06 September El Clarín

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  • My beloved elders and hermanas, what an excellent month this has been! We were blessed with 53 baptisms in August, all a direct result of your diligence, obedience and dedication. This is an average of almost 11 baptisms per week and only a little less than our goal of 12/week. More importantly, this number represents 53 of our Fathers children who have had the gate opened to eternal life with the Father if they can endure to the end. We are proud of you and so grateful for your efforts. We truly have the best missionaries on the face of the earth in El Faro. Part of the reason we have been so blessed is because we have so many mature, dedicated missionaries who truly understand their missionary purpose.

    At the Seminar for New Mission Presidents a few years ago, Elder Christofferson gave a masterful presentation on Our Missionary Purpose. He said that, My own purpose today is, with the Spirits help, to persuade you that you must do what it takes to internalize this missionary purpose so that you believe it in your mind, feel it in your heart, accept it in your soul, and act upon it as your commission. Further that you will do what it takes to cause the same to happen with each of your missionaries ..otherwise you run the risk of having missionaries who are busy but with little to show for all their apparent effortIt will be a continuing challenge for you and for your missionaries to keep clear the distinction between the purpose, on the one hand, and the means used to achieve the purpose, on the other hand. Elder Christofferson makes it clear that teaching lessons is important, talking to anyone and everyone that we can about the gospel is important, setting goals and planning is importantbut if we dont see them as a means to an end bringing souls to Christwe will concentrate on the activity as our purpose rather than conversion. He reminds us that when we are centered on our missionary purpose:

    Message From Presidente Dayton

    Internalizing Our

    Missionary Purpose

    06 de Septiembre de 2015El Clarn de El Faro

  • Message From Presidente Dayton Cont.

    06 de Septiembre de 2015

    1) We teach people in a way that helps them truly understand the gospel and why and how they should repent.

    2) We look forward to our daily opportunity to feast upon the word of God because the study will have purpose.

    3) We understand that participation in Church is essential for the investigator to develop a stronger desire for baptism and to establish a foundation for enduring to the end.

    4) The daily planning becomes a tool for ensuring that the things that need to happen to produce an outcome , that is, to bring about conversion and baptism, are, in fact, identified, remembered, and made to happen with regard to each investigator.

    5) As we teach we seek and listen to the Spirit to discern who is feeling the Spirit as we talk.

    He concludes with this powerful statement: When missionaries have internalized the purpose of bringing people to Christ through the principles and ordinances of the restored gospel, they will understand that missionary work is not a program, IT IS A CAUSEthe cause of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. My fellow missionaries, we are called and set apart by apostolic authority to be emissaries of the most high God and his Son. May we understand that sacred errand from the Lord and never take it for granted is my prayer.

    Con gratitud profunda,

    Presidente Dayton

    El Clarn de El Faro

  • Attributes of Jesus Christ Knowledge & Wisdom

    Message From Hermana Dayton

    06 de Septiembre de 2015El Clarn de El Faro

    "Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise....But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom." --C. H. Spurgeon. The Lord commanded , "Seek learning even by study and by faith." (D&C 88:118)

    Seeking spiritual knowledge is very important to the Lord. Through scripture

    study, learning from our church leaders and praying we can find answers to challenges we face. When we study diligently with pure intent the Holy Ghost can enlighten our mind, teach us, and help us in our daily decisions. Then, as we apply Gospel principles to our lives we become wise.

    William Cowper once said "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; wisdom is humble that he knows no more." In Proverbs we read, "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with

    her hands." When we are wise we build up. When we are foolish we tear down.

    In Proverbs we learn about the characteristics of a wise person. In The Power for True Success it points out that--

  • A wise person--

    Loves one who rebukes him--Proverb 9:8Delights the heart of his father--Proverbs 10:1Loves the law of God--Proverbs 10:8Controls his tongue--Proverbs 10:19Wins others to Christ--Proverbs 11:30Listens to Counsel and Instruction--Proverbs 12:15, 13:1Makes friends with the wise--Proverbs 13:20

    Knows how to use information in the right way--Proverbs 15:2Avoids conflicts with leaders--Proverbs 16:14Learns how to give precise answers--Proverbs 16:23Knows how to give good counsel--Proverbs 15:7

    President Dayton and I love you very much. We pray daily for each one of you. We are grateful for all you are learning here in the Spain Barcelona mission and know that as we continue to pray, study the scriptures, keep the

    commandments and are obedient to the counsel of our leaders we will become wise.

    Much Love and gratitude for each of you--

    Hermana Dayton

    Message From Hermana Dayton Cont.

    06 de Septiembre de 2015El Clarn de El Faro

    Christlike Attributes- Faith, Charity, Love, Virtue, Hope, and Humility,

    Knowledge & Wisdom

  • Bautismos/Confirmaciones/Misioneros

    06 de Septiembre de 2015

    Eran contados y se inscriban sus nombres



























    Bautismos 7 10 14 17 4 7 10 11 10 14 7 11 4

    Confirmaciones 8 11 13 15 6 6 11 11 10 14 7 11 4

    Fechas bautismales 87 97 117 99 90 97 120 123 118 90 105 105 132

    Inv reunion sacramental 204 202 184 192 182 193 187 202 221 222 211 213 213

    Lecciones con un

    miembro713 738 688 719 706 774 799 789 735 742 698 722 762

    Lecciones con un m. p. 52% 53% 49% 55% 49% 52% 52% 51% 50% 52% 50% 48% 52%

    Nuevos Investigadores 404 407 407 340 385 480 477 554 532 480 440 515 474

    Matthew Joseph Crockford Barcelona 3B lderes House y Phillips

    Mireia Cuadros Carrillo Terrassa A lderes Cox y Barton

    Maria Ramirez Varela San Sebastian lderes Loaiza y Fairbanks

    Delia Mercedes Simistera Guapi Santander A lderes Westfall y Gonzlez

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones esta

    semana 4

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones este mes 57

    Bautismos/Confirmaciones hasta la

    fecha este ao348

    El Clarn de El Faro

  • And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith.Doctrine & Covenants 42:14


    CUATRO: Hermanas Wiseman y E.Fernandez

    lderes Loaiza y Fairbanks

    lderes Dailey y Baumann

    lderes Murley y Reddish

    TRES: Hermanas Lee y Eyring

    lderes T.Dunn y Skousen

    lderes Christopherson y Ponce

    Hermanas Whittle y Salvador

    lderes Stapleton y Batis

    lderes Westfall y Gonzalez

    Hermanas Rica y Schmidt

    Hermanas Bastidas y Sebasti

    lderes Burton y Parker

    lderes Ipsen y Alleman

    Hermanas Oneill y Hollenbaugh

    lderes Dixon y Stratton

    Hermanas Storer y Larsen

    lderes Cifuentes y Jones

    lderes Webber y Male

    lderes Carballo y Kimball

    Hermanas Burkett, Mayes, y


    Carlos Barcelona 1A

    Marta, Edson Lleida A

    Pepe Andorra

    Sandra San Sebastian

    Cesar, Cintia, Victoria Hospitalet 2B

    Guy Cornell A

    Samanta, Carlos Tarragona

    Manuel Tortosa

    Eva, Carmella, Roberto Valencia 1A

    Andrea, Krystian Ganda A

    Ariana, Raul Palma 1A

    06 de Septiembre de 2015

    Compaerismos que lograron las pautas de excelencia:

    Oremos por estos investigadores con fechas bautismales para esta semana:

    The Zone

    Valencia Is In The Zone!

    -With an average of 2.4 fechas per companionship

    El Clarn de El Faro

  • Esta semana tuve mi primer bautismo, fue una

    experiencia indescriptible

    ver como una persona

    entra en la iglesia

    verdadera de Jesucristo.

    Fue un milagro, nos pasaron

    su referencia el da 28 de

    julio y se bautiz el 29 de

    septiembre. Pese a que lo

    bautiz un miembro, tuve la

    oportunidad de conferirle el

    don del Espritu Santo y

    confirmarlo como miembro

    de la iglesia. Su progreso

    fue increble, siempre

    cumpla con sus

    asignaciones. Me siento en

    deuda con el Seor,

    nosotros solo somos una

    herramienta en sus manos,

    y todos los bautismos que

    tenemos son regalos que

    vienen de l.

    This week was long and hard, but Pancho was

    baptized. He is fantastic to

    say the least. He has had

    nothing but conflict with the

    decision to be baptized. His

    family doesn't approve and

    kept fighting, but he

    persevered and is now a

    member of the Church. His

    testimony is strong and

    growing everyday, he has

    found family and support

    within our ward, and is

    excited about reading the

    scriptures going to church

    and praying. He truly is a

    miracle in our area, he

    came at the darkest hour of

    disappointment. Now we

    have a new brother in the

    pathway to eternal life, and

    all because of the faith of

    my companion to pass by

    one more time, to give a

    family one more chance.

    The family didn't accept, but

    Pancho did, what a


    So the baptism we had over the weekend was so

    special to me. Reasons

    being was that first I found

    them about two transfers

    ago in the streets. A transfer

    later they went missing with

    no replays, never home and

    so forth. Towards the end of

    last transfer we got in touch

    with them and have seen

    their progression. But the

    thing I liked about seeing

    their conversion is that

    instead of putting the date

    for their baptism, they chose

    the date and they

    organized everything they

    wanted for their special

    day. For what I have seen in

    them has confirmed me that

    they will be members for a

    life time. They remind me of

    the family found in the

    episodes of the district. They

    have plans to go to the


    13 de abril de 2014

    The Miracle of Baptism

    06 de Septiembre de 2015El Clarn de El Faro

  • The most exciting news of the week is that my dear

    friend Edi was baptized and

    confirmed a member of the

    church. It was really one of

    the most incredible

    experiences ever to have

    watched his change and to

    be there as he took that step.

    Then after he bore his

    testimony I couldn't help it

    but shed some tears of

    complete joy and gratitude.

    He talked about how

    alone and lost he was but

    how he has found his way.

    Then following him others

    shared their testimonies all of

    which were recent converts

    here in this ward and I was

    so overwhelmed at how

    much this area has changed

    in six months and how

    everyone is just on fire. This

    area and all these people

    are on fire.

    I LOVE BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! This weekend was an amazing

    weekend because we got

    to participate in the baptism

    of Ana Maria Jurado

    Vargas!!! Our miracle for this

    week was her baptism. We

    all watched as a daughter

    of God entered the waters

    of baptism and made an

    eternal covenant with her

    Heavenly Father. She along

    with her brother and mom

    are all baptized and her

    mom is coming back to

    church. Her brother has the

    priesthood and they are

    starting to feel the very real

    blessings of the lord in their

    lives. That's our miracle

    president. We watched as

    the gospel unified another

    family yet again and

    changed their lives for the

    better through baptism and


    The Miracle of Baptism

    06 de Septiembre de 2015

    "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the

    Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all

    things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always,

    even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    Matthew 28: 19

    El Clarn de El Faro

    Pues el milagro de esta semana es Ruth. Ella

    conoca la iglesia desde

    hace mucho tiempo y por

    fin se bautiz, tambin el

    obispo ayud muchsimo en

    el bautismo y justo despus

    para hermanarla y

    apoyarla. Las cosas en la

    zona van bien, siempre se

    puede mejorar y creo que

    todo va a mejorar cuando

    subamos el nimo de la

    zona en el enfoque. Estoy

    muy animado por la meta

    que nos hemos puesto

    como una misin.

  • Mission News

    Misisonaries in the Barcelona Zone

    were invited to bring investigators, part

    member families, or less actives to a

    special activity on Monday, 08/24/15

    BYU Basketball team was playing a

    few games in Spain and invited us to

    watch them play. Over 30 missionaries

    were present with their investigators.

    Found on the left is the picture of BYU

    players, missionaries and investigators.

    On the right, President and Sister

    Dayton with BYU Center Nate Austin.

    The Mission Leadership Council was held on

    Monday, 08/31/15. It was a great opportunity

    for the mission leaders to get together, share

    ideas, and to inspire and teach one another.

    What marvelous missionary leaders we have

    in El Faro.

    Zone Enfoques this last week focused on prayer.

    How to both improve our own personal prayers,

    and how to teach our investigators the

    importance of praying. We also learned how to

    better handle our stresses as missionaries and

    continue forth in the work. In this picture we

    see the Badalona zone introducing the

    new mission goal of 150 fechas in one

    week. Through diligence and hard work

    we know we will get there and bring

    that many more souls into the restored


    06 de Septiembre de 2015El Clarn de El Faro