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  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    Ashutosh Chitale – Admn No. HPGD/!"#/"$"%

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    &E !O'NGE

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    (ana)in) Di*e+to*, Su)eeG*ou-


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    (*. NISHANT DESH('H the (D o0 S'GEE GRO'P is a 1e*2 2oun)ent*e-*eneu* ha1in) *i+h e3-e*ien+e in -*omotin), settin) u- andmana)in) in0o*mation te+hnolo)2 and +onst*u+tion +om-anies .His di1e*see3-e*tise s-ans a+*oss st*ate)i+ -lannin), 4nan+ial *esou*+e mana)ement,P*odu+t De1elo-ment and (a*5etin). He sta*ted o6 his +a*ee* in So0t7a*e

    de1elo-ment. Ho7e1e* his 8usiness 1entu*e in ERP so0t7a*e de1elo-ment+ould not 9ou*ish as e3-e+ted and so he de+ided to s7it+h his attention tohis 0athe*s 0amil2 8usiness in Real Estate. Sin+e :;;$ until toda2 in a 1e*2sho*t s-an o0 his +a*ee* he has 8een a8le to 8uild his +om-anies 8*andima)e o0

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    He then s-o5e o0 1a*ious +hallen)es he had to 0a+e du*in) e3e+ution o0 this-*o>e+t. This +onst*u+tions industry is a very price sensitive andwithout proper research you cannot succeed with new projects .He also s-o5e o0 ho7 the2 did tho*ou)h ma*5et *esea*+h th*ou)h hi*eda)en+ies 8e0o*e laun+hin) an2 ne7 -*o>e+ts in Da-oli , (and)aon , &ai, 0o*

    the ta*)et audien+e in su+h *u*al a*eas. The2 studied the sales 1elo+it2,also 0ound out what price the customer is prepared to pay 0o* a-*emium @ualit2 o0 +onst*u+tion, 7hat a*e thei* +om-etito*s o6e*in) et+ soon and so 0o*th.

    !ea*nin)s His -*in+i-les o0 Real Estate Const*u+tions ?usiness as 0ollo7s.

    Study each and every requirement o0 the +ustome* and t*2 to )i1esomethin) e3t*a . Buy land which has a clear title. Sta*t the 7o*5 on a -*o>e+t onl2

    on+e 7hen 2ou ha1e all the -e*missions o8tained. No compromise in quality o0 +onst*u+tions mate*ial . Use the best and latest technology a1aila8le li5e *ead2made

    +on+*ete mi3, RNC, G*een ?uildin). Monitor strictly the parameters 0o* +onst*u+tion mate*ial li5e ,

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    Choose trusted loyal managers and give them freedom to 8*in)out the 8est out o0 the 7o*5e*s 7ithin deadlines.

    Create trust in customer 82 deli1e*in) the -*o>e+t in time and -ut a-enalt2 +lause in a)*eement to ensu*e +ustome* satis0a+tion and+on4den+e. This also hel-s in +lient *etention.

    Finan+in) 0*om -*i1ate -a*ties is too +ostl2 hen+e t*2 and ta5e 0unds0*om -u8li+ se+to* 8an5s and N?FCS.

    nce you get a proper foot hold in the business! by creating ateam who can create value by delivering quality products!spread your business outside

    He s-o5e a8out his u-+omin) -*o>e+ts 7he*e the2 a*e [email protected]*in) 8i)-a*+els o0 land B 8uild houses 0o* elite +ustome*s 7ho 7ant :nd home o*a 7ee5end home 7hi+h has a *u*al tou+h 7ith little in1estment. He alsos-o5e o0 his d*eam -*o>e+t o0 ma5in) an a**an)ement 7ith some o0 the*e+o)nied 4*ms li5e P(G to st*u+tu*e a P*odu+t 7he*e82 An2 -e*son+ould 8e+ome a ?'I!DER and o7ne* o0 a 8uildin) -*o>e+t.

    His ad1ise 0o* students "ork #ard! $o give your best in

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    Head HR at Relian+e Indust*ies!td. Coal 8ed (ethaneVe*ti+al.

    (*. G. Nila5antan

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    (*. Nila5antan 7ho no7 heads the HR de-t at Relian+e Indust*ies !td has a 1aste3-e*ien+e in the 4eld o0 H.R. He sta*ted o6 his +a*ee* 7ith Voltas then to

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


     Toda2 #%* function has shifted focus to building up competencies! createthe capability 7ithin the o*)aniation and enrich people to make them readyfor future jobs. A++o*din) to (*. Nila5antan Em-lo2ees -ossessin) Hi)h -otentialsa*e not a th*eat. E1e*2 o*)aniation has )ot -eo-le 7ith di6e*ent st*en)ths B

    +om-eten+ies. ou need to identi02 the 8est Hi)h Potential does not mean that the2a*e -e*0o*min) 1e*2 7ell. &e also need to look at their behavioral traits orlearning ability! adaptability B the 7a2 the2 +an +ont*i8ute to hi)he* )*o7th.

     The*e is a need to 8uild a leade*shi- -i-eline. .ook at the best in theorgani-ation and groom them%

    He also s-o5e a8out Challen)es o0 &o*5 -la+e di1e*sit2 not onl2 o0 +a-a8ilities, 8ut

    due to di6e*ent nationalities B ethni+ities 1a*ious di1e*se 7o*5 +ultu*es. Also ho7+ont*a+t staJn) o* 0*ee a)ents ha1e 8e+ome a no*m as the2 +ome 7ithout an2lia8ilities and +an 8e used onl2 0o* the du*ation o0 the -*o>e+t.   The #*recruitment has changed from position based or role based to talentbased. Its mo*e o0 a S+ien+e, Com-eten+ies B Com-ensation ?ene4ts CB?. Clear evolution process from transaction to more of a transformation%

    #* is the only community which have got lot of forum/s across the globe . The2 sha*e in0o*mation B 5no7led)e. National HRD in India, SHR( So+iet2 0o*HR(HR -*o0essional 8elie1es that 2ou need to ha1e 8asi+ st*u+tu*e in -la+e i.e.Admin -oli+ies, 8asi+ 0a+ilities et+. and then su-e* 8uild on it. #* is looked at oneof the support function to the business%#* today is also seen as 0alue 1roposition for the organi-ation%

    !ea*nin) -oints as *e)a*ds 1a*ious +hallen)es 0a+ed 82 HR toda2.

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    F*om this 1ideo I ha1e 0u*the* unde*stood 1a*ious as-e+ts in H.R

    Need to be business focused% One should loo5 at the )*o7th o0 8usiness. 2motional connect is a vital thing 7ithin an o*)aniation Conne+tin) 7ith

    -eo-le and unde*standin) Ps2+holo)i+al as-e+ts o0 human 8eha1io* isim-o*tant. One should loo5 at Human Elements o0 indi1iduals *athe* than anal2in) ho7 he

    is B 7hat he isK 3ou need to understand a person holistically% $oing right things today to achieve in a systematic way in future% &e need to provide coaching to the .ine Managers. HR must loo5 into -eo-les +a-a8ilities that the2 +u**entl2 ha1e B to loo5 at

    0utu*e >o8s. HR has to contribute to the business% #* is an inward looking function. 2verybody in the organi-ation is a #*

    Manager 8e+ause the2 also need to deal 7ith the team. HR P*o0essionals can provide guidance and tools to handle it%

    !astl2 his ad1ise 0o* (?A Students. 2ducation has an e4piry date% ou need to +ontinuousl2 8uild 2ou* +a-a8ilities

    B +om-eten+ies.  3ou need to be employable%  ou ha1e to in+*ease 2ou* sense o0 em-lo2a8ilit2

    and thats 7he*e 2ou need to 7o*5 on. Please -ut an e6o*t to )et those+om-eten+ies, unde*stand the thin)s, listen. Thin5 a8out ho7 2ou 7ill add 1alueto 2ou* sel0.

    5sk questions. Dont 8e +onst*ained 82 thou)hts, 7hat othe*s 0eel a8out 2ou.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    P*esident HR o0 Essa* G*ou-o0 Com-anies.

    (*. Adil (aila

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    F*om this 1ideo I ha1e unde*stood 1a*ious -oints as heL..

    S-o5e a8out his >ou*ne2 o0 :M 2ea*s o0 )lo8al 7o*5 e3-e*ien+e, s-annin) India, South&est Asia, (iddle East and '.S. He >oined Essa* in Au)ust :;;. His *es-onsi8ilitiesin+ludes HR St*ate)2, Poli+ies B -*o)*ams 0o* the enti*e )*ou- B -*o1ides 1ision Bleade*shi- to HR 0un+tion to deli1e* on the )*ou-s st*ate)2 B o-e*atin) )oals.

    His >ou*ne2 7as 1e*2 *e7a*din), he states +*ewards give a sense of return onyour investment,% No career is a matter of 6uke, all +a*ee* -eo-le ha1ese*iousl2 in1ested thei* time in lea*nin) and de1elo-ment. The*e is a s+ien+e +alledHR(, to unde*stand -eo-les 8eha1io* and 7hat ma5e them, d*i1es them andmoti1ates them.

    S-o5e a8out his e3-e*ien+e o0 handlin) #; di6e*ent +om-an2s +ultu*e and 8*in)them o1e* to one +ultu*e. Cultural migration comes with a resistance becauseone feels vanquished. This -uts lot o0 -*essu*e on HR 8e+ause 2ou ha1e tointe)*ate des-ite o0 ha1in) lot o0 *esistan+e o* -s2+holo)i+al set 8a+5s and tome*)e them into 7ell de4ned +ommon +ultu*e.

    He has also stated that

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    He s-o5e on ho7 e6e+ti1e leade*s emotionall2 +onne+t 7ith thei* -eo-le to esta8lish+*edi8ilit2.

    &hat human 1alues a*e all a8out and 7h2 it is im-o*tantK &hate1e* 2ou a*e,

    7hoe1e* 2ou a*e.. the most important is for you to be a good human being. Thats su-*eme.

     ou +an 8e )i1en a lot o0 in-uts, a lot o0 in0o*mation and 2ou* intelli)en+e +an 8esha*-ened u- 8ut unless and until, 2ou *eall2 learn how to emotionallyconnect7up 7ith 2ou* -eo-le, 2ou 7ill not 8e a8le to )i1e 0ull 1alue o0 7hat 2ou*+oa+hin) is all a8out.

    &h2 it is im-o*tant to identify the emotional criticalities or emotionalsparks in an indi1idual and ho7 do 2ou +onne+t 7ith those emotional s-a*5s sothat 2ou +an 8uildu- a *elationshi- and then )i1e the in-uts and do thede1elo-ment.

    Human 8ein) +an not 8e +om-a*tmentalied, you should connect emotionallywith your people% ou* a8ilit2 to >ust tou+h them at su*0a+e le1el 7ill ne1e* )i1e2ou the *esult.

    It is your ability to identify how you need to bespoke your motivation,ho7 do 2ou emotionall2 +onne+t.

    !eade* needs to identi02 ho7 to 8uild lo2alt2 to7a*ds his -eo-le and ho7 to 8uild-eo-les lo2alt2 to7a*ds him. It doesnt +ost% Motivation is not about money. In0a+t, i0 2ou moti1ate 7ith mone2 thats the 7*on) theo*2 8e+ause 2ou* mone2 7ill)o, 2ou* -*o8lem 7ill *emain B the )u2 7ill then esta8lish a -atte*n o0 )oin) to

    anothe* -e*son 7ho 7ill -a2 him mo*e. These a*e all me*+ena*2 [email protected]

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    He also tal5ed a8out 5ll the rewards are *8. Ca*ee*s a*e a8out lon) te*m se*ious in1estments in

    te*ms o0 time, ene*)2, 0o+us, intelli)en+e B intelle+t.

    !eade*s o0 di6e*ent 8usinesses mana)e thei* o7n assets. 1eople are sourcesof value creation% &e should not +all -eo-le as *esou*+es. Resou*+es a*e to 8eutilied, -eo-le a*e not utilia8le 0*om that -e*s-e+ti1e% 1eople are valuecreating partners of the business.

    .earning is a concept which is totally di'erent from training &development% The >ou*ne2 0*om dis+o1e*2 to destination has to 8e 8uilt 82suita8le +a-a8ilit2 B +om-eten+ies o0 the -eo-le. T*ans0o*mation +omes 0*omlea*nin).

    #* $epartment does only 9 jobs! +:et! :ive! :row & :uard= ou )et-eo-le, 2ou )i1e them 1alue 8ene4ts, 2ou )*o7 them into the ente*-*ise B 2ou)ua*d them 0*om 8ein) ta5en a7a2. This +an ha--en onl2 7ith emotional

    +onne+t B an emotional 8*id)e that the o*)aniation 8uild 7ith the em-lo2ees.

    2veryday there is a goal! every moment is a dynamic challenge & thereare no two same problems. Di6e*ent -eo-le, di6e*ent d2nami+s, di6e*ent7a2 o0 thin5in) B e1e*2 +hallen)e is a ne7 +hallen)e.


     ou need to 8e a )ood human 8ein).  The*e a*e no sho*t+uts to ha*d 7o*5 .

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    &E T'?E

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    ?2 P*o0 Ra> uma*

    I–Pe*sonal ?ud)etin)

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    "hat is Budget;

    It is an itemied summa*2 o0 li5el2 in+ome and e3-enses.

    It -*o1ides a +on+*ete, o*)anied and easil2 unde*stood

    8*ea5do7n o0 ho7 mu+h mone2 is +omin) in and ho7 mu+h is)oin) out.

    It is an in1alua8le tool to hel- 2ou -*io*itie 2ou* s-endin) thussa1in).

    It is im-o*tant 8e+ause it identi4es and hel-s to a+hie1e4nan+ial )oals 7ith ease.

    (ana)es 2ou* mone2 hel-s 2ou sa1e.

    Di*e+ts 2ou* mone2 9o7.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    Seven steps to e'ective 1ersonal Budgeting

    Ste- " – Choose 2ou* s2stem. Dete*mine ho7 7ill 2ou t*a+5the 8ud)etin) in0o*mation e.) on 7ee5l2 o* monthl2 8asis, on-a-e* 8oo5 o* use some so0t7a*e to t*a+5 et+.

    Ste- : – Dete*mine in+ome. Cal+ulate 2ou* in+ome 0*om1a*ious sou*+es. ?e +onse*1ati1e 7hile +al+ulatin). A1e*a)e out2ou* in+ome o1e* lon)e* -e*iod o0 time li5e months *athe*

    than " month.

    Ste- % – Dete*mine 2ou* e3-ense and +ate)o*ie unde*

     Fi3ed e3-ense e.). loans, ta3es, insu*an+e -*emiums, +hild

    edu+ation, sa1in)s et+.

    Va*ia8le e3-ense – e.). household e3-enses, t*ans-o*t,*e-ai*s, -hone 8ills, laund*2, medi+al 8ills, -*o0essionalse*1i+es et+.

    Dis+*etiona*2 e3-ense e.). Re+*eational and

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     The a8o1e th*ee ste-s is used 0o* t*a+5in) and -*e-a*in) theinitial 8ud)et% The t*a+5in) o0 in+ome e3-enses should 8e done

    at least 0o* % months 8e0o*e 0o*mulatin) the 8ud)et. In thet*a+5in) -e*iod, the s-endin) ha8it should not 8e +han)ed ande1en small e3-enses should 8e noted do7n.

    Ste- # Com-a*e 2ou* in+ome and e3-enses.

    Ste- Dete*mine 2ou* 4nan+ial )oals.

    Ste- – Im-*o1e 2ou* situation so as to ali)n 7ith 2ou*4nan+ial )oal.

    Ste- M – Re1ie7 and e1aluate 2ou* -*o)*ess.

    (onito* 2ou* 8ud)et on an on)oin) 8asis to +on4*m that 2oua*e on ta*)et. (onito*in) 7ill hel- 2ou *emain on the *i)ht t*a+5.Fi3 a date li5e "th o0 e1e*2 month to +he+5 2ou* -*o)*ess. I0 2ou

    o8se*1e an2 de1iation, add*ess to it immediatel2.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    ?2 P*o0. Gau*an) Chand*ana

    II –no7led)e (ana)ement

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    "hat is

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    no7led)e needs to 8e mana)ed in a s2stemati+ 7a2 82 e1e*2 o*)anisation.no7led)e en)inee*in) is mainatinin) a s2stemati+ -*o+edu*e to [email protected]*e,a++umalate and sha*e 5no7led)e, 5no7 ho7 et+ 7ith a st*ate)2 to u-date it an-*o-o)ate same 0o* lon) te*m 7ithin an o*)anisation.

    (ypes f

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    no7led)e needs to 8e mana)ed , the*e has to 8e a st*ate)2 .

     The*e needs to 8e a st*u+tu*e 0o* maintainin) 5no7led)e , and t*ans0e**ed o*+ommuni+ated . The*e is a need to +*eate a +on+ious +ultu*e to s-*ead the

    5no7led)e.  The*e has to 8e a -*o+ess to deli1e* it to ma*5et -la+e, o* sho- 9oo* o* 7ithinthe o*)anisation.no7led)e t*ans0e* no7led)e t*ans0e* needs to use ena8lin) te+hnolo)2 0o*dissemination o0 in0o*mation eithe* th*ou)h data mana)ement o* th*ou)hso0t7a*es o* th*ou)h some othe* means.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    ?2 P*o0 Ha*sh Sha*ma

    III Net7o*5in) and ?uildin)Relationshi-s

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    Net7o*5in) is a 7a2 to 8uild mutuall2 8ene4+iall2 *elationshi-s 7ithothe* -eo-le.

    It is not immediatel2 as5in) a8out a >o8, t*2in) to )et somethin) 0*ome1e*2 en+ounte* o* maintenan+e 0*ee.

    8mportant assets in networking

     ou* initiati1e.

     ou* +on4den+e in 8ein) 2ou*sel0.

     ou* *e-utation.

    Net7o*5in) +an 8e done >ust a8out an27he*e 2ou meet -eo-le e.).+lass, ai*-o*t, 7o*5-la+e, meetin)s, in0o*mation ni)hts, alumni

    )athe*in), online, Ente*tainment 1enues, &eddin)s, 7aitin) in line et+.

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    (hings that draw people in >

    A G*eat sense o0 humo* Con4den+e

    ?ein) a--*oa+ha8le Smilin) and e2e +onta+t

    Sta*t +on1e*sation instead o0 7aitin) Good (anne*s

    Res-e+t 0o* +ultu*al di6e*en+es Sha*in) no7led)e

    Not ta5in) onesel0 se*iousl2 Genuinel2 listenin) to othe*s

    Ho7 to o-en a +on1e*sation. O-en 7ith sha*ed *ealit2

    Comment o* as5 a8out a -*o-

    'se the int*odu+tions/@uestion o-enin).

    no7in) ho7 to end a +on1e*sation a--*o-*iatel2..

    &hile )i1in) a +om-liment, identi02 7hat 2ou a*e +om-limentin),

    sha*e 7hat 2ou s-e+i4+all2 li5ed a8out it and sha*e 7h2 2ou li5ed it.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    (en steps for successful networking

    D*ess a--*o-*iatel2 and a**i1e ea*l2.

    Al7a2s +a**2 -lent2 o0 8usiness +a*ds.

    (a5e )oals to meet th*ee ne7 -eo-le ea+h 7ee5.

    Ne1e* sta*t a +on1e*sation tal5in) a8out 2ou*sel0.

    ee- 2ou* +on1e*sation sho*t and 0o+used.

    !isten and as5 sin+e*e @uestions.

    Good manne*s a*e e1e*2thin).

     Than5 -eo-le.

    (a5e a -oint to sit 7ith ne7 -eo-le at a meetin) o* +on0e*en+e.

    C*eate o--o*tunities 0o* +ontinued +onta+t.

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    ?2 P*o0. P*i2a Nai*

    IV S+*eenin) Em-lo2ees – The needo0 the hou*.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    In this to-i+ 7e ha1e lea*nt 7h2 8a+5)*ound s+*eenin) is a +*iti+al as-e+t 8e0o*eon8oa*din) a Candidate. &e also loo5ed at some o0 the 5e2 +om-onents that a*e1e*i4ed 82 +om-anies.

    O*)aniations a*e +ontinuall2 on the loo5out 0o* ne7 7a2s to miti)ate thei* *is5 Resea*+hin) the histo*ies and stated +a-a8ilities o0 em-lo2ees is al7a2s a sound

    8usiness -*a+ti+e

     The main *easons IT >o8s )et s+a*e , 0a5e CVs *ise. – Nass+om ti)htens audit o0 em-anelled

    8a+5)*ound s+*eenin) 4*ms to +he+5 s-u*ious *esumes. Fa5e +om-anies a*e in1ol1ed in anti so+ial a+ti1ities. The s-*ead is a+*oss all

    se+to*s. C*edit Histo*2 B Finan+ial Status +he+5

    &h2 S+*eenin)K. Com-lian+e On)oin) sa0et2 B se+u*it2 Sha*in) o0 8a+5)*ound s+*eenin) *e-o*t in mandato*2.

    ?ette* sa0e)ua*din) o*)aniational assets Em lo ees 7ill ha1e a++ess to 1alua8le in0o*mation and assets

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    Hel- -*omote sa0et2 at 7o*5-la+e. (inimie the -ossi8ilit2 o0 1iolen+e at 7o*5-la+e 82 +he+5in) 0o* -ast

    +*iminal 8eha1io*.

    Hi*in) the 8est em-lo2ees o* sele+tin) the ideal a--li+ants

    ?a+5)*ound s+*eenin) hel-s esta8lish that the Candidates a*e @uali4ed 0o*the -ositions 0o* 7hi+h the2 ha1e a--lied.

    It +an also 7eed out an2 Candidates that 7e*e dishonest in thei* *esumes o*CVs, hel-in) 8*in) in t*ust7o*th2 indi1iduals.

    A1oidin) lon)te*m +osts Re+*uitin) and on8oa*din) is an e3-ensi1e -*o+ess.

    ?2 s+*eenin) em-lo2ees, 7e +an ensu*e that indi1iduals a*e -*o-e*[email protected] and +an thus *edu+e tu*no1e*.

    &e +an also un+o1e* -otential +ostl2 *ed 9a)s li5e histo*ies o0 a8senteeism o*-oo* 7o*5 -e*0o*man+e.

    (aintainin) )ood *e-utation

    Hi*in) mista5es should not tu*n into a -u8li+ *elations disaste*.  ust one em-lo2ee 7ho 7asnt @uali4ed o* had a +*iminal histo*2 +an ta*nisha +a*e0ull2 8uilt *e-utation.

    ?uildin) t*ust 7ithin the o*)aniation Pe*0o*min) 8a+5)*ound +he+5s means +ommitment to inte)*it2 and sa0et2 o0


     These 1alues hel- unde*s+o*e the em-lo2ees 0aith in the O*)aniation.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    "hat points do you need to Screen;

    Edu+ational 8a+5)*ound

    Em-lo2ment Histo*2

    C*iminal *e+o*ds

    Add*ess 1e*i4+ation

    Pan +a*d / Pass-o*t 1e*i4+ation

    D*u) test

    Re0e*en+e +he+5

    C*edit histo*2

    D*i1e* moto* 1ehi+le +he+5 S-e+iall2 0o* +om-an2 d*i1e*s

    In4nit2 s+*eenin) / Continuous s+*eenin)

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    P*o0. P*i2a Nai*

    V – Resea*+hin) E3it Inte*1ie7s

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



    In this to-i+ 7e ha1e unde*stood the +hallen)es asso+iated 7ith the E3it(ana)ement -*o+ess. &e also loo5ed at the st*ate)i+ a--*oa+h HR leade*s need tota5e to ma5e the most out o0 this -*o+ess.

     Th*ee main usa)es o0 e3it inte*1ie7• Dia)nosis and st*ate)2 – Dete*mine *easons 0o* +om-an2 tu*no1e*, hel- identi02

    t*ainin) B de1elo-ment needs, de1elo- st*ate)i+-lannin) )oals, identi02 thea*eas 7he*e -*o+edu*al +han)es a*e needed

    • Pu8li+ *elations – It allo7s se-a*atin) em-lo2ees to *aise issues that a*e im-o*tantto them

    • Positi1e se-a*ations – It -*o1ides an e6e+ti1e means 0o* 8*in)in) a8out anami+a8le se-a*ation 8et7een em-lo2e* B em-lo2ee in 7hi+h 0*ust*ations a*e1ented and the se-a*atin) em-lo2ee lea1es 0eelin) that he o* she has had thei*


    Common P*o8lems 7ith E3it Inte*1ie7s• 'nde*utiliation

    •  Too o0ten, su+h tools a*e me*e s2m8oli+ )estu*e• &hen dissatis0a+tion is e3-*essed 82 an e3itin) em-lo2ee, the*e is o0ten no

    0eed8a+5 to the mana)ement

    • (ethodolo)i+al

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    )• uestions 8ein) as5ed a*e not d*i1en 82 an2 -a*ti+ula* -u*-ose• No set -*o+edu*es 0o* administe*in) the inst*ument to e3itin) em-lo2ees• 'n+lea* on the *es-ondents – 1olunta*2 e3itin) em-lo2ees o* in1olunta*2

    e3its as 7ell• Am8i)uous @uestions as5ed leadin) to multi-le inte*-*etations.

    • De+e-tion• E3itin) em-lo2ees a*e not moti1ated to )i1e +ont*o1e*sial, -e*sonal o* inside

    in0o*mation that +ould endan)e* 0utu*e +hoi+es•  The2 ma2 7ant *e0e*en+es 0*om the em-lo2e* at a late* date•  The2 ma2 8e t*2in) to -*ote+t those 7ho still *emain 7ith the +om-an2• Inte*1ie7e* not s5illed enou)h to e3t*a+t in0o*mation 0*om the em-lo2ees

    ?est P*a+ti+es ('ST use s+ienti4+ a--*oa+h• (a5e a *eal +ommitment to the -*o+ess

    • Ha1e a +lea* o8>e+ti1e a--*oa+h• 'se methodi+al, s+ienti4+ a--*oa+hes• Vie7 the -*o+ess as a +ent*al, on)oin) data )athe*in) [email protected]

    • Identi02 and +ommit the data use*s• Go 8e2ond the HR de-a*tment and )et othe*s in the o*)aniation +ommitted

    to usin) the data• Esta8lish +lea* -a*amete*s 0o* ho7 the data 7ill 8e used and +on4*m that this

    is 8ein) done +onsistentl2.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    • &hat is the ROIK• no7 7hat a*e the e3-e+tations 0o* the o*)aniations ROI• Ea+h use* should 8e a8le to dete*mine ho7 mu+h the -*o+ess has im-a+ted

    thei* unit di*e+tl2

    Its not o1e* 7hen its done• Commitment to this -*o+ess is an on)oin) +hoi+e• 'se0ulness must 8e monito*ed• Inst*ument must 8e ad>usted to +han)in) needs

    Con+lusion• E3it inte*1ie7 -*o+ess needs on)oin) monito*in) and *e1ision to 8*in) a8out

    e3+ellent *esults• Should 8e +onst*u+ted -u*-ose0ull2 and s+ienti4+all2 and administe*ed

    +onsistentl2 and e6e+ti1el2• (ost +*iti+all2 the data needs to 8e used• Else it is essentiall2 a 7aste o0 time and mone2 and should 8e dis+ontinued

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx



  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


     8 7 [email protected] SM5*( "53S ( 508$ C#2AU2 =*5U$

    &ith inte*net 8an5in) and mo8ile 8an5in) o++u-2in) a -*ominent -la+e in 8an5in) t*ansa+tions,t*aditional 7a2s still a*e +onside*ed sa0e 0o* some indi1iduals. &ith ad1an+ement o0 te+hnolo)2,0*audste*s ha1e man2 7a2s to de0*aud easil2. So one should 8e *eall2 +a*e0ul, 7hile handlin)an2 4nan+e *elated thin)s. [email protected] 0*aud +an ha--en 82 0o*)e*2 o* +ounte*0eitin) and alte*ation."; Sma*t 7a2s to a1oid [email protected] 0*aud a*e )i1en as 8elo7

    ?% Never leave your cheque book in the open. Pla+e 2ou* [email protected], 8an5 statements and+an+elled [email protected] in sa0e and se+u*e a*ea

    :. On+e 2ou *e+ei1e 2ou* [email protected] 8oo5, make sure that all the leaves are intact, and thatnone a*e missin). In +ase o0 missin) *e-o*t to the 8an5 immediatel2.

    %. Ne1e* si)n a [email protected] 8e0o*e hand unless 2ou a*e a8out to hand o1e* to someone.#. Dest*o2 +an+elled [email protected] immediatel2 82 -*o-e*l2 s+*i88lin) the [email protected] num8e* and (ICR

    +ode. It is al7a2s su))ested to loo5 at 2ou* 8an5 statement.. A0te* 7*itin) the -a2ee name d*a7 a line till the end o0 the -la+e. This is to ensu*e that 2ou

    a*e not )i1in) an2 s-a+e to ma5e an2 alte*ation in the name. &*ite the name inta+t and donot lea1e s-a+e 8et7een lette*s.M. It is al7a2s 8ette* to +*oss the [email protected] at the le0t +o*ne*, i0 the*e is no need o0 +ash

    t*ansa+tion. ?2 d*a7in) t7o lines and 7*itin) UA++ount Pa2ee means that the [email protected] +anonl2 8e t*ans0e**ed to anothe* a++ount.

    $. SuJ3 the amount 0o* 7hi+h the [email protected] is d*a7n 7ith / Fo* instan+e, Rs. :,;;; should [email protected] as Rs. :,;;;/

    Q. ee- a *e+o*d o0 all details o0 the d*a7n [email protected] in+ludin) [email protected] num8e*, date o0 issue 0o*

    0u*the* *e0e*en+e.";. In +ase o0 a++ount +losu*e, dest*o2 all unused [email protected]

    II 'nion ?ud)et :;" Fo* Di)ital

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    II – 'nion ?ud)et :;" Fo* Di)italIndia – Rs. ;; C*o*e

    !ea*nin)s The 1ision o0 Di)ital India aims to t*ans0o*m the +ount*2 into a di)itall2em-o7e*ed so+iet2 and 5no7led)e e+onom2.

     The Vision a*eas o0 Di)ital India•

    Im-a*t t*ainin) in IT s5ills in 1illa)es, es-e+iall2 in s+hools.• ?*id)e the di1ide 8et7een di)ital ha1es and ha1enots.• Hi)h s-eed inte*net as a +o*e utilit2 shall 8e made a1aila8le in :. la5h G*am

    Pan+ha2ats and -*o1ide essential so+ial in0*ast*u+tu*e su+h as edu+ation and8asi+ health +a*e se*1i+es in 0o*m o0 eEdu+ation, eHealth.

    • Go1e*nment se*1i+es a1aila8le in *eal time 0*om online and mo8ile -lat0o*msth*ou)h e*anti.

    •  To ensu*e im-*o1ed a++ess to se*1i+es th*ou)h IT ena8led -lat0o*ms, )*eate*t*ans-a*en+2 in Go1e*nment -*o+esses.

    • In+*eased indi)enous -*odu+tion o0 IT ha*d7a*e and so0t7a*e 0o* e3-o*ts andim-*o1ed domesti+ a1aila8ilit2 o0 these )oods.

    •  The Go1e*nment ho-es to -ut a 0o+us on su--o*tin) so0t7a*e -*odu+t sta*tu-sand to en+ou*a)e domesti+ manu0a+tu*in) o0 ele+t*oni+ )oods in the +ount*2.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    III–?est ad1i+e 0o* a +a*ee* +han)e

     (#2 B2S( 5$08C2 =* 5 C5*22* C#5N:2 I0 2ou1e 8een out o0 7o*5 0o* a 7hile, 2ou ma2 de+ide 7hat 2ou need is a +a*ee*+han)e. The su++ess o0 that a--*oa+h de-ends on 2ou* ans7e*s to 41e im-o*[email protected]*st, a*e 2ou +onside*in) a +han)e 8e+ause 2ou do not li5e 2ou* +u**ent 7o*5situationK It ma2 ma5e mo*e sense to loo5 0o* anothe* 7o*5 situation than to lea1e

    2ou* +a*ee*. The ?est Ad1i+e Fo* A Ca*ee* Chan)e (an2 0ol5s 7ho +on0use unha--iness 7ith thei* +u**ent situation as unha--iness7ith thei* +a*ee* +hoi+e. The*e is a di6e*en+e. I +an hel- 2ou dete*mine 7hi+h+han)e is *i)ht 0o* 2ou. Se+ond, i0 2ou ha1e an2 dou8ts a8out a +a*ee* +han)e, a*e 2ou su*e 2ou ha1e

    e3hausted e1e*2 a1enue to ad1an+e in 2ou* +u**ent +a*ee*K Thi*d, i0 2ou a*e dete*mined on a +han)e, a*e 2ou mo1in) into a +a*ee* 2ou +an 0eel-assionate a8outK I0 2ou a*e de-*essed a8out the -*os-e+t o0 +han)eX0o* e3am-le,i0 2ou a*e lea1in) 8ehind the onl2 7o*5 that )i1es 2ou >o2X2ou +annot -*esent2ou*sel0 7ell at inte*1ie7s. ou* la+5 o0 -assion sho7s. That t2-e o0 +a*ee* +han)e ma5es 2ou* >o8 sea*+h ha*de*, not easie*.

     Fou*th a*e 2ou* s5ills t*ans0e**a8leK I0 2ou need hel- -*esentin) 2ou* s5ills anda+hie1ements in thei* 8est li ht et hel 0*om a *o0essional.

    IV E l P 4l C 8 i

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    IV– Em-lo2ee P*o4les Can 8usiness

    o0 all sies 8ene4t 0*om itK

    !ea*nin)sA 1e*2 in0o*mati1e a*ti+le on the im-o*tan+e o0 em-lo2ee -*o4les. Em-lo2ee -*o4lestell the sto*2 o0 ea+h and e1e*2 em-lo2ees s5ills and its im-o*tant to +a-tu*e thisin0o*mation 7hi+h +an lead to measu*a8le *esults.

    % 8i) 8ene4ts o0 em-lo2ee -*o4les• ?*in) 2ou* *emote em-lo2ees to)ethe* In a 0ai*l2 dis-e*sed o*)aniation

    )eo)*a-hi+all2, it is im-o*tant to +*eate a -lat0o*m that +an -o-ulate -*o4lein0o*mation o0 em-lo2ees automati+all2. This 7a2 a -e*son 7ho inte*a+ts*emotel2 is a8le to ma- a 0a+e to the -e*son on the othe* side.

    • En+ou*a)e em-lo2ees to net7o*5 In e1e*2 o*)aniation, em-lo2ees de-end onea+h othe*, the2 +an 8uild a 8udd2 +ommunit2 0o* themsel1es the*e82 hel-in)thei* +ause in meetin) o*)aniational o8>e+ti1es

    Hel-in) to s-ot talent It is not eas2 to 5no7 the s5ill sets o0 em-lo2ees. It isim-o*tant to -*o1ide a tool that +an automati+all2 8uild -*o0essional s5ills and8a+5)*ound. It 7ill hel- the 8usiness to 4nd the *i)ht -e*son at the *i)ht time.

    Con+lusion?2 em-lo2in) a 1e*2 sim-le 8ut e6e+ti1e solution th*ou)h a so+ial -eo-lemana)ement tool, the o*)aniation +an *ea- multi-le 8ene4ts. This 7ill 8e the 4*st

    ste- o0 8uildin) an en)a)ed 7o*50o*+e o*)aniation.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    V – Tou*ism Indust*2 to )ene*ateadditional >o8s o0 .m 82 :;::

    !ea*nin)s Tou*ism is not onl2 a )*o7th en)ine 8ut also an e3-o*t )*o7th en)ine andem-lo2ment )ene*ato*. T*a1el, Tou*ism and Hos-italit2 indust*2 in India se)mentsto)ethe* em-lo2ed .Q million -eo-le in :;"%, and -*edi+ted to -*o1ideem-lo2ment to "%.## million -eo-le o1e* the ne3t de+ade.

     The *e-o*t *eleased 82 Ra>i1 P*ata- Rud2, (iniste* o0 State +ontains the in+*ementalhuman *esou*+e *[email protected]*ement a+*oss :# se+to*s is nea*l2 ";Q.M% million 7he*e82 the

    to- "; se+to*s a++ount 0o* a8out $; -e*+ent o0 *[email protected]*ements. The to- se+to*s a*eas 8elo7S%N

    oSector 8n @?

    DMillionE1rojected [email protected]

    @[email protected]


    " ?uildin) +onst*u+tion B *etailestate

    #.#: M. %"."%

    : Retail %$.; .M% "M."%

    % T*ans-o*tation B !o)isti+s ".M# :$.#; "".

    # ?eaut2 B &ellness #.:" "#.:M ";.;

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    V ContdL

    Rud2 said that as the old ada)e )oes,7hat +annot 8e measu*ed, +annot 8e+o**e+ted. The idea 8ehind the S5illGa- Studies is to unde*stand 7hi+hse+to*s a*e li5el2 to 0a+e the 8i))est

    )a-s. It is im-e*ati1e 0o* us to -lan thes5illin) o0 0utu*e 7o*50o*+e o0 India.

     The *e-o*ts )i1e an insi)ht on [email protected] and @ualitati1e 4ndin)s inte*ms o0 hi)hli)htin) 5e2 >o8 *oles in

    the se+to*, e3istin) s5ill )a-s in these+to*s, 5e2 inte*1entions *[email protected]*ed toma- su--l2 and demand, et+. He said,these 7ill hel- the (inist*2 to +*eate ast*ate)2 to 8ind to)ethe* the islands o0e3+ellen+e that 7e al*ead2 ha1e in the+ount*2.

    VI T S i l ( di Hi i ( th

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    VI – To- So+ial (edia Hi*in) (2ths?usted

    !ea*nin)sHi*in) th*ou)h so+ial media has 8e+ome a +ommon -*a+ti+e these da2s. &hile theusa)e is )*o7in), it is im-o*tant to unde*stand that not e1e*28od2 +onsumes it inthe same 7a2. Some assum-tions and -*esum-tions need to 8e +he+5ed 8e0o*eta5in) the so+ial 7a2...

     These da2s te+hnolo)2 seems to 8e the -ana+ea 0o* all ills and hi*in) is no

    e3+e-tion. A*)ua8l2, the latest t*end is to use so+ial media as a hi*in) -lat0o*m. ?ut8e0o*e lo))in) onto the 777.+om 0o* 2ou* ne3t hi*e, 7at+h out 0o* these loo-holes,ad1ises (a2an5 Chand*a, mana)in) -a*tne*, Antal Inte*national

    (2th " ou +an )et *ele1ant -*o4les 0*om so+ial net7o*5in)

    Realit2 The 7o*ld and its +ousins a*e lo))ed on and 2ou a*e not 7*on) in e3-e+tin)to +at+h the 8i) 4sh. ?ut 8e 7a*ned, 1e*2 0e7 -*o4les a*e *ele1ant to the >o8 -osted.

    (2th : In0o*mation a1aila8le is a++u*ate

    Realit2 This ma2 not al7a2s 8e the +ase as the*e is no 7a2 to +on4*m theauthenti+it2 o0 the +*edentials on so+ial media. In the end, 2ou 7ill ha1e to *eso*t to

    )ood old *e0e*en+e +he+5s.

    (2th % P*a+ti+all2 e1e*2one has a so+ial a++ount

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    Realit2 That is +e*tainl2 not the +ase as man2 senio* le1el -*o0essionals do not ha1ea -*esen+e on !in5edIn o* Fa+e8oo5 0o* that matte*.

    (2th # '-loadin) a -ostin) 7ill )et 2ou *es-onses

    Realit2 (an2 -ostin)s a*e done dail2 so it is 8ette* to do a 0o+used sea*+h 0o* the*[email protected] 'sa)e o0 the *i)ht 5e27o*d in 2ou* >o8 des+*i-tion 7ill ensu*e it is al7a2su- in the sea*+h *esults.

    (2th Hi*in) th*ou)h so+ial media is e+onomi+al

    Realit2 Ce*tainl2 not At the end o0 the da2 1e*2 0e7 mandates a*e +on1e*tedth*ou)h so+ial media, that too a0te* si0tin) th*ou)h nume*ous i**ele1ant *es-onses.A++ess to +om-lete data8ases on a so+ial net7o*5in) -lat0o*m is -*i+ed at a-*emium 82 the so+ial media )iants.

     To +on+lude, so+ial media is the 8u 7o*d these da2s thus, it is ne+essa*2 to ha1e

    +la*it2 a8out its utilit2, *ea+h and s+o-e. 'ntil that ha--ens, *eal 7o*ld +onne+tion7ill 8e +*u+ial to st*en)then the so+ial *e+*uitin) -*o+ess and )et the desi*ed*esults.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    VII – The Gi0t O0 'ndi1ided Attention


     The +ou*tes2 o0 listenin),-a*ti+i-atin) and e3+usin) onessel0 is *a*e, i0 not dead. So i0someones tal5in), 7hile anothe* is

    8us2 te3tin), and the thi*d isans7e*in) emailsL 7hos listenin)K

    ?2 4ddlin) 7ith 2ou* -hone 7hen in+om-an2, 2ou a*e i)no*in) -eo-leand -un+tu*in) thei* e)o. I)no*in)

    someone is a5in to s+o*nin) themo-enl2

    Fe7 0o*)otten 0a+ts a*ound +ommuni+ations

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    Multi7tasking is di'erent from distraction> So dont e1en )o do7n that -ath.(ultitas5in) is doin) se1e*al im-o*tant thin)s *es-onsi8l2, at the same time.Dist*a+tion is the e3a+t o--osite. Ans7e*in) a 8usiness email o* *eadin)/7*itin) amessa)e ho)s u- 8*ains-a+e – the*es no 7a2 an2one +an do an2thin) else,

    *es-onsi8l2, at the same time#earing is di'erent from listening> !istenin) ena8les -a*ti+i-ation and sha*in)o0 o-inions–the 0undamentals o0 )ood +ommuni+ation, *emem8e*K Hea*in) a+tuall2means nothin) in a -*o0essional o* e1en a -e*sonal +ommuni+ation. &hen -eo-lesa2 UI hea* 2ou, it means the2 a*e not inte*ested in listenin) to 2ou. Its not thesame as disa)*eein) – its in4nitel2 7o*se

     3ou are there because you are valued> No one in1ites 0*eeloade*s to meetin)s.

    I0 2ou ha1e 8een in1ited its 8e+ause 2ou – i.e. 2ou* o-inion, 2ou* de+isions, 2ou*-e*s-e+ti1es, 2ou* e3-e*tise, 2ou* 7isdom – a*e all 1alued. The o81iouse3-e+tation, the*e0o*e, is that 2ou li1e u- to this ima)e.Nothing is that important> I0 it is +*iti+al o* an eme*)en+2, -eo-le 7ill +all –*e-eatedl2. !oo5 at it this 7a2 I0 8usiness )oes on -e*0e+tl2 7ell 7hen 2ou a*e on1a+ation, su*el2 a 0e7 messa)es +an 7ait until 2ou* meetin) ends.

    2veryone has an ego> Its su8tle, 8ut the*e. ?2 4ddlin) 7ith 2ou* -hone 7hen in+om-an2, 2ou a*e i)no*in) -eo-le and -un+tu*in) thei* e)o. I)no*in) someone isa5in to s+o*nin) them o-enl2 And, hell hath no 0u*2 li5e an2one s+o*ned.Chastisement ma2 ha--en -ost0a+to, 8ut it 7ill ha--en8f the speaker doesn/t care! you loseF Sometimes -eo-le >ust +ontinue s-ea5in)-*etendin) not to noti+e. ?e a7a*e, nothin) )oes unnoti+ed Ho7e1e*, 2ou, thedist*a+ted, 7ill lose. The*es the -ossi8ilit2 o0 missin) out on somethin) im-o*tant

    toda2, onl2 to loo5 0oolish tomo**o7.Ultimately! it/s about respect> Cultu*al 9u+tuations ma2 1a*2 the +on+e-ts and

    VIII R l ? 5 O0 S l d T C

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    VIII – Ro2al ?an5 O0 S+otland To Cut"#,;;; o8s


    ?*itains state*es+ued Ro2al ?an5 o0 S+otland 7ill a3eu- to "#,;;; >o8s 82 :;"Q in a *et*eat 0*om in1estment8an5in), the Finan+ial Times *e-o*ted &ednesda2.

     The dail2 8usiness ne7s-a-e*, 7hi+h +ited -eo-le0amilia* 7ith the matte*, said the lende* +ould shed asmu+h as $; -e*+ent o0 its in1estment 8an5in) di1ision,7hi+h em-lo2s a total o0 "$,;;; -eo-le.

    A s-o5es7oman 0o* R?S, 7hi+h is a8out $;-e*+ent

    stateo7ned, de+lined to +omment on the -*ess *e-o*t.

     The Edin8u*)h8ased 8an5 had al*ead2 announ+ed last7ee5 that it 7ould end in1estment 8an5in) in the(iddle East and A0*i+a and si)ni4+antl2 *edu+e its-*esen+e in Asia and the 'nited States a0te* -ostin) itsse1enth su++essi1e annual loss.

    C td R l ? 5 O0 S tl d T C t

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    Contd..– Ro2al ?an5 O0 S+otland To Cut"#,;;; o8s

    !osses a0te* ta3 totalled Y%.#M 8illion Z.#; 8illion,#.M# 8illion eu*os last 2ea* a0te* a Y#.;8illion7*itedo7n on Citiens 8an5, -a*t o0 its 'S o-e*ations.

     The -e*0o*man+e 7as ho7e1e* mu+h 8ette* than in:;"% 7hen R?S had -osted an annual net loss o0

    almost YQ.; 8illion. St*i--in) out the 7*itedo7n andothe* items, R?S *e+o*ded an o-e*atin) -*o4t o0 Y%.8illion 0o* :;"#.

    I Ne7 S5ill T*ainin) S+heme

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    I – Ne7 S5ill T*ainin) S+heme Ta*)ets :# !a5h outh

    !ea*nin)s&ith an aim to ta*)et :# la5h 2outh, the (odi Go1e*nment on F*ida2 a--*o1ed a ne7s+heme 0o* s5ill de1elo-ment, UP*adhan (ant*i aushal Vi5as o>ana P(V, 7ithan e3-enditu*e o0 K ",;; +*o*e.

    Post the Ca8inet a--*o1al on F*ida2, the s+heme aims to *e7a*d t*ainees onassessment and +e*ti4+ation 82 thi*d -a*t2 assessment 8odies.

     The a1e*a)e moneta*2 *e7a*d 7ould 8e a*ound [$,;;; a t*ainee. The statement0u*the* said,

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    – Fli-5a*t Aims To C*eate : (illion o8s This ea*


    Domesti+ e+omme*+e ma>o* Fli-5a*t on &ednesda2said it 7ill )ene*ate o1e* : million >o8s th*ou)h itsma*5et-la+e and an+illa*2 se*1i+es this 2ea*.The?en)alu*u8ased 4*m e3-e+ts ; -e*+ent o0 this

    em-lo2ment to 8e )ene*ated in the lo)isti+s and7a*ehousin) se+to*.

    Selle*s on ou* ma*5et-la+e ha1e 8een di*e+tl2*es-onsi8le 0o* d*i1in) em-lo2ment 7ithin thei* o7n+ommunities. In 0a+t, e+omme*+e su--o*t 0a+ilities li5e

    me*+handiin), 8u2in), -a+5a)in) and +atalo)in) ha1e)ene*ated mo*e than M,;;; >o8s in the last one 2ea*,<Fli-5a*t Senio* Vi+e P*esident (a*5et-la+e An5itNa)o*i said in a statement.

    Goin) 82 -ast t*ends, Fli-5a*t is +on4dent that it 7ill

    )ene*ate +lose to t7o million >o8s this 2ea*, he added.

     The *a-id de1elo-ment o0 the e+omme*+e e+os2stem in India 7ill +ont*i8uteto7a*ds the )ene*ation o0 em-lo2ment a+*oss se+to*s Fli-5a*t said the ma*5et-la+e

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    to7a*ds the )ene*ation o0 em-lo2ment a+*oss se+to*s. Fli-5a*t said the ma*5et-la+emodel has o-ened u- o--o*tunities in met*os and nonmet*o +ities.

    This 2ea*, nea*l2 ;; -e*+ent o0 em-lo2ment 7ill 8e +*eated in tie* II and III +ities.Fo* instan+e, +ities li5e ai-u* and ?a*oda ha1e al*ead2 8e+ome the an+illa*2

    indust*2 hu8s +atalo)in) and -a+5a)in) and the2 7ill +ontinue to )ene*ate mo*eo--o*tunities in the 0utu*e, Fli-5a*t said.

    o8s in the last one2ea*,= An5it Na)o*i, SVP – (a*5et-la+e, Fli-5a*t said.

    – Ho7 to t*ansition 0*om

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    – Ho7 to t*ansition 0*om+ont*a+t staJn) to outsou*+in)


    Custome* needs to identi02 lon)te*m *esou*+in) st*ate)2 8e0o*e +on1e*tin) 7o*5 0*omCont*a+t StaJn) to Outsou*+in). The ent*2 -oints 0o* +on1e*tin) Cont*a+t StaJn) toOutsou*+in) a*e o0ten o--o*tunities to *edu+e the d*a) on +ustome*s 7hen usin) outside*esou*+es and lo7e* o1e*all en)inee*in) +osts. The lon)te*m 0o+us, ho7e1e*, should 8e ano1e*all 1alue +*eation and not limited to >ust la8o* a*8it*a)e. It is *e+ommended that 0o+us

    8e -la+ed on identi02in) those a+ti1ities 7hi+h a*e mo*e -*es+*i-ti1e and *e-eata8le innatu*e, and a*e mo*e +onsistentl2 in demand 82 the +ustome*. !oo5 0o* o--o*tunities 7hi+h+an 8e a--lied a+*oss +ustome* de-a*tments, identi02in) s+ala8le o--o*tunities to le1e*a)ethe -o7e* o0 0un+tion8ased outsou*+in).

     The st*ate)2 0o* identi02in) these o--o*tunities and im-lementin) a +on1e*sion -lan is as0ollo7s

    $e)ne the long7term vision for the service>  A ne+essa*2 4*st ste- is de4nin) 7ith

    the +ustome* thei* lon) te*m 1ision 0o* a -a*ti+ula* se*1i+e. This 7ill ena8le the shi0tin)o0 *es-onsi8ilit2 0o* mana)in) 1a*ious a+ti1ities as 7o*5 0*om a Cont*a+t StaJn)*elationshi- to a (ana)ed Se*1i+es Outsou*+in) model.

    8dentify a customer champion who will adopt the vision> Commitment at senio*le1els is +*u+ial to ma5in) the t*ansition 0*om Cont*a+t StaJn) to Outsou*+in). A+ustome* +ham-ion is someone 7ho a)*ees to s-onso* the Outsou*+in) e6o*t, d*i1in)

    the *[email protected]*ement to use 2ou* *esou*+es to identi02 sta6 as )ood Outsou*+in) +andidates.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


    • #ighlight bene)ts of utsourcing vs% Contract StaGng> A0te* the +ustome*+ham-ion identi4+ation, hi)hli)ht the 8ene4ts o0 Outsou*+in) 1e*sus Cont*a+tStaJn). ou ma2 ha1e to +ustomie the +ustome*s [email protected] situations to7a*dsthose needs 7hi+h a*e mo*e suita8le 0o* Outsou*+in) and unde*line thead1anta)es.

    • $evelop the implementation plan> The ne3t ste- is to la2 do7n theim-lementation -lan that de4nes the -*o+ess, identi02in) the -ilot -*o>e+t andsele+tin) the +o*e team. Initialiin) and 1alidatin) the -*o+ess do+umentation7hile measu*in) its s+ala8ilit2 to *ealie the lon) te*m 1ision 0o* the se*1i+e

    should 0ollo7. Go1e*nan+e me+hanism to e6e+ti1el2 monito* and +ont*ol the7o*59o7 should 8e esta8lished.

    • Clarify investments with customer> These in1estments +ome in the 0o*m o0e6o*t, 0a+ilities and sometimes +a-ital. It is im-o*tant to set e3-e+tations 7ith+ustome*s that the*e 7ill 8e some u- 0*ont e6o*t needed to a+hie1e the 8ene4tso0 outsou*+in), 8ut that the -a2o6 is 7o*th it.

    • 1romote return on those investments> At this -oint the +ustome* hasa+5no7led)ed the 8ene4ts o0 Outsou*+in), identi4ed suita8le 7o*5 st*eamssuita8le 0o* Outsou*+in) and the ad1anta)es o0 Outsou*+in) 1e*sus Cont*a+tStaJn). To seal the deal, it is *e+ommended that one -*omote the *etu*n the+ustome* 7ill see as a *esult o0 these in1estments o0 time and mone2.

  • 8/18/2019 ashutosh-VIVA Presentation hpgd-jl14-1813.pptx


     THAN O'