1 2 El imperfecto del subjuntivo 3 El condicional

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8El imperfectoDel subj.El condicionalEl pluscuam.Del subj.ComosiojalqueEl condicionalperfecto$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$5002

El imperfecto del subjuntivo3El condicional4El pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo5Como si6Ojal que7El condicional perfecto

19He would like to take the test tomorrow.21Toms said he would not win the race.23Could you tell me the directions to your house?25If I had the money, I would travel to Spain.27If we could, we would do the homework early.29She wanted us to have read the book.31The father wanted his son to have taken out the trash.33It was probable that they had not studied for the test.35I was happy that my friends had come to my house.37It was a shame that she hadnt received a good grade.39Mateo sleeps as if he worked a lot.41Elena studies as if she had a test.43Julio and Rosa dress as if it were not cold.45Elena sleeps as is she had worked a lot.47I get tired as if I had been sick.49I wish that the weather were good today.51I wish that the plane left on time.53I wish that it didnt rain so much.55I wish that they had practiced.57I wish that Elena had told the truth.59If they had practiced, they would have won the game.61If I had wanted to go, I would have called you.63If we had bought food, we would not have been hungry.65If I had understood the homework, I would have done it.67If they had visited, they would have seen my new dog.40Mateo duerme como si trabajara mucho.34Era probable que no hubieran estudiado para el examen.36Me alegraba de que mis amigos hubieran venido a mi casa.38Era una lstima que ella no hubiera recibido una nota buena.42Elena estudia como si tuviera un examen.44Julio y Rosa se visten como si no hiciera fro.46Elena duerme como si hubiera trabajado mucho.48Me canso como si hubiera estado enfermo.50Ojal que hiciera buen tiempo hoy.52Ojal que el avin saliera a tiempo.54Ojal que no lloviera tanto.56Ojal que ellos hubieran practicado.58Ojal que Elena hubiera dicho la verdad.60Si ellos hubieran practicado, ellos habran ganado el partido.62Si yo hubiera querido ir, te habra llamado.64Si hubiera comprado la comida, no habramos tenido hambre.66Si hubiera comprendido la tarea, la habra hecho.68Si hubieran visitado, ellos habran visto mi perro nuevo.69FinalJeopardyWrite the Final Question Here

70Write the Final Answer Here