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  • My favourite fictional character



    En el ao de las letras argentinas

    los nios del C.E.C.I.E N 9

    leen y escriben en Ingls y Francs

    C E N T R O E D U C A T I V O C O M P L E M E N T A R I O D E I D I O M A S E X T R A N J E R O S N 9

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    Indice .....2

    Idioma Ingls

    My favourite fictional character -Nivel Preparatorio-............................................3

    An Argentinian holiday house -1 Nivel-......4 An e-mail -2 Nivel-.......5 A postcard -3 Nivel-6 My favourite monument -4 Nivel-7 Letter of Application -5 Nivel-...8 An Opinion Piece -6 Nivel-.9

    Idioma Francs

    Harry Styles -1 Nivel- ...10 Le Vampiere Gabriel -2 Nivel-.11 Les Vacances -3 Nivel- ..12 Une Lettre -4 Nivel-....13 Avoir des livres en format physique ou numrique? -5 Nivel- ....14 O est la princesse ? -6 Nivel- .........15

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    My favourite fictional character

    This is Tinkerbell, a tiny fairy. She is beautiful, young and lovely. She is thin. She has got blonde hair and two wings. She is wearing a green dress and green shoes. She can fly!

    Luna Medel

    Preparatory Level A

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    An Argentinean holiday house

    This is an Argentinian holiday house. It is in Tigre. Its very quiet and very big. Its got two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen and a garage. Its got a swimming pool and a garden. Its beautiful!

    Lola Caldern 1st . Level A

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    An email

    Hi, Katy! How are you doing? I am not in my house; I am at the beach with my family! My dog, Hitchcock, is here too. Today is a wonderful day. I am so happy!

    I am writing this on my Dads tablet. My parents are excellent. Oh! Hitchcock is eating a fish now! That is disgusting! *~~* Yesterday he caught a frog!

    My new school is OK, but I have too much homework for Monday. Anyway, I am having a great day off. Guess what, I have two new friends there, Muriel and her sister Sophia.

    Write soon!


    PS: I attach a photo of Hitckcock and me.

    Joaquina LLalloz 2nd. Level D

    FROM: Joaquina Llalloz TO: Katy SUBJECT : Hi, there! ATTER:

  • 6


    Camila Funes 3rd. Level B

    Dear Carla, I hope youre fine, I have so many things to tell you! I travelled to Paris with my family. I stayed there for a month. I visited many interesting and beautiful places, my favourite place was the Eiffel Tower. It is huge! I took many photos. I will send you the photos later if you want. I went out to have dinner at an elegant restaurant with my family and I tried typical meals there, they were delicious. I bought souvenirs from Paris to all our friends. There were many people on the streets and many restaurants, museums and bakeries. The people are very friendly in Paris.

    I visited an old friend called Mary who lives in front of the Eiffel Tower,

    Eiffel Tower, the view was fantastic, then we went for a

    walk with her dog, Milo he is so cute! Some day we can go together.

    Best wishes, Camila

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    My favourite monument

    My favourite monument is the Obelisco de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Obelisk) It is one of the most important landmarks in this city and a famous tourist attraction. It is located in Plaza de la Repblica in the intersection of Corrientes and 9 de Julio Avenue. The Obelisk was designed by architect Prebisch. The construction began in 1936. This monument is tall. It has only one entrance. Inside there is a staircase with 206 steps! I have never climbed it. On the top there are four little windows. In 1978, when Argentinas National Team won the Football World Cup, a lot of people gathered around the Obelisk.

    Rodrigo Tolosa

    4th Level

  • 8

    Letter of Application

    Dear Sir/Madam :

    I am writing in response to your advertisement in which

    you offered a job as a camping helper at the summer camp. I am

    really interested in getting an interview. I think I would be perfect

    for the position and I am writing to give you more information

    about myself.

    First of all, I love kids. I look after my little brother every

    Sunday and sometimes during the week. I have many hobbies and

    skills. I am the football teams captain and I also like riding my bicycle and swimming. At university I am going to study to be a

    P.E teacher.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    yours faithfully ,

    Carina Peepei

    Antonia Sanz

    5th Level

  • 9

    An Opinion piece

    Is competition good?

    I actually chose this topic because it is more common to see competition as a negative thing. Now I will review some facts, so in the end, we might get to a conclusion whether competition is bad or good.

    In our society, competition is to blame for envy, pride, depression, and other vices and miseries. For example two people are competing in a race, one of them will win and the other one will lose, it obviously depends on what type of person each one is, but in most of the cases the winner feels proud, confident, etc, and the loser will feel ashamed, sad, maybe even angry. This is more of the negative side.

    The positive side of competition arises if the winner accepts it humbly and not rubbing it to the losers face. And that the loser uses this moment to remind him/her to work harder next time.

    In the end competition can make people sad, angry, too proud, confident or it may be a way of learning.

    I am a competitive person and in my case I dont like to lose, but I calm myself down because I know that my actions or my language can affect the other person and I also know to let go, not to be resentful. And as I said, I use the experience to be better next time.

    And you? What kind of competitive person are you?

    Juliana Gramon Vidal

    6th Level

  • 10

    Harry Styles

    Harry Styles est un chanteur de la bande One Direction. Son nom est Harold Edward Styles Cox. Son anniversaire est le 1er fvrier. Il est britannique. Il parle seulement l'anglais.

    Sa mre s'appelle Anne, son pre s'appelle Des et sa sur s'appelle Gemma.

    Il est grand et maigre. Il est brun et il a des boucles. Il a 25 tatouages. Il a des yeux clairs. Il aime le football, les sports extrmes, le chocolat et Il adore chanter sous la douche.

    Il adore les chats et il est fan dElvis Presley et la bande Coldplay.

    Olivia Lareu 1 re anne B

  • 11

    Le Vampire Gabriel

    Jai un ami qui sappelle Gabriel. Il a 10 ans. Il habite Bordeaux, en France. Il est

    brun, grand et intelligent. Il aime les maths, les muses et les reportages sur la nature.

    En apparence, sa vie est trs normale : la semaine, il va luniversit, au laboratoire,

    la bibliothque. Le soir, sil nest pas fatigu, il est runi avec ses copains, et va au cinma

    avec eux.

    Mais ce nest pas un garon ordinaire Il tait un vampire suant le sang la nuit !!!

    Toms Cassia

    2 e anne

  • 12

    Cher Julien, bonjour, comment a va? Je suis en vacances, avec ma famille, Paris !!! J. Cest trs joli.

    Il fait chaud parce que cest lt, mais toujours il est nuageux. Il pleut el le soleil napparat pas ; je dteste la pluieL. Nous sommes dans un htel prs de la Tour Eiffel ; jaime le centre de Paris, l il y a beaucoup de touristes, de muses, dartistes, de monuments et de bars. Jaime aussi les repas typiques de France, les croissants, les baguettes, les crpes et la ratatouille, cest bon !!! J

    Je te recommande : daller travers le Seine, l, tu peux regarder le Louvre, la Cathdrale Notre-Dame , el la Tour Eiffel ; et visiter la Tour Eiffel au crpuscule, pour voir les lumires de la ville.

    Demain, Je vais visiter lArc de Triomphe et la Cathdrale Notre-Dame.

    Jespre ta rponse. Je tenvoie des photos de Paris.



    Santiago Cornejo 3e anne

    De : Santiago

    Pour : Julien

    Objet : Les vacances

  • 13

    Forks, WA, Etas Unies Le 4 Octobre 2014

    Chre Amalthe: Je suis trs contente. Ici, Forks, ma famille et moi nous sommes trs contents et fatigus. Hier, nous sommes alls monter les montagnes tout le matin, et mon frre est tomb, mais rien ne s'est pass. Aprs, nous avons djeun dans un petit restaurant qui s'appelle Bella Italia, et nous avons visit la plage La Push, qui fait partie de le reservation Quileute, un groupe autochtone. Nous sommes rests chez mon oncle Charlie. C'est le chef de la police du Forks, mais il est trs sympathique. Lui et sa femme vivent dans une maison la priphrie de la ville. Demain, nous allons faire une excursion dans les bois avec lui, et aussi avec sa fille Bella et sa petite fille Renesmee. Ici, Forks, il pleut presque tous les jours, mais heureusement, nous avons profit des beaux jours. Comment va ta famille? O tes vous alls en vacances?