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MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICA DIVISIÓN DE CONTROL DE CALIDAD Departamento de Pruebas Nacionales PRUEBA DE BACHILLERATO Noviembre 2004 PRUEBA ORDINARIA DIURNA PRUEBA ORDINARIA DIURNA PRUEBA ORDINARIA DIURNA PRUEBA ORDINARIA DIURNA N° DE IDENTIFICACIÓN DEL ESTUDIANTE Fecha: ________________________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Primer nombre Primer apellido Segundo apellido _________________________________________ Nombre de la Institución I I I N N N G G GL L L É É ÉS S S

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Fecha: ________________________________

_________________ _________________ _________________

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Nombre de la Institución


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INFORMACIÓN GENERAL - Para resolver la prueba, usted debe contar con un folleto que contiene 80 ítemes de

selección, un bolígrafo de tinta negra o azul, corrector líquido blanco y una hoja para respuestas .

INSTRUCCIONES 1. Verifique que el folleto esté bien compaginado y qu e contenga los 80 ítemes de

selección. En caso de encontrar alguna anomalía, n otifíquela inmediatamente al delegado de aula; de lo contrario, el estudiante as ume la responsabilidad sobre los problemas que se pudieran suscitar por esta cau sa.

2. Lea cuidadosamente cada ítem.

3. Si lo desea, puede usar el espacio al lado de cada ítem, para escribir cualquier

anotación que le ayude a encontrar la respuesta. Sin embargo, lo que se califica son las respuestas seleccionadas y marcadas en la hoja para respuestas .

4. De las cuatro posibilidades de respuesta: A), B), C) y D) , que presenta cada ítem,

solamente una es correcta . Cada respuesta debe basarse en la información que proveen los textos o ilustraciones.

5. Una vez que haya revisado todas las opciones y esté seguro o segura de su elección,

rellene completamente el círculo correspondiente, tal como se indica en el ejemplo.

6. Si necesita rectificar la respuesta, utilice corrector líquido blanco; rellene con bolígrafo de tinta negra o azul el círculo correspondiente a la nueva opción seleccionada. Anote en la parte destinada para observaciones de la hoja para respuestas: “La respuesta del ítem Nº ___ es la opción ____”. Debe firmar al final de todas las observaciones.

7. Ningún ítem debe aparecer sin respuesta o con más de una respuesta. 8. ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES NO DEBEN SER MODIFICADAS POR NI NGÚN


9. Las imágenes y textos utilizados en esta prueba son tomados del material disponible y

recursos afines para la enseñanza del Inglés.

Para efectos de determinar el puntaje obtenido, solamente se tomará en cuenta lo consignado en la hoja para respuestas .


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SELECCIÓN ÚNICA Read the text and choose the correct alternative to complete each idea.


1. When you sit down to eat, use a napkin to clean your mouth if necessary.

2. Clean your hands on the tablecloth or your clothes. 3. Put only small pieces of food into your mouth. 4. Eat big pieces of food. You’ll finish faster. 5. Eat with your mouth closed. 6. Don’t close your mouth when you chew.

1) Suggestions with the numbers _________ are good table manners.

A) 1 and 2 B) 1 and 3

C) 3 and 4 D) 2 and 5

2) Recommendation Nº 6 is considered ______________ in Costa Rica.

A) gracious B) impolite C) decent D) funny

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Read the recipes and choose the correct answer for each question.

Recipe Nº 1:

Thyme Vinegar

½ cup fresh thyme leaves

4 cups natural vinegar (with no additives) or banana vinegar from the market

Place all together in a

small jar. Close well and let stand for at least one week. It spices up salads, and besides, it’s a nice present.

Recipe Nº 2 :

Red-Wine Vinegar with Chili

3 bay leaves 4 stems thyme 3 small hot red chilis,

fresh or dried (whole) 1 tsp. black pepper

(whole) 4 cups red-wine vinegar Carefully wash a bottle of wine with hot water and

soda, rinse well. Put all ingredients into the bottle, close and let stand for at least two weeks. This vinegar spices up tomato or green salads with

avocado and much more.

Recipe Nº 3:

Creamy Coriander Potatoes

3 cups small firm potatoes

cooked 1/3 cup chopped fresh

coriander 1 cup sour cream 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp butter Heat butter and add coriander and salt. Peel

cooked potatoes and slice in round pieces. Add butter and stir in sour cream. Can be served with beef, sausages or broccoli.

3) Which recipe requires to heat up elements during the process?

A) Nº 1 and Nº 2 B) Nº 1 and Nº 3 C) Nº 2 and Nº 3 D) Nº 1 exclusively

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4) What is the name of the recipe that goes well with meat?

A) Bay Leaves B) Thyme Vinegar C) Creamy Coriander Potatoes D) Red-Wine Vinegar with Chili

5) How much time do vinegars need to marinate before using them?

A) Less than one week B) More than one year C) One week or more

D) Up to one year 6) Which recipes are used to spice up other dishes?

A) Nº 1 and Nº 2

B) Nº 1 and Nº 3 C) Nº 2 and Nº 3 D) Nº 3 exclusively

7) Which ingredients do recipes N° 1 and 2 have in common?

A) Banana vinegar B) Hot red pepper C) Black pepper D) Thyme

8) What kind of vinegar does the second recipe need? _______________ vinegar.

A) Red-wine B) Banana C) Natural D) Black

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Read the text and choose the correct option to answer each question.

The Feast of Epiphany

ne important day connected to Christmas, is the Feast of

the Epiphany. This is a Greek word meaning “manifestation”, and it describes the presentation of the Infant Jesus to the Three Wise Men. They, in their turn, presented to him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Nobody knows who these three “wise men”, “kings”, or “magi” really were, or where they came from; but for hundreds of years they have been called Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. The Feast of Epiphany is the 6th of January. At one time, this was the date of Christmas Day itself. Now it is the twelfth day of the whole Christmas season, which starts on December 25. In some countries, Epiphany is still a big event. In Italy, for instance, they remember a kindly witch called Befana, who was supposed to have helped the Three Wise Men find their way to the stable to see Jesus. In many European countries, people, mainly children, get gifts on Epiphany Day and not on Christmas Day as happens in most American societies.


9) What is the main mystery about the Three

Wise Men? __________________.

A) Who they really were B) The Greek manifestation C) Which presents they gave Jesus D) The meaning of the word “Epiphany”

10) Based on the Italian legend, who told the Wise Men where the stable was? ______.

A) American people B) European people

C) A good witch D) Children

11) When was Christmas celebrated in the past? ____________________________.

A) Nobody knows B) On January the sixth C) On January the twelfth D) During the whole Christmas season

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Choose the alternative that answers each question correctly according to the text.


All it takes is a toll-free call!

After 20 years in Costa Rica, Tico Times fishing columnist Jerry Ruhlow and his staff at Costa Rica Outdoors know the territory as well as any and better than most. Our Travel Division will plan a trip designed for your special interests and budget… including, but not limited to, fishing on either coast or on inland waters, hotels, white water rafting, volcanoes, jungle river, rainforest trips and more. We will meet you at the airport on your

arrival, and we will see you off on departure. There are no “packages” on the shelf. Every trip is customized to your schedule, interests and budget, and we can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day while you are in the country if you have

questions or an emergency.

12) Which locations will the trip include?


A) Rivers and theaters B) Monuments and hotels C) The rainforest and big cities

D) Fishing zones and volcanoes 13) Where will the organizers wait for the future

travelers? _______________________ .

A) At the coast B) At the airport C) In the rainforest D) In the jungle river

14) What will the real purpose of this trip be?

_________________________________ .

A) To see Costa Rican tourist attractions B) Answering questions on emergencies C) To spend 20 years in Costa Rica D) Meeting people at the airport

15) What will the trip include for sure?


A) Hotels and emergency telephone lines B) Tour packages and rigid budgets C) No communication means D) Fixed schedules

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Read the text and choose the correct option to answer each question. LANKESTER BOTANICAL GARDEN

Visitors, especially those from northern climes, will be delighted by the Lankester

Botanical Garden, located about a half-hour’s drive from San José. Although the ground back home might be blanketed by snow, at Lankester it is always spring, and orchids bloom all year around. In the garden’s trees and

greenhouses, about 800 of Costa Rica’s 1,400 species of orchids thrive, along with a spectacular collection of showy, native bromeliads, bamboo, heliconias, palms and cacti. Peak blooming season for the orchid is from February to May, but visitors are assured of finding blossoms any month of the year. Well-tended air trails wind through natural tunnels of bamboo, across rustic bridges, lead to a small butterfly park and a stand of secondary tropical forest. The garden

was originally founded by British naturalist Charles H. Lankester, and it is maintained today by the University of Costa Rica. Guided tours are given daily from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

16) What is the main attraction of Lankester Botanical Garden? The _____________.

A) drive from San José B) delightful visitors C) orchid collection D) rustic collection

17) What kinds of scenery is it possible to find in Lankester Garden?

A) Greenhouses and a butterfly park. B) Natural and British tunnels.

C) Tropical forests and snow. D) Rustic bridges and peaks.

18) When do people visit Lankester Botanical


A) Only from February to May B) From 3:30 p.m. to 9 a.m. C) On any day of the week. D) Only during spring.

19) Who is in charge of Lankester Botanical Garden?

A) The University of Costa Rica. B) Charles H. Lankester. C) British naturalists. D) Tour Guides.

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Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea.

Tour 1 Go riding and hiking

in the Black Mountains, and

camping at Brecon Beacons National


Sleep under the stars when the weather is


Tour 2 Go sailing and wind-

surfing at the Llandgfedd

Reservoir, and canoeing on the

beautiful River Wye.

You’ll never want to return to dry land!

Tour 3 Explore castles from long ago, and have a

medieval feast at Caldicot Castle.

You’ll remember the days of King Arthur!

Tour 4 Sleep at a typical inn and go shopping at the Abergavenny

Market. Visit museums to see

ancient artifacts.

20) The tour that includes lodging is

tour Nº _________.

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

21) Tour Nº _________ evokes times of royalty.

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

22) In tour Nº _________ you have the chance to visit stores.

A) 1

B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

23) For lovers of aquatic activities, tour Nº _________ is the best.

A) 1

B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

24) If you like nature, sports and the open air, you should take tour Nº _________.

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

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Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea.

What is Anthrax? Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium bacillus anthacis. There are three main types of anthrax: coetaneous, respiratory, and intestinal. This rod-shaped microbe grows in soil, where it can be ingested by sheep, cows, horses and goats. Anthrax most commonly occurs in warm-blooded animals, and can also infect humans. Anthrax spores can be produced in a dry form (for biological warfare) which may be stored and ground into particles. When

inhaled by humans, these particles cause respiratory failure and death within a week. Transmission to humans normally occurs through contact with infected animals but can also occur through breathing air that contains the spores of the bacillus. The disease is usually restricted to individuals who handle hides of animals (farmers, butchers, and veterinarians) or sort wool. 25) Anthrax mostly affects the _______________________________.

A) bacterium and bacilli B) microbes and spores C) blood, intestines and eyes D) intestines and the respiratory system

26) The contagion of anthrax in humans occurs ________________________________.

A) by the contact with other infected beings B) by having a severe respiratory failure for a week C) through breathing close to any farmer or butcher D) when people inhale air free of spores of the bacilli

27) Some animals get infected when they ________________________________.

A) are seen by a veterinarian B) breathe next to any butcher C) are inhaled by infected humans D) ingest the microbe from the ground

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Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea.

Hurricanes Benefit Caribbean The Caribbean coast revealed a few secrets during an epic October. Undergoing a phenomenon that seems to happen every few years, a Caribbean hurricane on a distant side of this sea sucked all the humidity away, leaving cloudless blue skies and sea as flat as mercury. The resulting rush of high-pressure air to the low-pressure center of the hurricane also causes massive rains on the Pacific slope of mountain ranges, as moisture-laden air rises to rush over high peaks of Costa Rica towards the hurricane. During disaster conditions of extremely heavy rains on the Pacific, the south Caribbean sees the weather become as nice as it ever gets, with a fresh, dry breeze blowing down from the Talamancas.

28) An atmospheric phenomenon is taking humidity away from the __________________.

A) Costa Rican Pacific B) Costa Rican Caribbean C) Pacific mountain ranges

D) distant side of the Caribbean sea

29) A very distant hurricane has caused strong rains in the ________________________.

A) Caribbean coasts B) south Caribbean zones C) all high peaks of Costa Rica D) Pacific side of the mountains

30) Two weather conditions for the south Caribbean are _________________________.

A) cool with blue skies B) humid with hurricanes C) cool with massive rains

D) cloudless and heavy rains

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Read the text and choose the correct option to answer each question.


When we talk about powers, duties, privileges, and boundaries, we use the term scope and limits. By scope we mean how far the authority extends, or how much authority can be exercised. By boundaries

we mean the limits set up to make sure that authority is not misused. In democratic countries, even the president must honor the scope and limits of the position. He or she has the power and the duty to enforce the law. The president,

however, has limits on his power. The president; for instance, cannot declare war, that is the job of Congress. The president does not spend taxpayer’s money without the approval of Congress. The people who wrote the Constitution

wanted to make sure that the president, members of the Congress, and judges would have enough power to carry out their duties. They were also concerned about the abuse of power. The Constitution limits the power of all branches of government.

31) How does a democratic country control the limits of power? By __________________.

A) avoiding the limits of authority

B) violating the limits of the Congress

C) writing a Constitution which limits the power

D) declaring war with the president’s authority

32) Which government entity authorizes the President to spend taxes? __________.

A) Some judges B) The Congress C) The President himself D) People who abuse power

33) Why does the Constitution give certain

positions more power? Because some positions ________________________.

A) require power to fulfill their duties B) require the abuse of power C) must misuse authority

D) have unlimited power

34) Who has the power, in a democratic society, of declaring war on another country?

A) The Congress of that nation.

B) The President of a democratic country.

C) The people who wrote the Constitution.

D) People who are concerned about the abuse of power.

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Read the text and choose the correct option to answer each question.


In 1960, the world of electronics saw the

first success in developing miniature transistors on the surface of a thin slice of silicon. As years passed, such mini-transistors became microchips. Among the different types of microchips are MEMORY, which stores data, and

PROCESSING, which works with the data. Of the two basic memory chips, read-only memory (ROM) usually holds information that makes a device, such as computers or video games, work properly. The other, random-access memory

(RAM), can be erased or added to, and when the power is turned off it disappears. RAM chips are used in computers and programmable calculators, so they can store a lot of data for brief periods.

Microchips are hidden away in almost all modern electrical equipment, from televisions and cars to the satellites for which the chips were first developed.

35) What was the first hit in the world of electronics? ___________________.

A) The invention of silicon

B) The creation of microchips

C) The development of mini-transistors

D) To make transistors of water and silicon

36) What is the importance of ROM memory

chips? They ____________________.

A) store information B) turn off the power C) erase video games D) have random access

37) Which memory microchip is capable of

adding or eliminating information?

A) The RAM ones. B) The ROM ones.

C) Regular transistors. D) Miniature transistors.

38) What was the original objective of

creating microchips? To use them in ____________________________.

A) satellites B) computers C) programmable calculators D) almost all modern televisions

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Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea.

Anthony Durán Telephone Operator

As a directory assistance operator, I give out hundreds of telephone numbers every day. I sort of like talking

to people all day. I earn around $20,000 a year. But I don’t feel very secure, because a lot of operators are losing their jobs because of automation. Computers do everything these days, so, I’m studying to be a computer

programmer at night school.

Kimberly Evans Physical Therapist

In my job, I mainly work with athletes who have sports injuries. Sometimes the athletes are famous, and that’s always

exciting. My salary is good - $38,000 a year – and I always have a lot of patients. Doctors are too busy to do physical therapy these days, and they’re happy to give the work to specialists like me.

39) One problem that Anthony faces is that _________________________________.

A) he can be fired at night school B) his company is buying computers

C) he is studying for a secure position D) he does not have a chance to study

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40) Kimberly’s salary is ____________ Anthony’s.

A) as low as B) as high as C) lower than

D) higher than

41) Anthony studies in a night school, because he ___________________________.

A) wants to become computer programmer B) wants to be a therapist C) earns $ 30,000 a year

D) is losing automation

42) Kimberly thinks that doctors ________________________________________.

A) have plenty of time B) hate famous athletes C) don’t like to deal with therapists

D) don’t have time to give the patients therapy

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Read the text and choose the correct alternative to complete each idea. Child Labor Increasing, Say Experts

By Tim Rogers

They represent the youngest and most vulnerable sector of Costa

Rica’s labor force, yet they work long hours on the fringe of the law and receive salaries that are just a fraction of the minimum wage. Although the problem has always existed here, rights leaders this week

expressed concern that the number of children involved in both the formal and informal economy is growing, despite the government’s efforts to implement a national action plan to eradicate child labor and protect adolescent workers. To make matters worse, the four-year action plan is scheduled to end next month, and many are worried that the situation will continue to snowball unless the next administration takes

serious steps to intervene.

43) Working children’s salaries are ________

the minimum permitted by law.

A) higher than B) as high as C) lower than

D) as low as 44) The government’s plan to eradicate and

protect working children has _________.

A) been scheduled for next month B) worked adequately C) been inadequate D) been successful

45) Regarding this problem, rights leaders

think that next governments should _______________________________.

A) eradicate adolescents

B) give more work to the youngest

C) implement a successful national plan

D) pay the working children a minimum wage

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Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea.


Derived from Greek, xenophobia means fear or hatred of strangers and foreigners. It is a disease that afflicts many Americans. You can detect it in the speeches of politicians who demand that we guard the borders and expel unwanted immigrants. What an irony that some of these politicians as well as the Americans who first settled in the United States, were also immigrants. The United States is schizophrenic on immigration. The country wants our labor, but it doesn’t want our lives. It seeks our expertise, while the country turns up its nose at our “smelly” food and dark faces.

46) A xenophobic individual is a person who _____________________________.

A) hates politicians B) doesn’t want to live C) rejects foreign people D) wants to demand guards of the borders

47) Some ____________ send xenophobic messages when talking publicly.

A) politicians B) strangers

C) Greeks D) guards

48) The author of the article considers xenophobia an irony that some Americans


A) do not want immigrants B) seek for smelly food

C) derive from Greek D) have dusky faces

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Read this text. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence.


Computers have gradually revolutionized our lives. In the future, we will see many more changes and a faster rate. The postal system will virtually disappear due to e-mail use. Communications will be done through the computer. Libraries will become obsolete, information will be obtained via network. Computer physicians will be the new doctors and perform medical examinations to diagnose and recommend the most efficient treatment. Teachers too will be replaced by learning machines, and children won’t have to go to school anymore. Students will interact with their classmates by computer. Many of these technologies are already in use. For many years, airline companies have been training their pilots on simulators. Computers have become part of our daily lives, and some people cannot live without them. They become addicted to the screen and to the multitude of video games and simulations that the computer provides.

49) The use of computers has _________________________.

A) made libraries disappear B) made doctors quit C) changed our lives

D) become obsolete 50) People will continue communicating by ______________________.

A) learning machines

B) electronic mail C) video games D) train

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51) In the medical field, computers will be in charge of _________________________.

A) examining the addiction of the computers B) substituting patients for machines C) the most inefficient treatments D) diagnoses and treatments

52) One disadvantage of using computers will be that ____________________ .

A) they will make communication faster B) doctors will give worse diagnosis C) a lot of libraries will be overused

D) users can become addicted 53) The expression, “Computers have become part of our daily lives” means that


A) people never use them B) people use them everyday

C) people occasionally use them D) only skillful people can use computers

54) The text talks about the technology which ___________________________.

A) people used, are using and will use in the future

B) will make the kids go to school more often C) teachers will change D) libraries will replace

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Read this article. Choose the appropriate option to answer each question. LTG PRESENTS “MR. LOVE”

Don’t tell your friends the ending… The Little Theatre Group presents

“The Mysterious Mr. Love” by Caroline Leach. Mr. Love presents himself as a gentlemanly diplomat. In fact, he’s a fortune hunter, until he meets Adelaide Pinchen and the unexpected happens.

Don’t miss this romantic thriller! Opening night will be Tuesday Dec. 27 at the Blanche Brown Theatre in Bello Horizonte, and the show will run for 3 weekends. Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday at

2:30 p.m. Tickets are 2,500 colones ($6) for adults and 1100 colones ($2.50) for students. For reservations, leave a message at 289-3910.

55) When will the theatre performance start? It will start ________________.

A) in three weeks B) on Tuesday night C) on Saturday night

D) on Sunday evening 56) How long will the show run? It will run for


A) two days B) three days

C) three weekends D) just two weekends

57) How much are tickets for students?

_________________________ dollars.

A) One thousand and one hundred B) Two and a half

C) One hundred D) Six

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Read the text below. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence.

ENCEPHALITIS Viral encephalitis is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes from infected small animals, usually birds and rodents, to humans. This disease causes

inflammation of the brain. The risk of getting this disease is higher during the warm months when birds and mosquitoes reproduce. Although most people infected with viral

encephalitis have mild or no symptoms, serious cases can cause headaches, high fever, convulsions, coma and even death. Symptoms appear 4 to 15 days after being bitten. No

treatment is available for this disease. During the mosquito season, people should take the following precautions: wear protective clothing at dusk and sunset, apply mosquito repellent

to the skin, keep doors and windows closed, and use mosquito netting to cover sleeping infants.

58) People can acquire encephalitis by


A) a bird bite B) a mosquito bite C) mosquito repellents

D) a serious headache 59) The risk of getting encephalitis increases

when ________________________.

A) people may have headache B) people protect their skin

C) people have high fever D) mosquitoes reproduce

60) Serious cases of encephalitis may

____________________________. A) start by human transmission B) cause no symptoms C) have treatment D) provoke death

61) A way to prevent a mosquito bite is to


A) take a headache treatment B) apply mosquito repellent C) avoid mosquito netting D) keep windows open

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Read the ad. Choose the best alternative to complete each sentence.


Do you want to meet interesting people? Do you speak several languages? An international airline needs full-time flight


62) If a person wants to take this job,

he/she will have to work _________.

A) in an office B) in a school C) on a plane D) on a train

63) A requirement to get this job is to _____________________________.

A) demand a good salary B) speak several languages C) have previous experience D) meet interesting people in advance

64) One of the benefits this occupation offers is that you ______________.

A) can travel around the world

B) have no vacation periods C) can’t practice languages D) earn a low salary

65) This job offers _______________________.

A) free air tickets

B) only two benefits C) four months vacation D) the chance of meeting boring people

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Read the article. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentences. FROM AIRPORT TO MUSEUM The beautiful building that houses the Museum of Costa Rican Art was for forty years the terminal of Costa Rica’s First International Airport. It immediately became known as LA SABANA AIRPORT, as it was located in the now extensive Metropolitan Park by the same name. The design of the building was executed by the engineer and architect, José María Barrantes. The work of leveling and draining the land that would support the traffic of

airplanes was directed by Max Efinger. Though by the initiative of the President of the Republic, León Cortés Castro, Barrantes designed a terminal similar to that of Guatemala’s La Aurora Airport. The project was approved in 1937. The construction, costing more than 1.5 million colones, was directed by the engineer Luis Paulino Jiménez Montealegre. The work of remodeling to adapt the building to the needs of a museum began in November of 1978. Nowadays, the Museum exhibits the most representative collection of Costa Rican Art, from the end of the nineteenth century to the present. The works are exhibited chronologically, by themes in the gallery.

66) The museum was an airport for

___________ years.

A) 4 B) 14 C) 40 D) 400

67) The design of the airport came from _______________________.

A) Max Efinger B) León Cortés C) José Ma. Barrantes D) Luis Paulino Jiménez

68) The museum organized the exhibition according to ___________________________.

A) periods of time and themes B) the cost of the works

C) textures and colors D) themes only

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Read the article. Choose the best alternative to complete each sentence.


The World Trade Organization is starting to listen to environmentalists who accuse it of ruining the environment. The WTO´s olive branch is a report on the environmental effects of international trade. For the first time, the WTO admits that international trade can harm the environment. Green Groups and voters have only recently mobilized

against international trade. The WTO committee on international trade and the environment has avoided these controversial issues. Environmentalists are now preparing for the WTO´s Seattle Summit. Most want to reform the trading system not to abolish it. But poorer countries are almost all hostile. They fear that environmental issues will be used by rich countries as an excuse to adopt protectionist policies.

Green groups want countries to evaluate the environmental impact of the World Trading System, and also want the WTO to be more transparent, accountable and accessible to environmental groups.

69) Environmentalists are complaining about ________________________________.

A) the benefits of trade on the environment B) the World Trade Organization C) the environment itself D) Green Groups

Page 25: Examen de bachillerato 4


70) The environmentalists want to _______________ the international trading system.

A) abolish B) be the only member of C) make some changes in D) adopt harmful policies on

71) Green Groups want _________________________________.

A) themselves to be more accessible to suggestions B) the WTO to mobilize against the environment C) transparency from the WTO D) to excuse the WTO

72) The article shows that the international trading system _____________________.

A) was not responding to the environmentalists requests B) works according to what the environment needs C) was exclusively developed by environmentalists D) is responding to voters’ needs

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Read the text. Choose the alternative to answer the questions.

MEDFORD, AN OUTSTANDING PLAYER Medford is a well-known soccer player and an outstanding professional in this field. He started his career as a member of

the Sagrada Familia Team, in the southern sector of San José. Then he went on to play with the Saprissa Team. He has played in different countries. His fans admire him very much. He has participated in two World Cup events. His achievements as a player have given Costa Rica glorious moments. Ticos never forget the goal against Sweden that gave the National Selection

the opportunity to pass to the second round in Italy 90. As a player, he was spontaneous and creative, and made things happen. Medford has lived sublime moments in the field. Against the Mexican Team, in Azteca Stadium, he participated with great success. His goal for Costa Rica won the game. He is not an active player anymore. However, he became the trainer

of Saprissa Team. Many of his fans support Medford strongly for making Saprissa advance to another national championship.

Page 27: Examen de bachillerato 4


73) With what team did Medford play at the beginning of his career? With __________.

A) Saprissa B) Sagrada Familia C) Mexico Selection D) National Selection

74) What outstanding traits did Medford have as a player? He was _______________.

A) lazy and quick B) creative and slow C) spontaneous and selfish D) spontaneous and creative

75) What important achievements has Medford accomplished? He_________________.

A) is not famous B) decided to retire C) played without interest

D) participated in two World Cups 76) What happened in Azteca Stadium? Medford ______________________.

A) made Costa Rica lose the game B) made Costa Rica win the match

C) left the game D) didn’t play

Page 28: Examen de bachillerato 4


Read the text. Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.


Easter A Sunday in March or April

For Christians, this is a religious holiday. It is also a day when many people buy chocolate eggs and bunnies and have Easter egg hunts outdoors.

Earth Day April 22 This is a day when people think about protecting the Earth. People give speeches about saving the environment.

Secretaries’ Day

April 26 When secretaries come to work, their bosses give them cards and flowers.

Mother’s Day

2nd Sunday in May

People honor their mothers by giving them cards and gifts, and having a family gathering.

Father’s Day 3er Sunday in June

People honor their fathers by giving them presents and cards.

Labor Day 1st Monday in September

People honor workers and have picnics with relatives and friends.

Hanukkah First weeks of December

During this religious festival, Jewish families light candles and give each other gifts.

Christmas December 25 For Christians, this is a religious holiday. It is also a day when friends and families exchange gifts around a Christmas tree.

77) _____________________ is a religious holiday.

A) Secretaries’ Day B) Labor Day C) Hanukkah

D) Earth Day

Page 29: Examen de bachillerato 4


78) On __________________, people give gifts.

A) Easter B) Earth Day C) Labor Day D) Mother’s Day

79) On Earth Day, there are speeches about _________________.

A) family ties B) Christians C) pollution D) holidays

80) Society dedicates Dad a special day on _________________.

A) the first Monday in September B) any Sunday in March or April C) the second Sunday in May D) the third Sunday in June

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