keep their homes. As we make our way through these turbulent times it is easy to ask “what is the answer?


Page 22: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

As of today, President Obama launched a renewed effort at achieving comprehensive immigration reform. His speech seems to be an effort to stay ahead of the so-called “Gang of Eight”, a group of Senators from both parties that a day earlier proposed a framework for a bi-partisan effort at immigration reform. One thing is clear the momentum is building for comprehensive immigration reform. What this means for immigrants present in the United States is still unclear. Obama said in his speech that it is time to fix the system that he has been trying to patch during his first term in office. Two of those patches that Obama has implemented are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers of Inadmissibility for Certain Immediate Relatives.

A “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver” is the new process that Obama has directed the Department of Homeland Security to implement by promulgating amendments to existing regulations. Let’s start by looking at how the process worked before the changes and how some eligible aliens can now take advantage of the new process.

First of all, this process is beneficial only for “immediate relatives”. These are defined as “children, spouses, and parents of a citizen of the United States”. In other words, only someone married to a US citizen, a son or daughter of a US citizen under 21 years of age, or parents (over the age of 21) of a US citizen. Note that this does not apply to any relatives of Legal Permanent Residents.

Before the amendment of the rules, immediate relatives of US citizens already in the United States could apply for residence but were forced to use what is known as Consular Processing if they entered the US without a visa. In other words, they could not gained residence while remaining in the US. They were forced to return to their country of origin in order to obtain residence to pursue the process at a US Embassy or Consulate. There are certain exceptions to this such as the 245(i) but application is limited. The problem with this process is that once the alien returns to the country of origin, the alien incurs a bar to returning to the US for a period of either three or ten years depending on how long the alien has been present in the US unlawfully. In most cases, aliens have exceeded the one year mark and thus incur the ten-year penalty.

The problem with the process as it existed before the Provisional Waiver

is that a waiver is not possible unless the alien triggers the penalty. This only happens after the alien decides to leave the US to pursue Consular Processing. So the alien has to go through the process of having an interview at a US consulate schedule only to find out what he or she already knew. She would need a waiver in order to return. This process is inefficient and can last for a year or more. All of this time the alien has to be separated from his or her family in the US.

In order to alleviate this lengthy separation of families in very harsh conditions and still allow immediate relatives to become legal permanent residents, President Obama ordered the implementation of the so-called Provisional Waiver. This new process will be available on March 4, 2013. The process will allow aliens who are immediate relatives to file for a waiver before they leave the US and thus trigger the bar or penalty of returning to the US. These aliens can pursue the process while still remaining in the US. They will eventually have to leave the US in order to get their visa because this is mandated by law, but the separation is expected to be dramatically reduced. This is because before they leave the US they will have a “provisional approval” of a waiver of the three or ten-year bar to returning. Only certain immediate relatives qualify, however. In order to be eligible for the provisional waiver, the sole issue of inadmissibility is the unlawful presence. What this means is that other issues of inadmissibility to the United States, such as serious crimes, repeat immigration violators, those having committed immigration fraud, and those having unlawfully voted in the US will not be eligible for the provisional waiver.

If you believe that you or your alien relative may qualify for this Provisional Waiver, you can contact our offices for a free initial consultation.

Gil Sanchez Valencia, III, Esq.Hillsborough: 201 S. Westland Ave., Tampa, FL 33606Pinellas: 13575 58th Street North, Suite 103, Clearwater, FL 33760Broward: 8527 Pines Boulevard, #201, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024O (813) 254.1777 - F (813)

To find out the requirements to qualify for the Provisional Waiver and to continue reading this article please visit, or scan the QR Code below.

We Buy Gold!

4317 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa, Florida 33607

All pieces from the Guido Morana collection are manufactured at the Guido Morana facility in Tampa using imported Italian machinery. Many of the pieces are manufactured using the original molds from the 1970's through the 1990's. These original molds and casts have been maintained in the

Morana family archives for over four decades.

We manufacture and hand finish our jewelry collection in sterling silver, white, yellow, green, and rose gold. Bytradition all jewelry pieces cast and finished in gold are never less than 14 karat gold and never higher than 18karat gold. Our jewelers use the traditional European method of creating our white gold by using palladium, karat gold. Our jewelers use the traditional European method of creating our white gold by using palladium,

our rose gold with copper, our green gold with silver, and our yellow gold in 14 and 18 karat carefully calculated using .999 pure gold which is then processed to exact karat purity.

(813) 879-4448

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there’s an app for that! Planning your first bus trip can be

done from the convenience of your computer. Thanks to Google Trip Planner and phone applications, such as RouteShout, mapping out your route is quick and easy. Not only do these features display HART bus routes, they also map out our transit centers and more than 3,700 bus stops. Just visit to access these applications, as well as others with various features that are handy for the anxious public transit traveler.

These features are made possible thanks to the HART Geographic Information System (GIS) Department. GIS is a computer-based data software used to capture, manage, analyze and display all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS processes

and supplies the data required to enable Google Trip Planner, and other phone and web-based applications.

Shannon Haney is the GIS guru at HART. Mr. Haney has been creating maps for more than 18 years and his worked at HART supports customer service, market research, bus route scheduling and facilities management. Therefore, when you log on to plan your trip, you’re using part of HART GIS.


as a first-tiMe bus

rider, how do i Plan

for Myfirst triP?

Page 24: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

Faedo’s On The Go! 2012 Winners of the Cuban Sandwich Festival – Traditional Sandwich

Come Watch them defend their 2012 title @ the 2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival, Saturday March 30th, 2013.

Latin Times Magazine: Please tell us about how Faedo’s on the Go and how it came to be?Michelle Faedo: We started Faedo’s on the go just as a gut feeling, like it was just what we needed to do. We had a restaurant, and the owner from the Taco Bus came to my restaurant and made us an offer to take it off of our hands. I was stunned, but we were able to get out of debt and Michelle Faedo’s on the Go was born. I guess it was the grace of God and this was the path we were meant to take.

Latin Times Magazine: Please tell us about your family?Michelle Faedo: Everything I do is for my family. My husband and I work together and we have three gorgeous daughters. If it was not for the encouragement of my husband, I don’t think I would be the person that you see today. He brings out the best in me. All I have in this world is my husband and my three girls and my wonderful mother-in-law, Carmen Faedo. Without her I would be lost. My family is my life and I’m very lucky to have each and every one of them.

Latin Times Magazine: Please tell me about why your Cuban Sandwich won the best Traditional Cuban Sandwich contest? Michelle Faedo: My

Cuban won because it is the best. Look, you can find a Cuban on every corner in Tampa Bay and much of Florida, but the key is quality and love for everything I do. Without quality ingredients and the best of everything that goes into that Cuban sandwich, you won’t have the best product possible.

Latin Times Magazine: Where can someone find Faedo’s on the Go if they want to try your food?Michelle Faedo: If you want to try our awesome food, just contact us on Facebook under Michelle Faedo’s on the go, which will include a schedule and copy of our menu. Also, it’s very easy to contact us by calling the number (813) 784-6933.

Latin Times Magazine: What else does Faedo’s on the Go serve?Michelle Faedo: We serve all kinds of gourmet sandwiches, handmade burgers, empanadas and devil crabs - if you want it, I can cook it. We also cater weddings, reunions - no party is too small.

Latin Times Magazine: Will there be more Faedo’s trucks in the future?Michelle Faedo: Absolutely, we have big dreams. The sky is the limit. We have dreams of expanding our business, so look out Tampa, here we come.

Michelle Faedo On The GoOffice: 813.784.6933 or [email protected]

FINE LATIN INSPIRED CUISINERelax on the patio or indoors, just to 2 minutes from the beach!Melding tropical fare with a fine dining experience is the specialty at Black Palm Restaurant. Beautiful and delicious Latin fusion dishes that had us savoring each bite. Owned and operated by our friends Lui and Kathy Arango, this restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in all of Florida.

What we triedEL REGALO (Chicken and rice with veggies steamed in a banana leaf) with seasoned pulled brisketCAFÉ CON CARNE, 8oz Angus (Pecan-espresso encrusted filet mignon served with Flash fried veggies and tortilla wrap mash) – I can’t say enough about this dish, it was absolutely delicious, every bite filled with a unique and yet familiar taste that is unmatched – hands down one of my all-time favorite dishes.CHEESECAKE DE GUAVA (Guava cheesecake on an almond-butter crust) – YUMMY!!!

Black Palm Restaurant Located in historic Pass-A-Grille109 8th Avenue, St Pete Beach, FL 33706Phone: [email protected]


Page 25: Latin Times Magazine - 12th Anniversary Edition

Restaurants, if you are interested in having your Restaurant featured in this or our online Restaurant directory, please contact [email protected] – listings start at just $10/Month!

Whether you live in Florida, or are just visiting, you have to be hungry for some of the greatest Latin Food you could ever imagine. We are dedicated to helping you find just that!

Visit our sister website: TODAY for delicious recipes, food/restaurants reviews, food events,

Restaurant Directories and so much more! Now you can find your favorite type of restaurants in Florida anytime on our great new website! More States coming soon!

Kissimmee, FloridaMaracas latin Restaurant 3271 S. John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34746 (407) 344-3500

Puerto Rico’s cafe 507 W. Vine St, Kissimmee, FL (407) 847-6399

azteca’s Mexican Restaurant 809 N. Main St., Kissimmee, FL (407) 933-8155

Rice & Beans cocina latina 3268 North John Young Pkwy Kissimmee, Florida 34741

(407) 933-8155

tampa Bay, Floridacapdevila at la teresita 3246 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 879-9704

columbia Restaurant 2117 E 7th Ave. Ybor City, Tampa, FL 33605

el Paraiso café 4112 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL (813) 247-3287

estela’s 209 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 813) 251-0558 |

Riveras Tostonera ... Designed with his Puerto Rican heritage in mind, creator John Rivera developed the Cutting Board Tosto-nera™, The Original Trio Tostonera™ and the Mofongo Bowl Tostonera™, which now, after years of preparation are a must have in every kitchen and restaurant. For generations, the preparation of tostones, a twice-fried green plantain and a staple in Latin households, has been a tedious process; delivering one tostone at a time. Rivera’s Tostonera is the only plantain press in the world that can produce several tostones Chips, cups & slices at the same time.

Latin Times Media tried out these handy kitchen ac-cessories and found them to be great, a MUST have for any Latino household that enjoys Plantains! We reviewed the Cutting board Tostonera which I loved because we were able to cut the platano on there, fry it once –then turn it around and smash it, the Trio Tostonera which is made of oak; I found this one to be especially durable and I enjoyed using it, and the international Tostonera which arrived sporting the flag of our native Puerto Rico!

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Wet BurritosIngredients:5 lbs. of Diced chicken breast or steak, shrimpSmall tub of Real butter2 large cans of Old El Paso Enchilada sauce16 oz. of Colby Jack Cheese shreddedOlive Oil extra virgin1pkg of 10 large Flour Tortillas1 tub of sour cream1 package of lettuce mix1 package of diced tomatoes1 package of chopped green onions1 deep casserole pan2 packets of Taco Seasoning

1st. Cook the meat and add the taco seasoning, 1 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, mix everything together.

2nd. pour meat into strainer with bowl underneath to catch juice. Then mix the 2 cans of enchilada sauce in with the juice keeping the meat in separate bowl.

3rd. Spread the butter on the deep pan casserole then pour enough of the enchilada sauce mixer into casserole to cover bottom. Then put 1 tablespoon of enchilada sauce mixer on flour tortilla, then place 1 serving spoon size of meat on tortilla, and 1 serving spoon size of

cheese on tortilla. Fold tortilla into a burrito, folding the top and the bottom, then place into the casserole.

4th. After you place all 10 bur-ritos into the casserole, pour the rest of the enchilada mixture over the burritos and the rest of the shredded cheese on top. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, then place into oven for 30 minutes until cheese on top of burritos turns brown.

Let cool down a bit and serve with white, coconut, or yellow rice. Then place a tablespoonful of sour cream, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce in any order you desire....Enjoy!

Flan de Café Coffee Flan6 eggs14 oz. sweetened condensed milk7 oz. whole milk 8 oz. cream (or evaporated milk)1 cup sugar1 tsp. cinnamon 2 tbsp. instant coffee (dissolved in a tablespoon of water) 1 tsp. of vanilla

Preheat oven to 350°. Prepare bain-Marie and caramelize the mold as per instructions below. Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend smooth but do not over mix. Pour custard into caramelized mold, cover with foil, and sit in the baño de María. Then pour hot water into the baño and into the oven for 1 to 1½ hours until done and knife comes clean.

Caramelizing the mold: Pour 1 cup sugar in warm pan and heat on medium heat until it browns and becomes golden like caramel. You must keep a close eye on the caramel until it is done - don’t let it get too dark. Pour and swirl to make sure the bottom is completely covered and swirl as high as you can go on the sides.

Buen provecho!

How to create Wet Burritos:

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