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  1. 1. [Seleccionar fecha] [Escribir el subttulo del documento] | ARMANDO MICROSOFT
  2. 2. Contenido PERSONAL INTRODUCTION...................................................3 TASKS....................................................................................4 EXPOSITIONS.......................................................................13 PERSONAL...........................................................................16 RESOURCES.........................................................................16 CONCLUSIONS.....................................................................24
  3. 3. PERSONAL INTRODUCTION Learning another language requires attention, perseverance, work and especially time and interest. But communicating with others in their native language worth the effort, knowing a second language will benefit our professional development. This project aims to improve English language skills; considering for this exhibition work and resources used, they describe the characteristics of students. this document allows to satisfy the need for better our know of the English language, so there is a set of strategies through greetings, games, songs, stories, and other activities of the English Language, as the intention is that whoever the use, it easily integrate into their everyday practice, making skills of the English language in a more natural, spontaneous and funny favoring the construction of patterns of communication starting from its use and functionality in everyday classroom. The strategies reflected in the project are appropriate to be used and enriched in any project or teaching situation, even modified according to the requirement of the context of the student.
  4. 4. TASKS
  5. 5. TASK 1: WORLD ISSUES In this task you have to write an essay about the main problems the world faces today. Include photographs, like the text you find on page 60 of your book. Remember you have to write by yourself and do not use the translator.
  6. 6. TAS 2: FUTURE OF THE PLANET Write an essay about what do you think will happen to the earth in the next 50 years. Use the grammar studied in class THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS How will the world in fifty years, we can see the same thing today, in my opinion, the planet will have great challenges head as the challenges of technology invade every day but, although progress berry hand with the destruction of our environment. To start with the take into account the trend of consumption, social and environmental intentions, which has a constant threat of destruction of the world we live in, and eventually makes us consider finding a new home. Coupled with this first artificial life could see where see the landscapes that we see today will be impossible in the future we will be reducing our capacities, physical and mental facilities because tecnology environment. And second robots although they seem not so smart idea could debit destruction that their circuits are being prepared for self-control. for example if we have the possibility of access to water such a war would end humanity. In conclusion there is no good future as invasive technology is helping us not reverse the ongoing damage we do to humanity. If we continue as today, the expectations do not seem very promising, producing carbon dioxide will have tripled, while 9 billion people, three billion more than exist today live mostly in underdeveloped countries and dispute the Earth's water, which will add around their problems and conflicting provision. Food needs will amount to more than double, a serious outlook for Africa, where food production is below the population growth. TASK 1: MODAL VERBS
  7. 7. YOU HAVE TO THINK OF A PARTICULAR SITUATION WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE THE CORRESPOPNDING MODAL IN CONTEXT ACCORDING TO THE TOPIC WE STUDIED IN CLASS MODAL VERBS TASK 3: ESSAY OF PROS AND COS I must do the university or I cant into the course about business I have headache. You should go to the doctor. I have a problem with my hair. You must go to the beauty parlor. I have to be at my house at 10:00 am. You must not to dirty the walls of the bathrooms I must not to cross in green traffic light My mother has a new car for go the vacation. You must the thesis for to graduate.
  8. 8. PLEASE WRITE AN ESSAY ACCORDING TO THE MODEL STUDIED IN CLASS WHIXH IS ON PAGE 74 OF THE STUDENT'S BOOK: SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: ( 180 - 200 words) Some people say that countries should legalize marijuana or cocaine. What do you think? Sure every day we hear news about the confiscation of cocaine. Can you imagine how much drug is not confiscated? As the authorities are more controls, is more drug, showing the ease of this to enter the country. There are factors that make this drug First the great demand in the United States and European countries are the same consumers. Second, because for people submerged in this world it generates a lot of money and income, for instance, in Europe the use of cocaine is worrying it is estimated that teens begin to consume from 15 years ago. However, the authorities have not been able stop this conduct using more controls that we resolve the problem in detail, and it is increasing the types of drugs used. To sum up, the drug has become a problem for every society and every day more evidence that the control is not the solution for this problem, nevertheless for governments not to sound like a crazy idea to start considering the legalization and attack this problem at the root of society's mind. CAUSATIVE
  9. 9. DERA STUDENTS SEND AGAING THE TASK ABOUT CAUSATIVE Causative 1. some painters have painted my room My room has been painted by some painters 2. some painters have painted my room My room has been painted by some painters 3. The last weekend came to our house to steal. thieves stole my house last weekend 4. Diane did refill your printer cartridges. cartridges installed in the computer Diane 5. We had just done fumigate my house. my house was fumigated 6. Jenny is going to make pierced ears. the Jenny pierced ears 7. The actor interpreted to Don Quixote Don Quixote will be played by an actor 8. workers have installed a heater in my house in my house was a heater installed by workers 9. Lupe and Miriam are doing hair coloring. she is staining on Lupe's hair and Miriam 10. they brought Jake buying on two hours ago. jak has two hours to shop SECOND TIME FOR REPORTED SPEECH
  10. 10. UPLOAD YOUR NEW HOMEWORK ABOUT REPORTED SPEECH DEAR STUDENTS UPLOAD YOUR TASK ABOUT REPORTED SPEECH. 1. Luci buy a dress. (Mark) Mark said she bought a dress 2. Carlos is talking about his mother. (Martha) Martha said he Was talking about his mom 3. Diana study for the exam. (Them) They said she had to study for the test 4. I have traveled the day yesterday. (Fernanda) Fernanda said she had traveled all day yesterday. 5. Carmen left the university this year. (Peter) Peter said she had left the university in a year. 6. Stalyn Quito will be on the following Monday. (Luci) Lucy said Stalyn would be in Quito the following Monday 7. Frame (do not to eat in class) Marco told me not to eat in class 8. Sweeper (do not stepping on the carpet) Sweeper told me not to step on the carpet 9. The more (do not yell at the audience) The most said me not to scream in the auditorium 10. The polizia (do not drunk driving) The police said me not drunk divining 11. The journalist (do not cross by the camera) The journalist said That I crossed by the camera 12. Where we bought the beds? (Katy Katy wonder where the beds would buy 13. Where is the stop bus (Sofia) Sofia was wondering where the bus stop 14. When you'll be in the city? Jenny} Jenny I wonder when I will be in the city 15. My classmates (for when it is the duty of mathematics) Fer and Tony They asked his companions to when it is the duty of mathematics
  11. 11. AN ARTICLE DESCRIBING A PERSON YOUR SCHOOL MAGAZINE HAS ASKED YOU TO SEND AN ARTCILE ABOUT A PERSON FROM HISTROY YOU ADMIRE. WRITE THE ARTICLE ( 100 -150) WORDS. FOLLOW THE PLAN ON TASK 4 PAGE 94 WE ARE ALL VERY IGNORANT. WHAT HAPPENS IS THAT THEY ALL IGNORE THE SAME THINGS. A person without paradigms are able to pursue their dreams and to succeed where others simply because they understood that all things are possible to him who believes. Albert Einstein had learning difficulties, but was one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. Nation in Germany, Bavarian in 1879, study physics in Federal Technical University Suisa, graduated from physics professor at age 22 and earned his doctorate with a brilliant work dimensions of molecules. Einstein was a reference converted modern with his theory of relativity as well as other ideas that contributed to psychology or sociology, his influence in these areas prompted new ways of thinking about mental processes involved in perception. While traditional psychology to concrete experiences and forms of behavior had a more or less absolute, for this scientific every mental process is conditioned by the context or "frame of reference" in which each person develops.
  13. 13. 1. EXPOSITION ART Art refers to man-made creations, using linguistic resources, sound, or plastic, to express a sensitive about the world, imaginary or real. Art is a means to express feelings, ideas and emotions, distinguished six disciplines in art: poetry, painting, music, sculpture, dance and architecture. Poetry: Greek create is part of the genre. In the poems, the aesthetic qualities of language become more prominence than the content. Paint: resort to the use of various substances and pigments for graphic representations in order to create a visual art. For this, it uses the combination of colors and lines. Music: refers to the art of structuring a coherent combination of silences and sounds logical and sensible criteria. Sculpture: In this discipline the sculp