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An Apprenticeship Employment and Training Agency

About Us

But there are some gaps that are unique to the Group Training model and that IMPACT Apprenticeships is pleased to now offer to you in the United Kingdom by combining the strengths of both MEGT and Loughborough College.IMPACT Apprenticeships is a joint venture company and partnership ofMEGT (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of MEGT (Australia) Ltd andLoughborough College, Loughborough.

Loughborough College and MEGT (UK) Limited have partnered to bring thestrength of a successful Australian based apprenticeship employmentconcept, called in Australia a Group Training Company. In the UnitedKingdom the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) has called a similarconcept the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA).

Why use IMPACT Apprenticeships

we are your safety net we reduce risks we reduce paperwork we reduce downtime we are economical we reduce turnover we focus on delivering high quality training programmes

Eight steps to success

Step 1. We take a recruitment brief from youStep 2. We design the job description, job specification, person specification and job advert.Step 3. We advertise the position and short list applicantsStep 4. We take the successful candidate through a workplace pre-employment induction Step 5. We organise their trainingStep 6. You are assigned a contact who assists and works with your apprentice.Step 7. Wemonitor the apprentices progressStep 8. Your Field Officer supports you and the apprentice through out the course

Our quality framework

IMPACT Apprenticeships operates in line with the Australian Group Training Company qualitystandards and includes the minimum National Apprenticeship Services (NAS) ATA operatingframework.To ensure that we provide the highest quality service IMPACT Apprenticeships have combinedboth the Australian Apprenticeship Agency standards with the United Kingdom NationalApprenticeship Service Framework for Apprenticeship agencies. IMPACT Apprenticeshipstandards cover the following:

Standard 1: Systems for ATA include management of hosting Standard 2: Compliance with regulatory requirements Standard 3: Effective financial management procedures Standard 4: Effective administration and record management procedures Standard 5: Effective corporate governance Standard 6: Access and equity Standard 7: The skills of ATA staff Standard 8: Ethical practice Standard 9: Quality

Supporters of IMPACT Apprenticeships

W: brochure: [email protected]

T: 01509 517016A: Radmoor Road, Loughborough, LE11 3BT