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  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    During the first Missionary Leadership Council (Concilio) of 2016 held this last Monday,the Assistants gave an inspiring presentation on how thinking constantly about a deeply-desired goal

    makes it much more likely that we will be able to attain that goal! They then applied that attitude tohow we think about baptism, the most highly desired goal of everyone in El Faro. They powerfully madetheir point that we need to be thinking constantly about what we must do to baptize regularly andconsistently. They then slipped off their jackets revealing the word baptize or the symbol for baptismwritten over 100 times on their shirt, tie and sweater. They then slipped off their sweater and 200 piecesof paper fell to the ground, each having the word baptize on it. They then gave each of us a white

    stone with the symbol for baptism written on it and admonished us to remember the story of the brotherof Jared, the stones which lit the barges and how his faith was so strong he could move mountains! Thestrength of our faith is crucial in us being able to baptize regularly. Their point was well-made. Eldersand Hermanas, the Assistants are rightwe need to be thinking constantly about what we need to doto bring our Heavenly Fathers children into the waters of baptism.

    Every mission has its own culture with its own wonderful traditions. In El Faro, we have a tradition ofhard work, obedience and baptizing. If someone were to ask us to fill in the blank, In this mission, we

    _________! my hope is that the operative word would be baptize. With the guidance of the Lord and

    the work and obedience of the missionaries, this is blessed to be a baptizing missionit is what we do.We expect to baptize regularly and often. Of course, our motivation for baptizing must be very purenot for numbers, not for acclaim, not for reasons of pride, and not for personal glory. It isnt about us

    and never has been. We need to feel exactly like Alma when he exclaimed, Behold, O Lord, their

    souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, Lord, power andwisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee. The sons of Mosiah had the same

    deep-seated love for their fellow man as expressed in Mosiah 28:3, Now they were desirous thatsalvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should

    perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them toquake and tremble.After much prayerful discussion, we then presented our goal for the start of 2016that EVERY

    COMPANIONSHIP baptize at least once in either January or February (one baptism for everycompanionship over the next 60 days). In other words 50% of all companionships baptize in Januaryand the other 50% baptize in February. If we do this, we will be right on task to baptize 12 people perweek or 600 per year. While it is a goal that will stretch us, it is doable---one baptism for EVERYcompanionship some time in the next 2 months (January and February). I hope all El Faro missionarieswill catch the vision of this goal and be about the business of their Father. If baptism is foremost amongour thought at all times, we work hard and remain obedient, we can accomplish this reasonable andrealistic goal.

    Con mucho animo para el Ano Nuevo,

    Presidente Merril T. Dayton

    Message From Presidente Dayton

    An Exciting Goal to Start the New Year 2016

    10 de Enero de 2016El larn de El Faro

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    Determniation vs. Faintheartedness

    Message From Hermana Dayton

    10 de Enero de 2016El larn de El Faro

    etermination is accomplishing the right goals, at the right time, regardless of the opposition. In thecriptures we see many examples of people who had the strong determination to followod, and went to great lengths to serve Him. Nephi showed determination in getting the brass

    ates, Alma was determined to share the Gospel, Noah was determined to build the ark, Moses wasetermined to save the Israelites, and Joseph Smith was determined to share the Gospel with thehole world.

    hilippians 3:14 we read, "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God. Jessievans Smith said, "Happiness is doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done whether youke it or not." When we do things when they need to be done and push through overwhelmingbstacles with determination to accomplish them, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. Brianacy, a leading author and speaker on human potential said, "If I had to pick the #1 key to success,would be... self discipline." One quality that most philosophers, teachers and experts agree on is the

    mportance of self self-discipline with determination to do what ever it takes to accomplish a worthyoal or desire.

    We can apply determination to missionary work by:

    Doing whatever it takes to achieve mission goals and pautas. Focusing on the ten points of the Vision of the Mission and giving our all out effort. Sticking with a task to the end. Striving to achieve maximum unity in our companionship so the spirit can be with us.

    resident Dayton and I are very inspired by the determination we see in so many of you. We see you

    ork hard, diligently, and with determination to find those whom we can bring to Christ. We pray forou each day and feel so honored to be working with you in this important calling to bring others tohe Savior.

    ermana Dayton

    Christlike Attributes- Faith, Charity, Love, Virtue, Hope, and Humility, Knowledge & Wisdom,atience, Diligence, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Forgiveness, Dependability,

    Availability, Orderliness, Gratitude, Endurance, Persuasiveness, Compassion, Alerness,Character, Decisiveness, Determination

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    Percentage of Missionaries with Baptism

    10 de Enero de 2016El larn de El Faro





















    So far this month, 12% of allcompanionships have beenblessed with baptism. The goal of50% for this month is just in reach!!

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn



    10 de Enero de 2016

    Eran contados y seinscriban

    sus nombres18oct













    Bautismos 6 8 11 10 6 8 9 12 5 8 12 7 7

    Confirmaciones 5 9 11 9 6 9 9 12 5 7 10 10 7

    Fechas bautismales 133 114 86 103 113 121 95 103 87 92 72 91 88

    Inv reunionsacramental

    205 220 170 188 222 164 211 166 215 162 173 170 192

    Lecciones con unmiembro

    802 748 713 757 653 696 734 692 645 729 572 635 598

    Lecciones con un m.


    50% 48% 47% 50% 42% 45% 45% 46% 44% 45% 50% 47% 43%

    Nuevos Investigadores 566 522 502 478 533 567 620 469 525 507 340 539 529

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones esta semana 7

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones este mes 17

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones hasta la

    fecha este ao17

    El larn de El Faro

    Loveth Eguavon Badalona 1A lderes Carballo e Ipsen

    Scott Osa Airhunde Badalona 1A lderes Carballo e Ipsen

    Tehewe Nwungo Lemeret Patrick Tarragona B Hermanas Eyring y Carollo

    Caridad Noelia Montero Arteaga Burgos A lderes Muncy y Peay

    Steven Kolapo Adio Palma 2A lderes Sedgwick y Blake

    Giorgina Magdalena Zelaya de los Santos Palma 2A lderes Sedgwick y Blake

    Silvio Saldaa Diaz Palma 2A lderes Sedgwick y Blake

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith.Doctrine & Covenants 42:14

    INCO:UATRO: lderes Carballo e Ipsen

    Hermanas Vilario y Sebastilderes Dunn y McArthurlderes Burton y Vickery

    RES: lderes Batis y Broglderes Simon y KnadlerHermanas Steinfeldt y Fernandezlderes Parker y HemeyerHermanas Storer y Cragunlderes Sedgwick y BlakeHermanas Ratliff y Stilson

    Silvia Bari GticIgnasio Barcelona 2CJesus, Alejandro Gerona AJoan AndorraDavid Hospitalet 1BSteven Tarragona B

    Sebastian Valencia 3ALaura Valencia 3BSylvester, Alexia Valencia 1ALuis Ganda ASteven, Jorge Valencia 2ASusana Logroo B

    10 de Enero de 2016

    Compaerismos que lograronlas pautas de excelencia: Oremos por estos investigadores confechas bautismales para esta semana

    El larn de El Faro

    he one

    Palma 2A in The Zone!-With 3 Baptisms!!!

    Bilbao is in the Zone!

    -With an average of 7.4 new investigators per companionship!

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    Hmmm...this week was

    amazing because we saw thebaptisms of las tres nias---Claudia, Silvia, and Julia. Theirmother lost her faith, but now isre finding it through the churchand the example of herdaughters. Isn't that so cool? Ican't believe I have a chanceto be a part of it! This family isSpanish as well. I may neverbaptize another Spaniard or

    Spanish family again...they'retooough. It's really thanks to adevoted and loving memberthat we've seen this miracle.We didn't know they weregetting baptized untilWednesday when we officiallyinvited them to be baptized.They're mom was 100000%supportive I feel so

    privileged to have been a toolin the hands of God to helpthese girls take the first stepsback to their Heavenly Father.

    BAPTISM! We were blessedwith the baptism of Nicolle thispast week and what amiraculous change and stepforward for their family! Twoweeks ago the mom of Nicolletold us we couldn't return toher house again, and many

    other things happened too, wefasted for her mom to have achange of heart and the lordsoftened her heart and sheallowed her daughter to bebaptized. Nicolle finally tookthe step that she was ready totake and was baptized thisweek! The baptismal servicewas smooth and spiritual! Itwas a miracle in our eyes!

    We had a fantastic week.

    We were able to see themiracle of baptism. We wereteaching David all week. It wasvery interesting teaching himwith a member and googletranslate and trying to makesentences on our own. It isgreat to see how the spirittestifies of the truth to others. Iremember the lesson we hadwith David where we invited

    him to be baptized. Rightbefore he had told us he knewthe Book of Mormon was trueand this was the true church ofChrist. The baptism was great!The members that spoke weregreat. You could feel the spiritthere and there was a specialmusical number a membersang I am a Child of God inFrench. It was beautiful. He feltgood afterwards too.

    This week we were blessed tobe a part of Enci's baptism. I'mso grateful that I've beencalled here to be a small partin this family's journey, but in allreality we haven't done hardlyanything. She has doneeverything she needed toreceive an answer that theChurch is true, and now she'sacting on that answer. We onlymet her a month ago at Dina's(her mother in law) baptism. Atthe baptism Dina gave awonderful talk, the Spirit waspresent and powerful. Enci'shusband and son are bothpreparing for baptism as well inthe following weeks! I reallylove these people, servingthem and learning from their

    examples has been such ablessing.

    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    10 de Enero de 2016El larn de El Faro

    One of the best things that

    happened this last week wasactually on...Friday! NewYear's day. We saw Rocio,Miguel ngel, and Cesar.WHAT AN AMAZING LESSON.We taught them theRestoration and Rocio wasSO excited about the factthat there is still a livingprophet on the earth today.She said that to her it makes

    sense that God would stillwish us to have a prophetand it makes sense that Godwould want us to have thatguide and direction.BECAUSE, YEAH, IT MAKESSENSE. We were so happythat she was so receptive.Miguel Anguel prayed at theend of the lesson and he sayhe already feels good aboutwhat we are

    teaching. And they bothcame to church on Sunday!

    This week one of themiracles that we saw waswith Brigitte. She is thedaughter of Alex and most othe time we have beenteaching the family she hasbeen very quiet andreserved. This last week we

    had the whole family for alesson and talked on therestoration. It was truly funbecause we went deep intoit for them. At the end wetalked about how the sealingpower is one of the gifts ofthe restoration and gavethem each a little picture ofthe Madrid temple and theninvites her to be baptized toenter in the path for eternal

    happiness for herself and herfamily. She has a fecha forthe 16.

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    Jaime was baptized!!! Best

    New Years ever!!! We foundhim two weeks ago And hecouldn't have been baptizedsoon enough. He was soprepared. Just one of thosesaints that was prepared toaccept the message. Wecontacted his mom on thestreet and through her, wemet him and within the firstcita he asked us about

    baptism. It lined up perfectly.God led us to one of his morethan prepared children. Hisbaptism was incredible, andthen a few hoursafter the service, he called usto tell us just how happy andgood he felt. Our messagechanged his life, and histestimony and our experiencechanged mine.The day of his

    confirmation I was prayingand thanking HeavenlyFather for the wonderfulexperience we had with him,and up just expressing myhappiness, and a feeling ofpure joy came to me with thethought of, my son has foundhis way home. And he has.Baptism is not the end, but atleast Jaime is on the rightpath. What a miracle!!!

    Well, this week was anemotional roller coaster. Wehad incredible success withour passby plans, knockingdoors, and street contacting.We were blessed with theamazing opportunity to find14 new investigators thisweek!!! I dont think Ive everfound that many news in a

    week, or ever imagined thatwe could be blessed with thatmany new souls to teach.

    The Miracle of Baptism

    10 de Enero de 2016El larn de El Faro

    We saw a huge miracle this

    week with a man namedAurelio. We left piso Saturdaymorning and had a lesson tobe to by noon. We justcouldn't find this streetanywhere and everyone wastelling us conflicting things. Sowe headed in the directionwe felt was right. As we weregoing up this hill I saw thisman and felt the need to

    contact him. I looked at mywatch and realized we werealready 20 minutes late forour visit...so I thought "well Idon't know, we are so late".Again the prompting cameto make sure I talked to him.So I said well duh I for surehave to talk to him! Before Ieven had the chance toopen my mouth he stoppedus and said he rememberedme. (Keep in mind I havenever spoken to...let aloneseen this man before.) Iapologized for notremembering his name andwe got to talking. He said hehad received our card andwas interested in meetingwith us. So we set up a visit forthat night at the church at 8o'clock. Well time comes

    around and he doesn't cometo the church. We give him acouple calls, he tells us he ison his way, we wait for awhile, and he finally comes.We teach him the restorationand extend the baptismalinvitation with a fecha for the23 de Enero and.....HEACCEPTS! He said he hasbeen looking for the way to

    change his life and he thinksthis is the way to do it.

  • 7/23/2019 10 January El Clarn


    Mission News

    El larn de El Faro

    This week allMission/Stake/District

    Presidents met with thetwo Area Seventies andthe Area Presidency for aSpain Priesthood TrainingMeeting.

    After a long trip ElderWoodmansee finallyarrives at the missionhome ready to work inthe Greatest Mission onthe Earths Great Face.

    10 de Enero de 2016

    President and HermanaDayton with the AreaPresidency and theirwives at the airport.