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Student name: Steeve Sihlabo P number: P1324114x The rise in autonomy electric vehicles and shared mobility

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Student name: Steeve SihlaboP number: P1324114xThe rise in autonomy electric vehicles and shared mobility

The rise in car sharing companies and technology(Uber)The rise in autonomous vehicles and key stakeholdersConclusion and recommendationReferences


Cars sit unused for 96% of the timeCars are 2nd to home ownership as investments for public79 million cars sold worldwide last year, 500 cars per 1000 inhabitants in Europe.(unsustainable)93% of accidents due to human error they are the highest cause of death amongst young peopleThe cost of car accidents is $160 billion worldwide

Facts and figures

Uber was founded was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Early 2012 expanded globallyAn app-based business allowing customers with access to vehicle hire and revenue source for vehicle owners.2015 Uber service was available in 300 cities and 58 countries and this number is rapidly risingUber looking into carpooling and are reported to have already offered to buy all 500,000 of Tesla's upcoming fully autonomous electric vehicles For their fleet(forbesGeneral Motors have recently partnered with Uber rivals Lyft to offer autonomous taxis that you can order on your smart phone or watch.

The rise in car sharing companies and technology(Uber)

Value of shared mobility industryUber raised another $2.1 billionfrom private investors, increasing the value of the company to $62.5 billion. (MINTEL)20% of every transaction goes Uber

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UBER competitive advantage

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Uber is experiencing exponential growth in large cities worldwide with a staggering growth rate in China. A clear sign of shared mobility future potential.(Source)uk.businessinsider.com (2015) leaked-graph-shows-uber-meteoric-growth-china-investors


City Mobil 2 an autonomous bus service has been rolled out in several European Cities including BristolLutz Self driving pods in Milton Keynes2015 California law reimburses state employees using shared vehicle services for corporate travelZack Goldsmith plans on an electric car sharing system similar to Boris Johnson is bikes in the streets of LondonBoris Johnson has agreed the deal supply of all electric London cabs

Shared mobility the answer Governments and major cities Paying attention

The rise in autonomous vehicles and key stakeholders

Key players in fully autonomous vehicle research and development are the tech industry: Google, Apple and Uberfrom the automated manufacturers: Tesla, Mercedes(Daimler), Audi, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Renault Nissan, BMW, FordThe electric and driverless cars will usher forth a step change in both quality of life and economic productivity, and potentially be the most transformational social development since the World Wide Web. It will change the way we live and many of the fundamentals of the global economy" (Levi Tillemann; the great race: the global quest for the car of the future)


Autonomous vehicles versus human drivers94% accidents are caused by human errorGoogle had 13 near misses in 434,000 miles of testing last year all involving human error not the driverless car

(Source)www.dillerlaw.com (2015) distractions-teenagers-and-car-crashes

AUTONOMY INDUSTRY PROJECTIONSAutonomous vehicles will rapidly gain momentum in the coming years and will be highly significant with in 10 years. The trade body the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) said that autonomous vehicles will create almost a third of a million jobs over the next 16 years.(source)www.dailyfinance.com(2014)morgan-stanleys-utopian society will be built by teslar

The main benchmarks in the auto electronic vehicle industry Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i IMiev., BMW and the Tesla model S.

BenchmarkingIn Technology The benchmarks are Google, uber and Apple working fully autonomous vehicles

How autonomous vehicles work(source)www.nbins.com (2014)Driverless-Car-Infographic

Consumers rated Tesla as the fifth best automaker in the US, it has the company has a strong following amongst the generation Y.Although European sales of Tesla model S increased slightly there is still a perception of poor American quality nationalism and the high price tag to shake before fully winning over European consumersTesla introduced the much anticipated 7.0 upgrade for the model S this year which made vehicle fully autonomous.

The Q3 2015 sales of the Tesla were at 11,580 vehicles, Sales increased 52% to $893 million

Risks and barriers for the autonomous vehicle industryTeething problems at Google as the vehicle has faced system problems struggling to operate in certain weather conditions and identify manhole covers.Legal issues and legislation although they are signs that policymakers are warming to autonomy. In the quest to reduce congestion and carbon footprints of ever-growing cities.The human social and emotional issue, petrol heads and enthusiasts.The cyber issue the fear of hackers breaking in to your car and taking control

Impact on logistics

With most cooperation paying attention to autonomous vehicles and their benefits, the logistics labor market will be affected. Mercedes, general motors and other businesses like DOMINOS aggressively pursuing autonomous transportation.Mining giant Rio Tinto has autonomous trucks in operation


Recommendation conclusion

Vehicles are here to stay though in their early stages at the moment and expensive autonomy and shared mobility are one step closer to a sustainable eco-friendly and utopian society. Urban migration and globalisation are on the increase, society policymakers and corporate organisations have an opportunity staring them in the face. Imagine a world where mobility is accessible cheap and affordable, to all demographics.

RecommendationsGovernment stimulus for autonomous vehicles, mobility sharingLegislation changes to allow autonomous vehicles on our roadsInvestment in infrastructure to encourage the scaling up of electric and autonomous transportation, which in turn will drive down the price

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