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AdXOW Da\ aQd ReVSiWe A NeZVleWWeU fRU RXU ADRS PaUWiciSaQWV aQd FaPilieV _ FebUXaU\ 2020 3227 CKDVH SWUHHW, DHQYHU, CO 80212 _ 303.235.6961 _ ZZZ.SRCDJLQJ.RUJ AGXOW Da\ & RHVSLWH LHaGHUVKLS THaP WheaWUidge SiWe SXSeUYiVRU LaFH\ Ha\GHQ 303.235.6950_ LHD\G[email protected].RUJ AdXlW Da\ EQURllPeQW SSecialiVW WHQG\ PXUFHOO 303.235.6986 _ :[email protected].RUJ SeQiRU AcWiYiW\ CRRUdiQaWRU AOH[ OOLYHU 303.235.6960 _ AO[email protected].RUJ PURgUaP CRRUdiQaWRU NaQF\ RaPVH\ 303.235.6971 _ NRDPVH\@SRCDJLQJ.RUJ RegiVWeUed NXUVe MaUJaUHW MFCR\ 303.235.6962 _ MMFFR\@SRCDJLQJ.RUJ AdPiQiVWUaWiYe AVViVWaQW AO\VLa MRUa 303.235.6969 _ [email protected]RCDJLQJ.RUJ FURQW DeVk ReceSWiRQ TULVKa EaNOH 303.235.6961 _ [email protected].RUJ AdXlW Da\ DiUecWRU TLa SaXFHGa 303.235.6995 _ [email protected].RUJ SRC TUaQVSRUWaWLRQ _ 303.235.6972 CORVXUH LLQH _ 303.235.6916 Check OƵƚ OƵƌ FacebŽŽk Did you know SRC has a Facebook Page? You can somemes see what is happening with our programs including ADRS. We also post blogs, videos, share important arcles, announce events, and many other things. Check it out at: seniorsresourcecenter Our Starr center, Southwest locaon, and Evergreen locaon also have Facebook pages. We ǁill be CLOSED MŽndaLJ FebƌƵaƌLJ ϭϳƚh fŽƌ PƌeƐidenƚƐ DaLJ Saǀe ƚhe Daƚe OƵƌ nedžƚ Caƌe Paƌƚneƌ Dinneƌ ǁill be held TƵeƐdaLJ Maƌch ϭϳƚh fƌŽm ϱϬϬ-ϳϬϬƉm ADRS parcipants will have dinner together and parcipate in a separate fun acvity, while Care Partners will have a chance to socialize with each other and learn from our presenters. PleaƐe RSVP ƚŽ TƌiƐha aƚ ƚhe fƌŽnƚ deƐk bLJ TƵeƐdaLJ Maƌ ϭϬƚh. Please be sure to indicate whether your parcipant will ride their normal transportaon home and come back with you or if they will stay here and youll take them home. We ƐƵƌe dŽ haǀe fƵn aƚ SRC Leaƌn abŽƵƚ ŽƵƌ acƟǀiƚLJ ŽffeƌingƐ Žn ƉageƐ Ϯ Θ ϯ

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Ad Da a d Re i e A Ne le e f ADRS Pa ici a a d Fa ilie Feb a 2020 3227 C S , D , CO 80212 303.235.6961 .SRC .
A Da & R L a T a
Whea idge Si e S e i La Ha 303.235.6950 LH @SRC . Ad l Da E ll e S eciali W P 303.235.6986 P @SRC . Se i Ac i i C di a A O 303.235.6960 AO @SRC .
P g a C di a Na Ra 303.235.6971 NR @SRC . Regi e ed N e Ma a M C 303.235.6962 MM @SRC .
Ad i i a i e A i a A a M a 303.235.6969 AM @SRC .
F De k Rece i T a Ea 303.235.6961 TE @SRC . Ad l Da Di ec T a Sa a 303.235.6995 TS @SRC . SRC T a a 303.235.6972
C L 303.235.6916
Check O O Faceb k
Did you know SRC has a Facebook Page? You can sometimes see what is
happening with our programs including ADRS. We also post
blogs, videos, share important articles, announce events, and
many other things.
Our Starr center, Southwest location, and Evergreen location also have
Facebook pages.
P e iden ’ Da
O ne Ca e Pa ne Dinne ill be held
T e da Ma ch h f m - m ADRS participants will have dinner together and participate in
a separate fun activity, while Care Partners will have a chance to socialize with each other and learn from our presenters.
Plea e RSVP T i ha a he f n de k b T e da Ma h.
Please be sure to indicate whether your participant will ride their normal transportation home and come back with you or
if they will stay here and you’ll take them home.
We e d ha e f n a SRC Lea n ab ac i ffe ing n
Don Garcia at 10:15
Wednesda Febr ar h
Wednesda Febr ar h
Steve Ellis at 10:15
The Curious Dragon ly at 1:30
Wednesda Febr ar h
Frida Febr ar s
Josh Brookstein at 10:15
Monda Febr ar h
Bill Sucke at 10:15
Wednesda Febr ar h
Vic Anderson at 1:30
Heritage Choir at 1:30
february 2020 outings
Tuesday, February th – IMAX Movie at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science C
Come experience “Hidden Pacific,” a pioneering film profiling the Pacific Ocean's national wildlife refuge islands and ma- rine national monuments. The bus will leave the center at : , and will return at : . Lunch will be provided.
Tuesday, February th – Valentine’s Lunch and Tea with Starr Center N C
Enjoy an afternoon at Starr Center; Seniors’ Resource Center’s day program for adults with intellectual and developmen- tal disabilities. We will have a blast eating lunch, socializing, and making valentines. The bus will leave the center at
: a and will return at : p
Tuesday, February th - Lunch at Chile Verde C
Come enjoy a delicious Mexican meal at this tasty eatery. The bus will leave the center at : , and will return at : .
Tuesday, February th – Thrift Shopping at Peak Thrift N C
Help us find the funkiest outfit at Peak thrift store! Prizes will be given for “craziest shirt,” “weirdest Knick-Knack,” and “ugliest dress.” We will combine our finds and create the scarecrow of the century! The bus will leave at : , and will
return for lunch at :
Please contact Alex Oliver, our Senior Activity Coordinator, about one week in advance he ne he be e to secure your spot!
[email protected]
A : M , , F . H T : $28.00 S : $23.00, S : $10.00
- S Fa Ha & S
- F Ca :
T H H T a , F a
11 8a -12 , a W a F a 18 , 8a -2
- C a F D a a ! 303.235.6961.
Par ies Monda Febr ar h
Valentine’s decorating with Library Kiddos at 10:15
Frida Febr ar h
Wednesda Febr ar h
T esda Febr ar h
Mardi Gras Celebration at 1:30
Ne Special In eres Gro ps Bird Watchers:
Spend a restful hour learning about the native birds of Colorado, while watching as they snack on our home-
made bird feeders. (Thursday, February 27th, at 10:15)
Drama Club:
Have a lare for the dramatic? Join us for our irst meeting of the SRC Drama Club. (Wednesday, Febru-
ary 19th, at 10:15)
Frozen February:
SRC is excited to announce that we will be serving Root-beer loats every Tuesday at 1:30 in the month of February. Come enjoy a refreshing treat with us!
Hai and Ma age Se ice Ann ncemen
Our Hairstylist and Massage Therapist Keesha Leavitt’s last visit will be Februar th, She is
needing to cut back on her hours to focus on her family. We’d like to extend much gratitude and
appreciation to Keesha for her years of service!
If you know of a hair stylist or massage therapist who would be interested in providing services
here, please have them reach out to Tia at - - . Unfortunatel until we are able to
identif a new provider we will not be offering salon services after Februar .
Win er Wea her is Here As winter is on the horizon. Here are a couple reminders for winter from SRC. *As bea if l as he sno and ic ea her ma be i can also be dangero s o ra el and alk in Here are a fe safe ips
-Be careful getting in and out of vehicles Walk slowly outside Watch where you are walking and avoid the ice if possible. -Stomp off snow and ice before proceeding to the stairs or walking inside a building Wet shoes can be slippery inside, too. -Speaking of shoes wear ones with non-skid soles if at all possible -Always hold on to stair railings, going up or down. -Allow extra time to cross streets, especially during or after snow storm. -Wherever you go, always take a cell phone, just in case If o se SRC Transpor a ion Ser ices please help o r dri ers b having your walkway and entry free of snow and ice. Please make sure all winter essentials like coats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats have the participant’s names on the inside Sometimes the weather may be too bad for SRC to open. Check our Weather line at 0 . . 1 to make sure we are open on those classic Colorado weather days. With the cold weather arriving, it tends to bring germs with it. If your loved one has an illness that is or may be contagious, please keep them home, so as not to expose other medically frail individuals at the program. Participants who have a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, a green or yellow nasal discharge, or excessive sneezing and/or coughing should stay home. If these symp- toms develop at the program, a family member will be called to take the participant home immediately. Since we are a social setting, germs can travel very quickly in our environment. Help us preserve everyone’s health by keeping any questionable germs home.
Ca Pa S G
J i f S G Th da , Feb a 13 h f 10-11:30 a . T ,
. I R N , M . P RS P
F D 303-235-6961 @ .
Ne F m
Plea e be n he l k f ne f m ha need be da ed Y h ld ha e ecei ed hem la m n h We need hem c m le ed and e ned a n a
ible Tha k f c e a
Your input is requested for an important focus group to help Jefferson Count learn more about seniors’ housing
communit and human service needs
The - . hour focus group will be held:
Th da Feb a h f m - immediately after our regularly scheduled Stress Busting
A a ha k f e he ’ e ffe i g a Wal-Mart gift card to all participants Y feedback i
highl al ed
Please RSVP to Trisha at the front desk at [email protected] or - - and let us know if
you’ll be able to make it.