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Marcia Philbrick Nemaha Valley High School [email protected]

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  • Marcia PhilbrickNemaha Valley High [email protected]

  • Not an expert!

    Work in progress

    Still learning

  • Digital

    Online representation of skill earned

    Can be awarded in


    My Big Campus


    Allows verification of skills and achievementsBadge image file can have metadata attached

  • Mozilla Backpack


  • Wordpress Blog – (self-hosted)

    Credly Pro Account

    Allows hosting of badges created on Wordpress account

    Credly Free Account

    Users earning badges

  • BadgeOS – to create badges

    Open Badge Designer – to create graphics

    Credly Login for Wordpress – allows users to login with Credly account

    BadgeOS Badge Stack Add-on – creates pages

  • Achievement


    Standards / Competencies



  • Upload to Wordpress

    Use graphic design tools to create

    Ideal size - 250 pixels by 250 pixels

    Within WordPress

    Open Badge Designer Plugin

  • Quick easy way to get badge icons

  • Creating Image

  • Explain Badge / outline tasks / tie to competencies or standards

    Add badge icon


  • Define how earned

  • Steps to earn badge

  • Locating Attachment

  • Opening attached file

  • Update

  • Must login with Credly

    Undesired member registrations


    Need collapse feature or each badge on separate page


    Need tasks for each badge on separate page

  • http://ncthunder.org/digital115