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ADParticles is a technology-based company established in 2011. ADParticle is a spin-off of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which is the third largest in Europe and the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain. ADParticles Technology is the result of more than 10 years of research under the scientific guidance of Professor José Francisco Fernández Lozano (founder of the company).

Scientific Management

José Francisco Fernández Lozano

PhD in science. ICV (CSIC) Electroceramic Department Chief. 15 Licensed and/or under explotation patents. More than 40 R&D projects with different companys of ADParticles Patent. Cofunder of ADParticles.




Institute of Ceramic and Glass (ICV-CSIC) Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC) Institute of Microelectronics of Madrid (IMM-CSIC)

Research Professor Miguel Ángel Bañares ICP-CSIC. Catalysis Expert.

Research Professor Pedro Ávila García ICP-CSIC. Expert on Design, synthesis and characterization of monolytic catalysts and Catalytic Process Engineering.

Scientific Researcher Miguel Angel Rodríguez Barbero ICP-CSIC. Expert on Inusual effects at the nanoscale.

Scientific Researcher María de la Soledad Martín González IMM-CSIC. Expert on Nano-engineering of Thermoelectric Device.

Scientific Advisors:

ADParticles collaborates, as scientific advisors and co-founders, with:



David López Telecommunication Engineering and MBA. 8 years experience in Business Management.

Almudena Trigo Telecommunication Engineering and PhD in Molecular Biology. Expert on Technology transfer.


The company B-Able ( as co-founder provides expertise on management on the early stages phases of the company especially from a strategic and financial point of view.



Pilar Leret Reseacrh and Development Director Chemistry degree by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2005) and PhD degree in by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010) 14 Scientific publications, all of them in Journals of the SCI. H index: 7. Participations in 26 National and International Meetings. 1 Patent of invention P2011132063PCT 2012/07034014/05/2012 Area of expertise: Design and characterization of hierarchically structured nanocomposites with novelty properties and advanced functionalities.

Laureano Turienzo CEO Expert in Retail, SAP, CRM, purchasing, sales, marketing, logistics, customer service,. Expert in nanotechnology sales and marketing and raw materials for cosmetics 1999-2008 .Procurement Manager EXXONMOBIL  Spain 2009-2011: Procurement director GALP ENERGIA SPAIN 2012-2014.  Retail General Manager and Main Member of the Board of  PERFUMERIA JULIA. Under my supervision PERFUMERIA JULIA won 8 of the 12 national awards that gave the sector of selective distribution in Spain in the last three years: 2015. CEO at ADPARTICLES (Spin-off CSIC: The Spanish National Research Council: seventh largest public institution dedicated to research world wide).

Advanced Dispersed Particles, S.L.

Ismael Santamaría Technical Support. Area of expertise: Synthesis and characterization of materials.




ADParticles Technology is based on a revolutionary method for the dry dispersion of nanoparticles which results in the production of composites with hierarchical structures.

ADParticles Technology maximizes the effectiveness of the nanoparticles by means of its disaggregation, promoting and enhancing surface interactions and effects.

Nanoparticles dry dispersion method

Carrier Nanoparticle Dry Nanodispersion



Technology key points and market impact:


Development, scale-up and production of innovative solutions for different markets using a patented method for dispersing nanoparticles Ecocert Certified.






ADPCosmetics & Personal Care

ADParticles has developed EnhanceU an inorganic composite with properties suitable for use as UV filter in sun-care and Color Skin-Care products.

Sun Care Sun Care & Skin Care



Nano Free

European regulations (CE1223/2009) specifies that nano-sized ingredients must be present on the label and packaging with the term “NANO” in parenthesis. According to current definition and terms of nano-particles, EnhanceU filters are not considered nano metric, thus avoiding the current controversy about the effects of nano-particles on health and the environment

Skin Color

Dentro de la línea de productos EnhanceU, ADP Cosmetics ha desarrollado una gama de productos que aportan a sus fórmulas protección solar y color, en un solo ingrediente. Disponible en tres tonos (EnhanceU-T-light, EnhanceU-T-medium y EnhanceU-T-warm) estos ingredientes cosméticos son los aliados perfectos para la formulación de sus maquillajes, polvos, bases, BB creams y CC creams. ¿Busca un color diferente? EnhanceU-T-exclusive es su opción, un ingrediente cosmético hecho a su medida, que combina filtros físicos UV y el color que usted necesite.


Good Photo-Stability

Titanium oxide, in contact with UV radiation has a high photo-catalytic activity, which can be a problem for the photo-stability of the sub layers (substrates) and polymer base. To reduce the photo-catalytic activity while maintaining protection against UV radiation, coatings of various kinds as silica, alumina or stearic acid are used, among others.

Compatibility with other Organic Filters

EnhanceU, is compatible with the usual cosmetic ingredients, giving an added value, for example, to the formulation of products for sensitive skins or ecological sunscreen creams.

Ecocert certified

EnhanceU sunscreens can be used in the formulation of natural solar products. Their ingredients are of mineral origin and they are not Nan metric in size. Two very popular features in formulating ecological sunscreen. Ecocert certified.



Aluminium Free

Among the most used to reduce the photo-catalytic activity of TiO2 coatings are some species of aluminum. However, a recent recommendation from the CSIC has revealed that the use of aluminum in cosmetic products may not be safe.  Due to this, the EnhanceU filters, having silica as ingredients and preventing free radicals that can degrade the formulation generated cream, giving materials a good photo-stability without being harmful to health.


Broad spectrum protection

The technology used for the production of our filters allows to obtain materials with good protection against UV radiation, good color fastness and consistency with the usual ingredients used in the formulation of sunscreen.



ADP Cosmetics

For Inorganic Sunscreens and Color Skin Care products

•  Micrometric composites with the properties of nanoparticle-size UV filters •  Safe handling. Safe in use →SAFETY •  Broadband spectrum protection →HEALTH •  Not allergenic •  Novelty product






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