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We now live in a skills economy

The world changes quickly

We’ve seen a change from a subject-oriented to a skills-oriented workforce


The way companies hire is changing. SKILLS

Not only subjects

EXPERIENCENot only grades

TEAMSNot only individuals

They have N E W


This change has already caused major consequences

of college graduates don’t have jobs commensurate with their education level

of employers think colleges are not doing a great job at preparing students for the global economy

Higher Education institutions are struggling to keep up with the rate at which market hiring practices is


75% ~40%


"Far too many university students are graduating today, some after spending years of their family's savings and others after taking on decades of debt, not able to find a job.”

~Governor Rick Scott

Even the government is

getting involved:

And now colleges and universities must think in new ways to implement, assess, and track learning outcomes & student experiences that translate into direct workforce skills.


A “next generation smart school” (NGSS): Will merge technical skills with soft skills and competencies to produce well-rounded graduates ready to enter the workforce

“Traditional School” emphasizes: - Grades - Test Scores - Book learning “Next Generation Smart School” encourages: - Technical knowledge - Workforce baseline skills - Leadership - Innovation - Collaboration

To become a “next generation smart school,” a school will need to:

Track and assess acquisition of skills in real time

Establish direct links between technical skills and “workforce skills”

Easily communicate with students about career planning

Incentivize students to engage

Connect students with employers

But many schools still lack the tools to fully showcase their competitive


A few schools have already started to take action…

THIS IS WHY WE BUILT LEADERLYNCA Unified Solution for the Skills Economy

Events and skills tracking through unique check-in system

Ability to build teamsPoints & Rewards to engagestudents

Outcome completion tracking

Full OrganizationCo-Curricular management

Report Analytics


Scalability Security Customization Support Integration Reliability


The Next Generation of Smart Schools is Here.

Are you ready?