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  • 1C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    CURSO DE INGLSRequerido para el sector Turismo

    El acceso al mundo

    Programa Putre 2007: Capacitacin enfocada al rea de Turismo

    organizado y ejecutado por: apoyado y financiado por:

    Textos y ejercicios: Cindy Schlicke (cindy.schlicke@googlemail.com)Dibujos: Rodrigo Verdugo (rodrigo@rodrigoverdugo.cl)

  • 2C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    Unit 1: Name, Country, Language

    A Hello. My name is Lisa. Whats your name?B Anna.A Where are you from, Anna?B Im from New York.

    A1 Read the dialogues and fill in the blanks.

    C Hello, whats your name? D Im Luis. And yours? C Robert. Where are you from? D Im from Peru. And you? C Im from England. D Nice to meet you. C Nice to meet you, too.

    E Excuse me, whats your name? F My name is Maria Guzman Gonzalez. E Where are you from? F Im from Spain.E Welcome to Chile!F Thank you.

    G Hello. My _________ is Peter. Whats _______ name? H Walter. G _________ are you from, Walter? H _______ from Germany. Where _______ you from? G ______ ______ Canada.

    Whats your name? - My name is ..... And you?Where are you from? - Im from ......Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, too. Welcome to Chile!

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    A2 Countries and cities of the world. Complete, please.

    1. Spain/ Madrid_____ 2. __________/ La Paz 3. Brazil/ ___________ 4. _________/ Sydney 5. USA/ ____________ 6. ____________/ Rome7. Japan/___________ 8. ________/ Hongkong 9. ____________/ Berlin10. Austria/_________ 11. _________/London 12. Columbia/_________

    A3 Countries, languages and nationalities.

    1. This is Marcela. Shes from Brazil. She is Brazilian. She speaks Portuguese and a little English.

    2. This is Magda. Shes from Italy. Shes Italian. She speaks Italian and German.

    3. This is Martin. Hes from Switzerland. He is Swiss. He speaks German, French and Italian.

    4. This is Roberto. Hes from Bolivia. Hes Bolivian. He speaks Spanish and a little Portuguese.

    Name Country Nationality Languages

    1. Marcela Brazil



    4. you!

    Ask questions like that:Whats her name? - Her name is Marcela.Wheres she from? - Shes from Brazil.Whats his name? - His name is Roberto.Wheres he from? - Hes from Bolivia.

  • 4C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    A4 Fill out the following formulary, asking the right question!

    Name: ?Country: ?Languages: ?

    A5 Dialogue!

    a) Whats your name? b) Where are you from? c) What languages do you speak? Do you speak Spanish?

    name country languages

    A6 Whats my nationality?

    Hello, my name is Brandon. I live in a (1 = francs) _________________town. I have a (2 = japons) _________________________ camera and a (3 = alemn) ____________________ car. I like to spend my holidays in the (4 = austriaco) _______________ or (5 = sueco) _______________mountains. I work for a (6 = suiza) _________________ company. I like (7= italiano) ______________ food and (8 = espaol) _______________ wine.

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    A7 Spelling.

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Practise saying the letters.

    /ei/ a h j k /i:/ b c d e g p t v /e/ f l m n s x z/ai/ i y / / o /u:/ q u w /a:/ r

    Dialogue!A How do you spell your first name? C How do you spell your first name?B M O N I C A. D ________________________A How do you spell your last name? C How do you spell your last name?B N U N E S. D ________________________A Monica Nunes. C ________________________B Thats right. D Thats right.







  • 6C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    A8 Talking on the phone. K Hotel Good Dreams, John Johnson. How can I help you?

    L Hello, my name is Paul Pearson. Can I talk to Mr. Jones, please.

    K Hello, Mr. P. Excuse me, whats your name again, please?

    L Its Pearson. Paul Pearson.

    K How do you spell that? L P E A R S O N.

    K I repeat, P E A R S O N. All right. Im sorry, Mr. Pearson. Mr. Jones is not here.

    L Thank you. I call back later. Bye-by.K Bye-bye. Have a nice day.

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    Unit 2: Address and Profession

    How are you?

    1. Great! 2. Wonderful! 3. Fine, thanks! 4. Well, Im all right. 5. Not so good today.

    B1 Read the dialogues.

    I Hello Mr. Jones. Nice to see you. P Hi Michael! J Hi Mr. Isaac, how are you? M Hi Peter,whats up? How are ya?I Fine, thanks. And you? P Fine, and you?J Just great. M Great, thanks.

    B2 Create your own dialogues.

    How are you? Hi, how are you? Fine, thanks. Just great.

    Where are you from? Where are you from? Im from Austria. Im from Germany.

  • 8C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    B3 surname first name country - street zip code - street number city

    B4 Ask questions and complete the list below.

    DiskArt 1988

    DiskArt 1988

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr.

    first name






    B5 Jobs. Donna: Im unemployed.

    Luke: Mary:Im a travel agent. Im a housewife.I work for a travel agency.

    What do you do?Where do you work?

    Tom: Brandon: Im a waiter. Im a receptionist. I work in a restaurant called food corner. I work in a hotel.

    What do you do? does she do? What does he do? Im a teacher. Shes a director. Hes a doctor.

    B6 Find the people in the picture!

    1. Tom is a waiter.

    2. Brian is a doctor.

    3. James is a secretary.

    4. Eva is a computer programmer.

    5. Ramon is a teacher.

    6. Tina is an engineer.

    7. Jennifer is a student.

    8. Mary is a housewife.

    9. Sally is an artist.

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    B7 Aks and answer about the people.

    - Is Ramon a student? No, he isnt.- What does he do? Hes a teacher.- Oh, really?

    1. Ramon/student? 5. Jennifer/engineer? 2. Brian/waiter ? 6. Mary/teacher?3. Sally/housewife? 7. ames/computer programmer?4. Eva/doctor? 8. Tom/artist?

    B8 Now write the answers, like this:

    1. Ramon isnt a student. Hes a teacher.2. Brian isnt Hes a3. Sally isnt Shes4. Eva She 5. 6. 7. 8.

    B9 Match a picture with a job. A B A pilot makes bread. (1) An interpreter looks after people in the hospital. (2) A hairdresser writes for a newspaper. (3) A singer works in a hotel. (4) A nurse translates at a conference. (5) An actor sells things. (6) A mechanic flies a plane. (7) A journalist works in a night club. (8) A receptionist cuts hair. (9) A baker repairs cars. (10) A shop assistant makes films. (11)

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O

    B10 Look at the phonetic spelling of some words. Practise saying them.

    a /n:s/ b /int:prit/ c /risepnist/d /kt/ e /si/ f /mknik/

    B11 Memorize the lines in A and B. Close your books. Ask and answer questions, like this:

    What does a baker do? He makes bread. What does an actor do? He What

    B12 Text comprehension. Listen and read.

    Johnny: What do you do?Lisa: Im a waitress, but I also work as a receptionist for Mr. Smith.Johnny: Oh, really? What does Mr. Smith do?Lisa: Hes a manager. We work in a hotel called Nice dreams.

    True or false?

    Lisa is a manager.Johnny is a receptionist.Mr. Smith and Lisa work in a hotel. The hotels name is Nice beds.

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    C U R S O D E I N G L S R E Q U E R I D O P A R A E L S E C T O R T U R I S M O


    Unit 3: Family, Age and Time

    OTVs new televisin show: The Family, Wednesdays, 8:00 8:50 pm

    Today: Meet the Smith family

    Donald Smith Rosemary Smith Donald is a very rich man. He owns Rosemary is Donalds wife. Shes a a computer factory in London. writer of romantic novels. Shes 55.He is married to Rosemary. They have three children two sons and a daughter.

    Charles & Amanda Smith Andrea & Joseph Williams Robin SmithCharles is their son. Hes 36. Andrea is Donald and Rosemarys Robin is 25. Hes a rock His wifes name is Amanda. Daughter. Shes her fathers singer but he isnt famous They have two children. favorite child. Shes a scientist. Hes his mothersAmanda is a famous model Joseph is Andreas husband. favorite son.and Charles is a serious Hes a doctor. businessman. Andrea is 32 years old.He doesnt have many friends.

    Lucy & David Peter & MaryTheyre Charless children. Andrea is Theyre Lucy and Davids cousins. their aunt. Robin is their uncle. Lucys Theyre Andreas children. Peters Andreas niece, and Davids her nephew. four, and his sister is six Donald isLucy is six and her brother is five. their grandfather and Rosemary is They have two pe