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  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    According to Preach My Gospel the Book of Mormon hand in hand with theHoly Ghost are our two most important allies as we preach the everlastinggospel of Jesus Christ. Have you ever thought what a miraculous, marveloushing it is to have the Holy Ghost present every time we testify as a righteous

    emissary of the Master. The gift of the Holy Ghost is present in the true church ofesus Christ and is NOT present in other religions. Despite all of the good thathey can and do, they will never have the testifying power of the Holy Ghost

    present. That gives us the ultimate weapon as we go out to battle the forces ofhe adversary.

    The Prophet Joseph Smith has taught us that faith comes from hearing theestimony of the righteous and that when a righteous man bears witness, hisestimony is associated with prophecy and revelation. It is the SINGLE mostmportant part of any contact we make in the course of preaching the gospel.Every street contact, every referral, every menos activos, every self-referrednvestigator, every soul to whom we speak will hear us say, "I testify that it is

    rue!" That righteous testimony has more power to change hearts thananything else we will say or do. It is the highlight of the discussion, the climax,he most powerful part of every discussion. Let's not forget that, Elders and

    Hermanas.President Harold B Lee has said that , "That which you possess today in

    estimony will not be yours tomorrow unless you do something about it. Yourestimony is either going to increase or it is going to diminish, depending on

    you." We keep our testimonies strong by keeping the commandments, livingmission rules, studying and feasting on the scriptures, having spiritual

    experiences on a regular basis, bearing our testimonies often, praying ferventlynight and day, and serving others with the love of the Savior. Elder Dallin H.Oaks has said, "To testify is to know and to declare! The gospel challenges us to

    Message From Presidente Dayton

    I Testify That It Is True

    12 de Junio de 2016El larn de El Faro

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    be converted, which requires us to do and to become."Non-believers have no response to a powerful testimony. They can argue

    octrine, question teachings, refuse to read the Book of Mormon but they are leftbefuddled when they hear a testimony born by a righteous, set-apart missionary

    f the Savior. There is no argument, there is no rejoinder, they can't deny OURestimony. Most importantly, when we bear our testimony, the angels rejoice, ourame is written in heaven and our sins are forgiven us (D&C 62). What an

    xtraordinary resource, what power and authority that gives us, how it mayhange people's hearts when delivered at the right time by the right person inhe right setting. My prayer is that we can, in some small way, comprehend that

    power the Lord has given us to help us in this great labor of saving souls. Everyme we say, "I testify it is true," it may be the moment in the eternities when thentire course of someone's life is going to change--forever. It is a power and

    esponsibility we should never take lightly and never take for granted. May theord bless to you to testify ever more powerfully of the truthfulness of this choice

    message of exaltation is my prayer for every one of our missionaries.

    es amamos muchisimo,

    residente Merril T Dayton.

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    Thoroughness vs. Incompleteness

    Message From Hermana Dayton

    El larn de El Faro

    Thoroughness is making sure that the work we do is completely finished. It isutting our whole soul into our work. When we concentrate with our minds,irect our emotions and use our will to do a complete and detailed job withxcellence, we are being thorough. It is remembering that, "A job worth doing is

    worth doing well".

    As a young mother, I learned quickly that my children did a task or job ashoroughly as I expected it done. If I asked that they clean the bathroom, 5

    minutes later they said the job was done. If I took the time to show them how tolean the toilet, the sink, the bathtub, shower, floor and garbage... it would take

    hem 20 minutes on the next bathroom but the job was thoroughly done. I triedo teach my children that a job is really never done until it is done right. I alsoied to teach them that to work hard, fast and be thorough in completing a tas

    rovides more time for them to do what they want to do. Redoing jobs takesmuch longer... it is better to complete a task right the first time.

    On the Mission Tour, we learned much about planning and making wise use ofur time. Effectively planning our work and then working our plan is an

    mportant part of being thorough. Paying attention to detail is the differenceetween mediocrity and excellence in our work. If we work each day consistent

    with the standards and character of the Lord, we will feel great satisfaction onur missions.

    There are many examples of people being thorough in the scriptures. In Alma7, the Sons of Mosiah were thorough in their teaching of the Lamanites and we

    12 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    Christlike Attributes- Faith, Charity, Love, Virtue, Hope, and Humility, Knowledge & Wisdom,Patience, Diligence, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Forgiveness, Dependability, Availability,Orderliness, Gratitude, Endurance, Persuasiveness, Compassion, Alertness, Character, Decisiveness,

    Determination, Truthfulness, Benevolence, Honor, Sincerity, Punctuality, Joyfulness, Gentleness, SelfControl, Initiative, Cautiousness, Loyalty, Meekness, Sensitivity, Obedience, Discernment, Boldness,Discretion, Responsibility, Attentiveness, Hospitality, Thoroughness

    ee that they "never did fall away." Nephi was thorough in building the boat thatarried his family to the promised land. Moses was thorough in writing the 10ommandments and Joseph smith was thorough in his translation of the Book of

    Mormon. The Savior was thorough and attentive to those who needed his help.is atonement offers the best example of thoroughness as He exclaimed, "I havenished the work thou has given meo do." He thoroughly completed all that the Father required. As we go through

    ur work as missionaries each day, we can ask ourselves at the end of the day ifwe have been thorough in completing our work and pleased Heavenly Father.

    We can apply thoroughness in missionary work by:

    Being committed to working until those things we planned are completedThoroughly examining our life each Sunday as we partake of the sacramentEffectively planning with our companions...paying attention to the detailsMaking a To Do List of things to accomplish so we don't forget somethingKeeping our Area Books up to dateCleaning up the kitchen after meals, doing all dishes before leavingCalling Elder Morejon on broken furniture, appliances, repairs that need to beoneCleaning under furniture, behind shelves, and throwing out piso trash to

    maintain aclean environmentMaking sure all paperwork is completed after baptismal services

    Completing planned tasks for the day results in a wonderful feeling ofccomplishment and the joy of knowing we have pleased the Lord. We loveou and will continue to pray for you as you faithfully serve in the Spainarcelona Mission.

    ermana Dayton

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn



    El larn de El Faro

    Stella Maris Pinto Gatca Barcelona 3C Hermanas Walker e Iregui

    Naim Halli Ben Minoun Martorell A lderes Orantes y Weight

    Eran contados y se

    inscriban sus nombres20













    Bautismos 8 6 3 8 6 12 5 3 2 7 16 6 1

    Confirmaciones 8 6 3 8 6 11 5 4 2 7 16 5 2

    Fechas bautismales 107 115 141 137 125 105 120 123 155 142 100 106 126

    Inv reunion sacramental 185 164 165 169 181 218 175 165 193 192 177 144 197

    Lecciones con unmiembro

    682 728 589 768 693 808 695 676 859 829 652 667 734

    Lecciones con un m. p. 37% 36% 36% 39% 37% 44% 39% 39% 49% 44% 44% 37% 39%

    Nuevos Investigadores 681 907 613 695 718 589 669 642 741 679 477 649 752

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones esta semana 2

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones este mes 7


    Confirmaciones hasta la fechaeste ao 171

    12 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    INCO:UATRO: lderes Hemeyer y Bromley

    lderes Busath y Cvijanovich

    RES: lderes McArthur y Garcalderes Stuart y RiggsHermanas Manotas y Sperry

    lderes Jones y JensenHermanas Steinfeldt y Franciscolderes Robles y HarrisHermanas Fernndez y Johnsonlderes Ganowsky y JacobsonHermanas Cragun y Richeylderes Kimball y Carballolderes Male y Lightfootlderes Gonzlez y MillerHermanas Sebasti y Stahl

    Laura Barcelona 2CIsaiah Badalona 1AChristopher Matar ASheriff Gerona AMimi, Miriam, Maria Zaragoza 1AJesus Lleida BMargarita Bilbao A

    Amaya San Sebastin ABarbara, Camila Las Arenas ARubi, David Hospitalet 1AMarialisay, Jonathan Hospitalet 1BFran Valencia 3AZulay Valencia 3BYana Ganda BAriel Vitoria CJohn Burgos ARaul Marratx

    Compaerismos que lograronlas pautas de excelencia: Oremos por estos investigadores confechas bautismales para esta semana

    El larn de El Faro

    he one

    Hospitalet is in the Zone!

    -With an average of 12.4 lessons with a member

    present per companionship this week.

    Lleida is in the Zone!

    -With a average of 10.6 new ivestigators per

    companionship this week.

    And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith.Doctrine & Covenants 42:14

    12 de Junio de 2016

    Anuncios de la Oficina

    Please make sure that you arrive on time, seated, reading the scriptures on

    the day of your zonesZone Conference.

    Calendar Reminders

    June 23rd

    Noche de Hogar with President and Hermana DaytonJune 24th Feast of Sant Joan

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    This week was incredible fortwo very big reasons, Jairo andVanessa were BAPTIZED!!! It was

    such a great experience. Wow itis something truly inspiring to seea family come together andenter the waters of baptism. Theservice was so special. Jairokept asking us if all the memberswere just there for them, and weassured him that yes, they were.It is so powerful having memberscome and show their support. Icould see that it meant a lot to

    Jairo and Vanessa and to us aswell. I felt like it was the perfectway for Elder _______to start themission.

    The baptism was so beautifulthat we had this weekend!Iken was super prepared andso happy-what a greatteenager with the desire to livewith his family eternally! I had a

    really profound moment whilewe were waiting for his dad(who would be doing thebaptizing, and was late due tocar issues...the adversaryalways attacks...), in which wetalking about school, and allthe students here take englishso he was practicing with us,and I asked him "how areyou?" to which he responded,

    very simply "happy". It wassuper powerful to see andhear the simplicity of hisanswer, but to me it echoedthe beauty and simplicity ofbaptism! The service wentgreat, with a few minorhiccups due to the car issue,and it was great to see all ofthe work come together. I

    LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Allthe prayers, fasting, anddiligence pay off, and wehave the good fortune of

    being present to watch Godwork His miracles. I LOVE IT!

    Muy bien, pues comosupongo que ya sabr micompaero y yo tuvimos estasemana pasada el GrandsimoMilagro de tener el Bautismode nuestra amiga Mara, laverdad es que es todo unmilagro, sin ninguna duda es lagran recompensa que NuestroPadre Celestial nos ha dado ami y a mi compaero en

    nuestra rea por todo eltrabajo hecho, los esfuerzosinvertidos y la obediencia ydiligencia empleados. Tal ycomo aprendimos en laConferncia ahora no paramosy ni bajamos el ritmo deconstancia, queremos muchoms y encontrar a las prximaspersonas preparadas para elbautismo. Me gusto mucho de

    m compaero que aceptque Mara le bautizar y sobretodo toda su organizacinpara que el bautismo salierabien y todo correcto.

    How are things going in themission?We had a good week. Aliciasbaptism went super well, asyou already know. She wassuper emotional and she wasvery content. Afterwards wegave her a a triplecombination of the scripturesand she thought that that wasthe coolest thing in the world.She was baptized 21 days afterwe met her and for me thatwas something really special tosee. We were just walkinghome one day, didn't reallyhave a lot of promising things

    happening in our area and weget a random phone callreference from a member andit was followed by baptism. The

    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    El larn de El Faro

    members have so much power

    they don't realize they have.They just need some moremotivation. Everyone knowsthe church is way moreenjoyable when all your friendsare members as well. Aliciawas happy to know that thebaptism doesnt mean that weare done teaching and we areexcited to help her along theway a little more.

    This week has been reallybusy and tiring, but it has alsobeen filled with many amazingmiracles. I honestly don't thinkI've ever had a week as busyas this past week. I just loveworking hard and finishing offthe day strong and feelingaccomplished. I have seengreat changes andimprovements in the area of_________and we have seenmany changes in ourinvestigators. Just yesterday,we had one of Gods Children,Naim enter into the waters ofBaptism. The church was filledwith many people. Family,friends, and many members ofthe church. It was such a hugeblessing for me to finally seehim make his decision and be

    baptized. It's the best feelingever. I can't imagine howmuch happier our Heavenly iswhen he sees one of hischildren change their lives. Itwas a great blessing for me towitness this miracle.

    Last week we also saw amiracle. A members mom whohad been taught by the

    missionaries a lot before, knowsthe church is true and neverwould get baptized asked thatwe come over and talk with

    12 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    her again! We went over andshe's super good. Still scared

    of the water but hopefully wecan see a baptism!

    Things just exploded thisweek, we hit four pautas.Elder _______ is really lookingto work hard this last transfer,which is great. I'm learning alot from him, and it is exactlywhat I needed right now. Weare doing so well, we have

    four fechas, and they are alllooking like they will happen,Amaya changed to the 18thso her daughter could bethere, and Janet got pushedback a week, but when wesaw her, she seemedhappier, she seemed to havethat change you see whensomeone really will getbaptized. Add to that, we

    found some newinvestigators, one of them

    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    El larn de El Faro

    was a reference from theoffice, and she is superprepared. She went to SanDiego for vacation, and whilethere saw an LDS visitorcenter promoting a free tour,so she went and she loved it.We gave her a church tour, itwent alright, and we taughtlesson one.

    The miracle this week wasthat we found a family! I

    contacted them on the streetand we set a visit up for thenext day! We brought amember with us to the visitand we taught a very spiritualrestoration. When I invitedthem To be baptized they all3 thought for a second andthen said yes. And we wereable to set a baptismal datewith them! All in all a great

    experience! And they aresuper prepared!

    We have had some

    marvelous Miracles happenthis past week. Recently wejust put another fecha withone of our investigators andnow have a total of 6. I cannot believe what the lord isblessing us with. With Ruth,Raul, Byron, and Maria weare looking at some reallysolid fechas. They have beenincredible to teach. Eachwilling to listen with open earsand accept what we have toteach them. I was able tomeet with each one besidesMaria because she was sickbut they are all wonderfulpeople and have reallymade a step into the gospelof Jesus Christ. I'm lookingforward into the day they will

    be baptized.

    hacemos todo lo que podemos a fin de que la obraavance; pero sta es la obra del Seor, l la dirige y l estal mando. Nos maravillamos al verlo abrir puertas quevosotros no podemos abrir y efectuar milagros queapenas podemos imaginar lder Neil A. Andersen

    12 de Junio de 2016

  • 7/26/2019 June 12 El Clarn


    13 de abril de 2014El larn de El Faro

    Mission News

    12 de Junio de 2016

    Castelln Manresa

    Burgos Ibiza Terrassa

    Baptisms This Month