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  • 8/19/2019 20 March El Clarín


    All four of the gospels contain a reference to the most important thing Christ wanted us to do now that Hisministry was over and He was preparing to be taken up into the heavens. The fact that our Savior said something in the last chapter of each of the gospels is illustrative and tells us something about His priorities-- what he wanted Peter, the Apostles and us to do now that he was leaving. Matthew 28:19 says, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Mark 16:15 affirms, "Go ye into all the world and preach the GOSPEL to every creature." Luke 24:47 agrees with, "...that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations...". Finally, the Savior in the final chapter of John told Peter, "..Feed my sheep." The common thread among all of the farewell admonitions was to preach the everlasting gospel to all nations. What is the gospel? It is the wonderful news that Christ paid the price for our sins, thus allowing us to be forgiven and cleansed so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. Without his Atonement we were consigned to live forever in our sins, never to return to the glorious portals of our dear Father. Because of what He did, we have hope that

    physical and spiritual death are conquered and man is free! Talk about good news!!The word gospel, literally means "good news." The word gospel comes from the Greek "euangelion" and reminds us that there is nothing sweeter, nothing more beautiful and nothing more important that the fact that death is vanquished because of the love of our dear Savior. In every dispensation of the gospel, our Heavenly Father and his Son have called upon emissaries to preach this good news to all of the world. The Old Testament is full of prophets who taught the good news of the coming Messiah. The New Testament contains the record of those chosen by the Savior to teach the good news to the people in that part of the world including Peter, Paul, Stephen, Barnabas, Timothy, and the Twelve. In the New World, Nephi and the twelve disciples chosen there, were to spread his good news. In the early 1830's, it was Samuel Smith, Dan Jones, Heber C Kimball, John Taylor, Brigham Young and others were chose to preach the gospel. And, in 2016, YOU are the ones He has chosen to preach the good news to the people of the world. You are part of an incredible heritage of great missionaries sharing the good news of the Atonement and Resurrection of

    Jesus Christ. You have been given power and authority from on high to fulfill your commission along with the guidance of the Holy Ghost who will lead you to those whom the Lord has prepared.

    I am so grateful for the privilege of being called to preach this good news to my brothers and sisters. As we approach Easter week it is fitting that we do something as a mission to work even a little harder to acknowledge our gratitude for this priceless gift. Accordingly, we are asking EVERY companionship in the mission during this coming week (March 21-March 28, 2016) to meet our pauta of finding ---- 8 "news" with whom we can share the gospel. I submit to you that by doing this, we are demonstrating to the Savior with our faith, hard work and obedience that we are also capable of creating some "good news"-- 8 to be exact.

    I pray that as you find 8 new investigators together as a companionship, you may feel the confirming spirit of the Lord. I can't think of a single thing that we as missionaries could do that would honor Him more. The Lord bless each of you as we strive as a mission to meet this exciting one week goal.

    Agradecido por las "buenas nuevas",

    Presidente Merril T Dayton

    Message From Presidente Dayton

    The Good News in the Gospel and in the Mission

    20 de Marzo de 2016 El larín de El Faro

  • 8/19/2019 20 March El Clarín



    Message From Hermana Dayton

    20 de Marzo de 2016 El larín de El Faro

    Cautiousness is knowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actions. Jesus taught hat His followers should count the cost of following Him, just as a man should count the cost cost of uilding a home ensuring that it is on good foundation. In the church we are encouraged to counse ith others before making final decisions. I have often reflected on the value of the ward council eeting and the missionary coordination meeting where leaders come together to make ecisions. As names are presented, all members focus on how to best meet the needs of that articular person, many wonderful suggestions are brought forth and then wise

    ecisions are made. The Lord sends missionaries out two by two, knowing they will work together and ounsel with each other to move His work forward. As a child I often heard my parents and teachers ay, "two heads are better than one."

    Cautiousness is planning for the the success of a venture by following the ways of God rather than ur own inclinations. It is important for us to recognize that we very often have natural inclinations

    hat are opposite to our Heavenly Father's ways. "The natural man is an enemy to God and has een..." If we act according to our natural tendencies we often act foolishly and pay a heavy price. or example, if a person ts their finger up against us in the streets, our natural tendency is to get angry. The opposite

    esponse which is actually doing good to them--smiling at them, saying "God bless you " is consistent

    ith the teachings of the Savior, "...Love your enemies and and bless them that curse you....that ye ay be the children of your Father in Heaven." A cautious person will seek to do as the Savior did and s He taught.

    Cautious people are those who have conquered the urge to speak before they get all the acts. In James 1:19 we read, "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to HEAR, slow o speak, slow to wrath." In our last zone enfoques we discussed the importance of Christ-Like stening. A cautious person will, "Seek first to understand then to be understood."

    A cautious person will learn from the mistakes of others and seek out counsel from others who have

    xperience. Get experience from others who have paid a heavy price for it. A caution sign on aghway often means that others have not exercised caution in that spot. A cautious driver will slow own and proceed with caution.

  • 8/19/2019 20 March El Clarín


    Message From Hermana Dayton

    20 de Marzo de 2016 El larín de El Faro

    We can apply cautiousness in missionary work by:

    Seeking counsel from your companion on what you should teach your current investigator. Judging an activity by whether or not the Spirit would be present. Asking your companion their permission before using their belongings. Asking for counsel from your ward mission leader, bishop, companion, your parents and other wise nd experienced people who you can trust. Thinking before speaking and speaking with the spirit. hinking about how your actions will affect your companion, investigators, ward members and your

    amily back home. Seeking God's will for every situation you are confronted with. Avoiding potentially dangerous situations when the Spirit whispers concerns.

    President Dayton and I have so enjoyed being with you during our Zone Conferences. We love and dmire you and feel grateful for your comments, ideas and suggestions as we have learned

    ogether. We feel privileged for the opportunity to know each of you, pray for you daily pleading with he Lord to pour out His choicest blessings upon you.

    Much love,

    ermana Dayton

    Christlike Attributes- Faith, Charity, Love, Virtue, Hope, and Humility, Knowledge & Wisdom, Patience, Diligence, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Forgiveness, Dependability,

    Availability, Orderliness, Gratitude, Endurance, Persuasiveness, Compassion, Alertness,Character, Decisiveness, Determination, Truthfulness, Benevolence, Honor, Sincerity, Punctuality, Joyfulness, Gentleness, Self Control, Initiative, Cautiousness

  • 8/19/2019 20 March El Clarín



    20 de Marzo de 2016 El larín de El Faro

    “Now I say unto you that ye must repent, and be born again…”

    -Alma 7:14

    Lu Meyki Diaz Murillo Barcelona 3C Hermanas Walker y Zavala

    Amalia Lopez Ferreira Las Arenas A Élderes Hemeyer y Morley

    Hilda Maria Flores Salinas Mataró A Élderes Bronson y Averett

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    Dina Apana De Rodas Vilafranca A Élderes Ball y Cvijanovich

    Leonardo Franco Molina Vargas Menorca Élderes Campbell, Ibarra y Mallette

    Diego Alejandro Gamoneda Urbina Gerona A Élderes Simon y Cutrer 

    Yanely Perez Perez Burgos B Élderes Putt y Garr 

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    inscribían sus nombres” 27 dic

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