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  • Claret Health provides Action Through Access

    Cardiovascular disease burden

    costs the US $444 billion annually


    Americans do not know they have

    chronic illnesses, including blood

    pressure (8%), high cholesterol (8%) and

    diabetes (3%)

    The existing model requires three visits

    for a screening 1. Consult 2. Lab visit 3. Follow-up &


    What we do to

    solve it

    Improve quality

    Increase access to care

    Engage patients

    Build communities of care

    Break down health care silos

  • Were building easy, meaningful user experience around health care

    An engaging, simple online platform

    Geolocation-based recommendations

    Personalized risk score, action plan and email


    Screening location Doctors office

    Workout facility

    Weight loss counseling

    An engaging, simple-to-use platform interfacing with Archimedes API coupled with questions with definitions of medical terminologies

    A preliminary risk score will be given to patient without biometric data and an action plan to get screened

    Platform navigates patient to screening site using interface with Surescript API. Geo-location technology navigate patient to affiliate testing sites

    Additional biometric data will create a personalized Action Plan navigating patient to available providers, employer-based wellness programs and affiliated gyms or smoking cessation programs

    An email is sent to the patient with reminders for follow up

  • What were doing now and in the near future

    Available now Available soon

    Direct interface with Archimedes API and Surescripts API powering our risk score calculation and screening recommendations

    Simple web and mobile applications allowing for the broadest consumer reach

    Sign-up free interface to avoid user attrition Intelligent reminders to drive users to get

    follow-on screenings and update their profile On mobile app, geofencing component

    which prompts unscreened users anytime theyre next to a screening facility

    Direct links to multiple local resources based on geographic location, including workout facilities, weight loss counselors, doctors, and other heart-healthy choices

    Direct scheduling with local resources through other Claret tools, including scheduling with doctors

    Facebook and social media integration to pre-load demographic information (name, age, sex, etc.) for screening purposes and to enable social sharing

    N-tier application utilizing Microsoft SQL server database with MVC, C# programming and java script

    Built on a solid technical foundation

  • Were excited to work with ONC on the Million Hearts Challenge!

    Team members

    Ina Elbaar, MD, MIS- Chief Spiritual Leader

    Michael Reese- Chief Geek

    Gene Dolgin- Senior Innovator

    Sing Kwok- Senior Geekster

    Our demo video:

    Our website:

    Click me