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My Woman

If it wasnt for you I will never be who I am

I love my Mamma

I do not know why or what I did to deserve such wonderful gift. I am so blessed to have the parents I have now especially, my mother

My mother is my best friend and my worst enemy. We fight about so many things but most of the time, we chat about what happened to us the whole day or whats new and we exchange jokes as if we are just friends.

Shes the one who first taught me of the things I should know in life. She stood me up on my first faltering step, stayed with me on my first day in school and prepared my first meal. Shes always there in every firsts of my life... ...and because of that, shes the first and number one woman for me.

I will always be a child for my mom, we all will be because a mothers love is the kind of love that will stay and will never fade away.

Parents will always be parents as a mother will always be a mother. Whoever we may become in the future & wherever we may be, we will always be...


I love my mother more than anybody else in this world. Though she scolds me at times, I know that is how she show that she care for me. Once she stop scolding me or interfering with my decisions, that means she stop caring for me too.

We may be too busy growing up but lets not forget that our parents are growing too.

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